Highly experienced project and operational risk manager. Highly confident at identifying and assessing risks and opportunities within capex and opex environments, and skilled at establishing registers of risks and opportunities, driving gap closings.

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Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Project Lead, Project and Operations Risk Management Services
Kundenname anonymisiert, Copenhagen
7/2015 – offen (5 Jahre, 9 Monate)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

7/2015 – offen


FORCE ● Copenhagen ● Risk Mgmt. Lead ● Management Team:
• Spearheaded a shift in strategic planning and buy-in from corporate management for new strategic shift in planning – by establishing consensus about the company’s exposure to strategic risks and opportunities.
• Mapped out new insights into the company’s risks & opportunities exposure related internal organization projects and external markets, by assessing all projects, divisions and departments across the international organization.
• Drove risk and opportunity based change management activities by establish formal risk registers and assigned risk ownerships across the organization.

Dong Energy ● Copenhagen ● Risk Mgmt. Consultant ● DK Asset Management
• Delivered advisory for the Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance Management Control Framework;

Dong Energy ● Copenhagen ● Project Risk Assessor ● HEJRE Field Development Capex Project
• Identified and assessed high impact risk exposures related to the execution planning of HEJRE oil field development project, and maintained a project risk register. The high-risk items were articulated in project risk report to the corporate risk advisory team, supporting the decision to halt this capex projects.
Dong Energy ● Copenhagen ● Project Risk Assessor ● SOLSORT Field Re-development Capex Project

Dong Energy ● Copenhagen ● Project Risk Assessor ● SOLSORT Field Development Capex Project
• Identified and assessed high impact risk exposures related to the execution planning of SOLSORT oil field development project, and maintained a project risk register. The high-risk items were articulated in project risk report to the corporate risk advisory team.

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Projektleitung / Teamleitung (IT), Risikomanagement, Transformation Management, Projektmanagement - Risikomanagement

Project Manager, Operating Assets Risk Profiling
PETRONAS, Kuala Lumpur
8/2012 – 6/2015 (2 Jahre, 11 Monate)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

8/2012 – 6/2015



• Reported to upstream chief risk officer - and assisted in creating corporate top management consensus for strategic shift in the management practices for operational risks - by revealing multiples of high risk root-cause commonalities across facilities in operation, relating to safety and production risk barriers;
• Under CRO, main person in charge and leader for operations excellence and risks revamp program of projects (Phase II) for 27 oil and gas fields (figure below). Stewarded enterprise wide risk based change programs, implementing risk controls such as risk based performance standards based inspection & test programs and safety critical activities– streamlined for all asset in operation, embedded into the SAP/PM module. Accountable for the oversight of the implementation of the risk management framework, with its procedures;
• Eliminated the high risk culture of SCE-bypass operations, by enforcing the asset integrity risk governance;
• Reviewed and re-communicated new risk policies and procedures, receiving executive management buy-in;
• Contributed to consensus among the production risk sharing stakeholders for asset life extension budget of MYR 200M for the Barona and Erb West brownfields;

• Articulated risk report to the company’s Chief Risk Officer on a monthly regular basis, with verbal risk update;
• Revealed and maintained 3000+ registered high risk items for 27 oilfields (figure below), and based on this – stewarded out-of-compliance gap-closure brownfield intervention plans and change management activities;
• Chaired risk assessment meetings on a regular basis across the upstream organization;
• Developed and established the enterprise risk, governance, compliance management control framework, serving as basis for the ERM system implementation program of projects – including communicating such throughout the wider organization – including hiring and deploying change agents to achieve set goals – including defining methodologies and tools across the upstream organization and risk tolerances – with c-mgmt. endorsement;
• Within the ERM system, MetricStream™, established enterprise risk register for technical and operating integrity risks and trained risk management champions, as risk based change agents – including overseeing of the implementation planning of the critical risk controls – including guide, coordinate and subject matter experts, working with multiple functional groups improving general purpose risk management capabilities.
• Established cross-organizational alignment on ERM system and practices by hosting organizational wide ERM forums, addressing wider risk areas such as insurance, internal audit, finance, credit and IT;
• Kicked-off and took the lead in the practice of the RMU unit’s role in delivering capex project risk assessments of selected capex projects (PFLNG 1) – including auditing selected sub-contractors;


