Quantitative analysis / Software development / Investment banking / Finance industries (C#.NET, Java, SQL, Bloomberg terminal,...

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Deep knowledge of Financial products and Software development, based on 7+ years of experience in Corporate & Investment Banking area.
Therefore, I am capable of multi-roles where requires financial knowledge, quantitative approaches and programming.

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IT, Entwicklung
.Net Framework (Mircosoft)
7 Jahre , 6 Monate Erfahrung
5 Jahre , 4 Monate Erfahrung
2 Jahre , 11 Monate Erfahrung

Finanzen, Versicherung, Recht
6 Jahre , 9 Monate Erfahrung
Finanzen (allg.)
2 Jahre , 2 Monate Erfahrung
9 Monate Erfahrung
Murex (allg.)

Forschung, Wissenschaft, Bildung
2 Jahre , 11 Monate Erfahrung

Projekt- & Berufserfahrung


[Revaluation Service development for derivative products]
- Software development in Scrum approach using TFS.
- Reconciliation and prototyping of Interest Rate / FX derivatives pricing, covering linear and non-linear exotic products.
- Development of the derivative pricing functions in C#.NET, SQL server, Sybase.
- Development of pricing model building tools for Interest Rate / FX markets, using Java, Xml.

Dealt financial products:
IRS, XCCY Swap, Cap/Floor, Swaption, Multi-Callable note, Collar note, Non-Deliverable Forward/Swap, Credit Default Swap, FX derivatives

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SQL, .Net Framework (Mircosoft), C#, Finanzierungsmodelle, Mathematik

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[Interest Rate and FX derivative pricer for marketing]
- Development and demonstration of the derivative pricing system in C#.NET + SQL Server, implemented pricing logics, calibration and User-Interface. Linear and Non-linear products.
- Development of data extraction tools from Bloomberg.

[A-IRB model development]
- Development of PD/LGD/EAD models in ship and aircraft finance, implemented the business logic, booking function and User-Interface, built in C#.NET + SQL Server.
- Implementation of multi-threading Monte-Carlo simulation, forecasting Vessel/Aircraft values and Obligors insolvency risk.
- Statistical validation of time-series models in forecast of ship and aircraft markets.
- Documentation of the grading logic and specifications.
- Planning and facilitation of the projects with the local management and head quarter oversea.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Microsoft SQL-Server (MS SQL), .Net Framework (Mircosoft), C#, Basel II / Basel III, Finanzanalyse, Risikomanagement (Finan.)

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[Interest Rate and FX derivative structuring]
- Marketing structured notes, swaps and deposits with the sales team.
- Dealt with linear and non-linear exotic products denominated in major currencies as well as Non-Deliverable currencies.
- Pricing the derivatives, using different time-series models, Black, SABR and Quadratic-Gaussian N factors models.
- Risk analysis in Greeks for risk hedge, observing such Delta, Gamma, Vega, Volga or Vanna.
- Supported internal pricing tools built in VB.NET.
- Documentation of the pricing logic, provided to local external audit.

Dealt interest rate and FX derivative products includes:
Cross currency swap, Cap/Floor, Swaption, Callable Reverse Floater, Knock-out FX option and Non Deliverable currency products, such as NDF and NDS.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

SQL, .Net Framework (Mircosoft), Finanzen (allg.), ISDA, Finanzanalyse, Mathematik

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Mathematical Finance (Master of Management of Technology)
Ort: Tokyo, Japan


C#.NET, Java, Android SDK, SQL, PHP, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Team Foundation Server, MS Office, Excel VBA, Bloomberg

Über mich

As a Quantitative analyst and developer, I have been in investment banking and corporate banking for about 7 years. I bring integrated experience in Financial risk analysis and Software development.

In my first experience in Interest Rate Derivative structuring, I brought knowledge of mathematical finance to price the derivative products and supported pricing system developed in VB.NET.
Throughout this experience, I obtained range of understandings in financial products, including IRS, XCCY Swap, Swaption, Cap/Floor, FX options or other tailor made products.

In my last experience in Risk Analysis Consultant, I have mainly acted as a leading developer, planning application development as well as shaping risk analysis method, documentation and presentation for risk analysts. Throughout this project, I could successfully integrated PD-LGD estimation for structured finance into the user-interface application written in C#.NET, which connect to SQL database server. For the risk estimation, I applied Monte-Carlo simulation with Multi-Threading, to predict future asset values related to the structured loan.

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Japanisch (Muttersprache)
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