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Steel structures - FEM analyses

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I am focused on structural stress analyses and residual life time assessment of steel structures as support for design, inspection and maintenance of asset. I am high qualified in using of FEM programmes RFEM and ANSYS.

Ich biete

  • Finite-Elemente-Methode (FEM)
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VT - Visual Testing, Level: 2, Sector: Multi Sector
November 2013
UTT - Thickness Testing by Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
Juni 2013


Doctoral degree – Ph.D.
(Faculty of Civil Engineering – Institute of Structural Mechanics)
Jahr: 2012
Ort: Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republi
Master’s degree – Ing. (equiv C-Eng or MSc)
(Faculty of Civil Engineering – Institute of Metal and Timber Structures)
Jahr: 2006
Ort: Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republi


PC program knowledge: RFEM, MathCAD, ANSYS (classics & workbench), FlexPro, MS Office, AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Windows

Über mich

Steel structures were the main area of my interest during my studies. This eventually resulted in my deeper cooperation with the Institute of Metal and Timber Structures and Professor Stanislav Vejvoda who subsequently became my master's thesis supervisor. After finishing my studies in June 2006 I was glad to accept an offer to join Professor’s Vejvoda group at the Institute of Applied Mechanics Brno. I also started my postgraduate studies at the Institute of Structural Mechanics at Brno University of Technology under the mentoring of Professor Zdeněk Kala. Open-mining huge machine were the first theme of my work as a researcher.
In 2010 my area of interest shifted to the devices in chemical and petrochemical industry in particular to the problems of strength, stability, durability, maintenance and inspection of technological structures, steel components and especially of storage tanks.
My skills include analysing the risks resulting from operating devices in chemical factories or implementation of risk-based inspection methods and of the whole system of risk-based life management. Under the leadership of Professor Vejvoda I also improved my skills in fatigue and lifetime assessment of steel structures and components.
Mostly I deal with the problems associated with the evaluation of experimental measurements and non-destructive testing in relation to its dependence on measurement accuracy. I apply the risk-based inspection procedures to the principles of fuzzy functions to express the uncertainty of the measured data. I also engage in numerical analysis with the ANSYS system.
Since December 2014 I am a freelancer/self-employed specialist-consultant primarily focused on think-walled structures, like silos, chimney, pipelines and especially storage tanks. In March 2015 I founded the TWSCON company as the best to offer my services / my professional abilities to various kinds of clients. I am still looking for new challenges, new projects, and new cooperation with interesting companies.

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15 Jahre und 3 Monate (seit 07/2006)
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