• Established deeper understanding and consensus among the upstream division’s top management, by my RMU team and I revealing risk profiles of selected field operations, creating high added value to counter-act upon;
• Under Petronas Upstream’s HSE Risk Management Unit (RMU/HSE), main person in charge and leader for the MYR 1 billion budget frame program, operations excellence and risks revamp program of projects (Phase I), risk profiling 27 assets in operation (figure below);
• Lead a team of 40+ professionals, organized into the 6 work streams of:
i) safety integrity (design safety case);
ii) technical integrity (maintenance);
iii) operating integrity (production safety case);
iv) project execution integrity (operations readiness);
v) asset data integrity (IT solutions);
vi) organizational integrity (enterprise technical governance);
• Across the 27 upstream fields (figure below) – comprising of: gas hubs, oil processing, subsea pipelines, wellhead platforms, flowlines, storage tanks - in the Malaysian basin, de-escalated the company’s exposure to high risks factors related to the technical and operating integrity of the facilities.
• In charge of the Program Management Office (PMO) for the enterprise risk management of selected 27 upstream fields off- and onshore Malaysia.
• Direct reports were: 6 x Work Stream Leads; Contracts Mngr.; Program Services Mngr.; Project Risk, Quality & Compliance Mngr.; Change Mngr.; Cost, Plan & Schedule Mngr.;
• Lead the planning and organizing of the AIPSM Phase I project team in all parts of the work scope definition.
• For execution, steered the 4-staged program management approach of GAIS (Governance ● Assess ● Intervene ● Sustain), as below:

Stage 1: Established Technical Governance Management:
• Revisited, updated, upgraded design safety cases and established operational safety cases – this, for the 52 fields, resulting in definition of both “hard” ad “soft” safety barriers and registers of Safety Critical Elements (SCE), linked to asset registers equipment;
• Developed new streamlined SCE Operational Performance Standards, addressing Technical Integrity Risks – including risk based maintenance, inspection & function testing routines for topsides, structures, wellheads, and pipelines. The operational performance standards were updated for Critical Operating Parameters (COP) and defined new Safe Operating Limits (SOL);
• Developed new and streamlined Safety Critical Activities, -Positions, -Information, -Competencies (SCA/ SCP/ SCI/ SCC), addressing Operating Integrity Risks – including Maintenance & Inspection Management Systems (MIMS) (SAP), Safety Management System (SMS) (Synergy), Matrix of Permitted Operations (MOPO) & Simultaneous Operation (SIMOPS), Engineering MOC, Procedural MOC;
• Developed new guideline for Process Safety Management, addressing Organizational Integrity Risks – including Technical Authority Framework (TAF), Program of Certificate of Fitness & Annual Risk Assurance, Organizational MOC;
• Implemented Facilities Status Monitoring (FSM) and Facilities Deviation Management (FDM) as key elements of the IT Technology Integrity Risks Management – broadcasting the Process Safety Management (PSM) online “health & risk” monitor of assets in operations.
Stage 2: Assessed Integrity Risk of “hard” and “soft” in-place Safety Barriers:
• Ensured detailed identification installed safety barriers and verification of gaps between governing performance standards and actual technical conditions – by contacting inspectors of respective disciplines (mechanical, electrical, instruments, process, operation), delivering integrity risk status reports;
• Established 3-tired enterprise risk registers, revealing commonality root-causes, and maintained the non-conformance and action tracking program;
Stage 3: Intervened the non-compliances with close-out activities:
• Developed risk based gap-closure plans – with work volume budget estimations - for top management approval. Drove non-compliance gap closure activities across the operation and organization;
Stage 4: Sustained the integrity risk assurance management systems:
• Sustained the asset risk and integrity management system by training, coaching and change management – across the upstream organization. Rolled out risk champions and ownerships roles and responsibilities;

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Technisches Projektmanagement, Technisches Qualitätsmanagement / QS / QA, Risikomanagement, Betriebskontinuitätsmanagement (BKM), Projektmanagement - Risikomanagement, Projekt-Qualitätssicherung, Enterprise project management (EPM), Projektmanagement - Personalmanagement, PMO

Project Risk Manager / Risk Assurance Manager
EMAS Production, Vung Tau / Songkla
7/2010 – 7/2012 (2 Jahre, 1 Monat)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

7/2010 – 7/2012


Re-implemented Operations Risk Assurance Mgmt. (ORM) by implementing effective risk controls and assurance for the FPSO at Chim Sao, by an integrated solution for Asset Integrity Mgmt. System (AIMS), Risk Assurance, Maintenance Management System(MMS), and the Permit-To-Work (PTW), using Galiom™, Maisy™ and ePTW;
• With a team of 4-6 professionals, covering risk assessment, compliance, assurance, and verification, established technical authority framework for management of safety barriers.
• Reviewed operational risk case. Developed performance standards for operations risk critical elements.
• Implemented integrated risk based enterprise asset management systems – including Risk Control Activities, Matrix of Permitted Risk Operations; Risk Based Management of Change (MOC), Standard Rism Assurance Procedures, Risk Based Permit-To-Work (PTW), Critical Information for Operations;

