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I have a good experience in document management,and worked for 13 years in international companies in oil and gas field.

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Information management section head
Sinopec, Niedersachen
6/2011 – 12/2012 (1 Jahr, 7 Monate)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

6/2011 – 12/2012


 Successfully prepared and implemented a Document Numbering System for all the documents in the company.
 New Templates and forms were prepared and implemented with partial process automation.
 Effectively implemented ECM software (ArcMate Enterprises) to archive the historical data which was not organized and was not used properly to get the full benefit of these Meta data. After completing this, the company is having a knowledge base now from where it can obtain the necessary information for the day to day operation.
 Prepared and implemented various policies & procedures in the Company for Information Management
 Participated in Business Process optimization for vital process in the company.
 Successfully implemented an Automated Business Process Workflow system (ezyFlow)
 Job responsibility also includes giving or arranging necessary IT/IM training for the staff.
 Continuously auditing the quality of the documents prepared by the company, if necessary giving needed assistance for the quality assurance.
 Controlling all incoming and outgoing documents to the company using a centralized control system and achieved paperless office environment with greater control on response time and in the meantime more control on the follow-up of the documents.
 An Intranet Portal for the Company which can be used as a central accessing point for all the services available in the company for the staff. All the Business processes initialized from here.
 Leading a team of 13 in order to capture all the legacy documents available in the Company to reach a point from where the Company can use the Electronic Database / Document Management System effectively.
 Successfully implemented a physical data library with sophisticated space saving storage facility and fast retrieving system. When completed, able to retrieve any document within three mouse clicks.
 Successfully completed the implementation of Process control / Process flow system and automated several processes existing in the company in order to save paper and time and to improve the business continuity which involved business Process Re-engineering as well.
 Continues support to the operations in both fields by providing day to day reports, DCS and Dash boards to management about field activities.
 Contributed in preparation of Project manuals by providing Project document numbering system. Tagging system etc.
 Responsible for all kind of drawings produced in all stages of the EPC project, like Design drawings, Shop drawings, RFC, As-Built etc.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Management (allg.)

Information management administrator and document controle
Dublin petroleum, Damascus
6/2008 – 6/2011 (3 Jahre, 1 Monat)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

6/2008 – 6/2011


Ensure effective day-to-day operations are done as per company policies
• Ensure high quality and timely delivery of Documentation needs for internal clients
• Supervise the archiving team for the timely completion of scanning activity.
• Identify the needs of documentation in the other departments and prepare databases in ARCMATE for archiving.
• Produce daily productivity reports for IM section Head.
• Ensure all necessary services are available and that workloads are run in line with required service levels,
• Allocate resources effectively to ensure successful delivery of a work component .

• Assisting in analyzing the business processes in the company
• Accountable for delivery of goals and objectives assigned to the work group
• Motivate team by creating a sense of purpose to meet the goals of the business through coaching and leading by example
• Manage the IM team to ensure successful project delivery
• Working closely with IM Manager assisting in preparing procedures, templates and supervising the scanning work for the legacy documents.
• Working with the contractor in scheduling the meeting for EZIflow Project and assist in the process analysis for the company used processes
• Working as administrative for ARCMATE software and help other departments staff how to handle documents in electronic way and retrieve scanned documents.
• Supervising the document controllers in the fields to set up a proper documentation control.
• Training of other staffs in IM department.
Being as Document controller in OPC which is controlling the Documents in the company and assist other DCs how to handle their documents
Job responsibilities include but not limited to, control all documentation issues related to the company .Preparing policies, procedures for documentation. Also it includes scanning registering all incoming and outgoing documents in (ARCMATE Enterprise) software system which is based on SQL database. Moreover the job responsibilities includes the physical filing and preparing RQ .weekly reports, follow up with the daily reports from the fields, daily job routine includes distributing the daily reports to the corresponding field coordinators , providing assistance to the engineers, etc.
Handling the document of Facilities & Construction Department which is controlling the Engineering and Construction in the fields.
Establish/maintain procedures for maintaining documents and change control of documents. Determine and enforce through functional groups – document control requirements in order for the company to meet internal and external needs. Evaluate and develop improved techniques for the control of documents.
Directly responsible for implementation and maintenance of the company document control system, reporting on the performance of the document control system for review and as a basis for improvement of the document control system

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Information Builders, Reporting, SQL, Hardware Entwicklung, Schulung / Training (IT), Prozess- / Workflow, Rechnergestütztes Betriebsleitsystem (RBL), OLE for process control (OPC), Elektronik, Management (allg.), Archivierung, Public Relations, Controlling, Schulung / Coaching (allg.), Dienstleistung (allg.), Physik


English literature
März 2004


English literature
Jahr: 2004
Ort: Damascus

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