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I have been working as a Contract Research Analyst with Pharmaforce International, a global business intelligence company, for more than 4 years, collaborating with the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Looking for new opportunities

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Marketing, Vertrieb, Kommunikation
Marktforschung / -analyse
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Analyse and devise strategies to promote sustainable growth and business continuity, researching viable opportunities to seize expanded market share. Concurrently develop a team of 10 analysts, guiding business modelling analysis, cost controls and budget impact analysis.
Key Accomplishments:
• Experienced rapid career advancement, being promoted to Team Leader within one year, in a dynamic and highly competitive environment comprised of five Senior Analysts with more tenure and seniority.
• Analyse the impact of current business strategies, eliminating process waste and improving production efficiencies. Delivered comprehensive administrative support reconciling issues, leading negotiations and facilitating project coordination.
• Foster a synergistic work environment defining key performance areas and providing mentoring for Junior Analyst’s.
• Serve as liaison between senior management and project managers, disseminating project updates and ensuring accurate appropriation of funds and quality of analysis.
• Conduct Business Intelligence Analysis, establishing benchmarks, on 60 major Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies throughout the United States.
• Work in tandem with management team to initiate aggressive risk-based audit planning, internal controls and corrective actions designed to ensure alignment of policies across business segments and promote enhanced corporate positioning.
• Keep abreast of new developments within the pharmaceutical industry regarding new drug approvals, mergers and acquisition, biosimilar and genetic competition.

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Business Intelligence (BI)

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Integral member of the Strategic PharmaForce International team in Bosnia and Herzegovina, comprised of 13 analysts. Exhibited solid negotiation, conflict resolution and people management skills.
Key Accomplishments:
• Performed competitive analysis to decipher security needs for business intelligence. Served as facilitator for monthly team meetings, developing presentations based on findings.
• Provided training, orientation and continued mentoring to new employees and junior analysts.
• Collaborated with sales department to spearhead management of customer requests and issues. Ensured standardized approach to customer service to enhance customer satisfaction.
• Evaluated US markets to determine positioning of 60 respective Pharmaceutical Companies, and assisted management team in weighing the viability of opportunities to sustain or improve competitive positioning within the market.
• Identified key issues, utilizing the Deployment Analyzer Project; aggregated data into comprehensive reports.
• Rapidly ascended the ranks, being promoted, within three years, amidst a highly competitive team. Demonstrated unwavering ambition, driving project successes and exhibiting a keen understanding of the US Pharmaceutical market.

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Marktforschung / -analyse, Forschung & Entwicklung (allg.)

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University of Sarajevo (Ausbildung)
Jahr: 2015
Ort: Sarajevo, Bosn...


Bachelor of Arts, English Language and Literature with more than 4 years of exepriEnce with Pharmaceutical market, focusing mainly on US and EU. I have extensive experience with cold-calling, secondary research, benchmarking and competitive Intelligence insights.

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