With a team of 1-3 people, supported, facilitating and chaired regular project risk assessment meetings for both internal and external stakeholders, allocating risk mitigation actions.
• Implemented Project Risk Mgmt. (PRM). Mitigated the about 300+ high project execution risk items over the period of the $ 0.5 billion FPSO conversion project – this, by driving the projects audit, verification and QC activities and resolving non-compliances. Areas of risk-focus were: operations readiness, project plan, schedules, costs, QHSES, contracting, and technology.
• Administrated 3rd party inspectors to drive risk based QC activities during all stages of the EPCM project.
• Re-worked and the enterprise asset risk management system, manual and procedures;

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Qualitätsmanagement / QS / QA (IT), Projektmanagement, Projektmanagement - Risikomanagement, Projekt-Qualitätssicherung, Auditor

Project Risk Manager
4/2009 – 4/2010 (1 Jahr, 1 Monat)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

4/2009 – 4/2010


With a team of 2-4 people, and supported by a pool of 3rd party QC inspectors, mitigated about 400+ high project execution risk items over the period of the $ 2 billion Mongstad Carbon Capturing & Storage (CCS). Implemented project risk management using the PRM tool, PIMS™;
• Chaired regular weekly project risk identification assessment meetings across and various project disciplines groups of: engineering & technology; cost, plan & schedule; QHSES; contracting; construction & fabrication. 2-monthly audited contractors on project execution participation per the projects audit & verification schedule.
• Regularly delivered risk based audits and verification activities, ensured effective risk controls of contracted items.
• Developed and rolled-out the Project Risk Management procedure. Established Project Risk Register. Weekly risk reporting to project top management.
• Developed and rolled-out the Project Quality Risk Management Manual & Procedures and Project Quality Risk Plan. Established Project Requirements & Compliance Register, and tracked non-conformances in the NC-Register. Produced regular project audits and verification reports
• Implemented and operated the Integrated Project Risk Management System, PIMS/RM to plan, track and drive de-escalation of high capex and project risks.

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Technisches Qualitätsmanagement / QS / QA, Projektmanagement - Risikomanagement, Projekt-Qualitätssicherung, Auditor

Global Operations Manager, Industrial Risk Management Services
Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS), Hamburg
9/2004 – 3/2009 (4 Jahre, 7 Monate)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

9/2004 – 3/2009


• Reporting to Zürich based EVP, P/L accountable for the service line, Industrial Risk Management Services, globally. Direct reports business development resources were six professionals;
• By the end of my career in SGS, from a zero-position established industrial risk management services within three years with €21 million revenue streams – by stewarding the growth of organizational capabilities and service deliver capacity, within this 60.000+ people global organization;
• Trained 30+ Country Managers and other staff in “risk value based business development approach”, globally;

KPO BV Aktau, Kazakhstan Project Manager Asset integrity risk revamp program
ADMA-OPCO Abu Dhabi Project Manager Refinery risk based inspection implement project
GUPCO Cairo Development Manager Gas field risk assessment, RBI planning
NIPC Asaluyeh, Iran Project Lead Engineer Refinery RBI and RCM implementation project
NIPC Mahshahr, Iran Project Lead Engineer Refinery RBI and RCM implementation project

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Risikomanagement, Betriebskontinuitätsmanagement (BKM), Projektmanagement, Projektmanagement - Personalmanagement

Senior Consultant, Industrial Project and Operations Risk Management
DNV-GL, Stavanger
8/1999 – 9/2004 (5 Jahre, 2 Monate)
Chemical, Process, Energy, Capex projects

8/1999 – 9/2004


Developed the know-how basis for industrial risk based methodologies, technologies and services, such as: functional risk assessment (FRA), risk based inspection (RBI), risk based maintenance planning (RBM), reliability centered maintenance (RCM), failure mode effect criticality analysis (FMECA), safety integrity level (SIL), hazards and operability review (HAZOP), hazards and effects identification (HAZID), Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) of offshore and onshore production facilities;

* Wilhelmshaven Refinery Project Lead Engineer Risk based planning of maintenance
* GUPCO Cairo Development Manager Gas field risk assessment, RBI planning
* GL Kuala Lumpur Project Lead Engineer Risk analysis tool development, “Galiom Risk”

* Total Stavanger RAM study of the Frigg oil filed
* PPCON Stavanger SIL analysis of Safety Instrumented Functions
* Zueitina Tripoli, Libya Plant Operation Excellence Review II
* Zueitina Sahara, Libya Plant Operation Excellence Review I
* Pertamina Cilacap, Indonesia Risk review of the refinery, “Plant 84”
* DNV N. Am. Houston Risk assessment tool development, “ORBI MAP”
* ExxonMobil Stavanger HAZOP Review of the Balder FPU
* SPP Slovakia RCM/FMECA of SPP East-West Pipeline.
* Norsk Hydro Heimdal Field RCM/RBI review of the preventive maintenance
* Statoil Stavanger OE review of the inspection management
* DNV Stavanger Operations Excellence Review Methodology

