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  • 17.08.2018


Electronics Engineer, B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering, M.Sc. in Electronics and Radioelectronics.

Ich biete

  • Analogtechnik / Analogelektronik
  • Embedded Entwicklung / hardwarenahe Entwicklung

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

R&D electronics engineer
GDS digital systems, 34142
9/2015 – 10/2016 (1 Jahr, 2 Monate)
High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie

9/2015 – 10/2016


development of new electronic products: development of mixed analog-digital circuits, development of power electronic circuits, PCB designing for testing and for production (using EAGLE), circuit simulation and verification with LTspice, firware development for microprocessor.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Entwicklung / hardwarenahe Entwicklung, C++


M.Sc in Electronics and Radioelectronics
Jahr: 2016
Ort: Athens
B.Sc. Electronics engineering
Jahr: 2010
Ort: Greece


▪ Expert skills in soldering, through hole and smd components.
▪ Very good knowledge of PCB Layout Designing, have worked with EAGLE, Protel, gEDA.
▪ Very good knowledge of analogue and digital circuits design.
▪ Very good skills in measurement techniques and use of Laboratory equipment.
▪ Very good knowledge of simulation techniques and simulation softwares, have worked with ICAP/SPICE, Electronics Workbench, Lt-spice, TINA.
▪ Knowledge of Computer Languages: Visual Basic/Visual C++,C.
▪ Microprocessor programming in both Assembly and C, have worked with 8051 family, Atmel AVR family, microchip PIC family and Texas Instruments MSP430 family MCUs.
▪ Very good experience in fault finding and repairing in electronics circuits.
▪ Very good knowledge of Electrical circuits, Electrical installations.
▪ Basics knowledge on VHDL and FPGA programming.
▪ Very good skills in assembling – disassembling of electronic devices and machines.

Über mich

A highly motivated and experienced electronics Engineer, currently looking for a job in the area of Bonn or Cologne.

About me: As a child I was always enthusiastic about the science of electronics. I always wanted to take my toys to pieces, so I could explore how they do work from inside. I started to study about electronics as a hobyist and built my first circuits, from an early age, before my admission to the University, through magazines and books. Later, on my University studies, the world of microprocessors opened new horizons to me, and even today, building projects with microprocessors remains one of my hobbies.
During my degree I successfully combined my studies with work and other commitments, showing myself to be self-motivated, organized and capable of working under pressure. I enjoy working on my own initiative or in a team, I am a pleasant person, and I am always thirsty for new knowledge. I don't see my job only as a source of income, but mostly I want to do what I love, and I'm good at. The ideal job for me would creatively utilize the knowledge I have gained so far, but also require constant research and study on the rapidly evolving science of electronics, in a pleasant working environment.

Persönliche Daten

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17 Jahre und 10 Monate (seit 01/2004)


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