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Technische Informatik, SAP PM, Technisches Projektmanagement, Sicherheitsmanagement, Risikomanagement, Projektmanagement - Risikomanagement

Consultant Engineer, Industrial Risk
RC Consultants, International
6/1995 – 6/1999 (4 Jahre, 1 Monat)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

6/1995 – 6/1999


Developed know-how basis for industrial risk based methodologies, technologies and services (FRA, RBI, RBM, RCM, FMECA). Developed know-how of plant operational risk monitoring methodologies and technologies;
Norsk Hydro Oseberg Sør Requirements Management Re-engineering
Dolphin Borgland Risk based maintenance planning re-engineering
Dolphin Bideford Risk based maintenance planning
Statoil Stavanger Key Risk Indicators development
ExxonMobil Stavanger Risk preparedness analysis and planning
Smedvig Vest Delta Risk study of Vest Delta Drilling Rig
Statoil Guldfaks A/B/C Risk based inspection re-planning
Statoil Stafjord A/B/C Risk based inspection re-planning
Yukos Archangelsk Kvaerner Process Systems
Saga Petroleum Snorre Operations risk requirements study

Developed know-how basis for condition monitoring and reliability engineering methods.
Umoe Visund Mechanical packages condition monitoring plans
BP Stavanger Condition Monitoring
Chevron UK Aberdeen Condition Monitoring on Ninian Field
Shell UK Aberdeen Condition Monitoring on Tern Alpha Field
Statpipe Aberdeen Condition Monitoring on Statpipe

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Betriebskontinuitätsmanagement (BKM), Compliance management, Projektmanagement - Risikomanagement, Projekt-Qualitätssicherung

Field Engineer
ABB, Vasteras, Oslo
9/1989 – 5/1993 (3 Jahre, 9 Monate)
Nuclear Power Plants

9/1989 – 5/1993


Developed the know-how of condition monitoring methodologies and plant monitoring and control systems;
Europipe Development of condition monitoring panel
Barsebäck, Ringhals Forsmark Nuclear Plants
Ad-hock project works and quality control of Process Control System

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen



Master of Buisiness Administration (MBA)
Jahr: 2010
Ort: Zurich, Switzerland

Industrial Engineering
(Bachelor of Engineering with Honors)
Jahr: 1989
Ort: Glasgow, UK


● Risk Management Professional (RMP)
● Project Management Professional (PMP) (Lead Assessor)
● Quality Management Professional (Lead Auditor)
● Project Risk Management (PRM) ...multiple projects using PIMS (capex risks)
● Operations Risk Management (ORM) ...multiple assets in operation (opex risks)
● Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to ISO 31000 using MetricStream ERM-platform (strategic risks)
● Experienced risk assessor and skilled at driving risk and opportunity based gap closing activities

Über mich

o Hejre Field Development: risk identification and de-escalation of project risks (Dong Energy, 2015, Denmark);
o Solsort Field Development: risk assessment and de-escalation of project risks (Dong Energy, 2015, Denmark);
o Project PFLNG-1 capex project: Regular project risk assessments across project disciples focussing of technical compliance risks. Established project risk register and formal risk reporting routines. Auditing of risk management performance (Petronas, 2012-15, Malaysia);
o FPSO Conversion Projects, Arunothai FPSO at Arthit gas field: risk identification, assessment and de-escalation of risks related to operations readiness, capex, compliance, integrity (EMAS, 2010-11, Thailand);
o Mongstad CCS Refinery Extension Project: risk management of contracting, engineering, quality, HSE, technology, legal, capex, planning (Statoil, 2009-10, Norway);

o Asset Integrity Risk Revamp Program I: i) identified, assessed and de-escalated 3000+ risk items related to 27 offshore fields in operations; ii) deployed risk mitigation intervention plans and drove gap closing activities (Petronas, 2012-15, Malaysia);
o Levek Emas FPSO Conversion Project at Chim Sao oil field: established integrated operations risk assurance management program, de-escalated risks related to operations, HSE, technical integrity, operating integrity, safety barriers, and compliance (EMAS, 2011-12, Vietnam);
o Karachaganak Gas Field: Program manager for the technical and operating integrity risk de-escalation program (KPO/SGS, 2006-08, Kazakhstan);

o Strategic Planning Team: identification and assessment of risks related to organisational change, corporate business strategy & markets, technology trends, and business operations (FORCE, 2016, Denmark);
o Asset Mgmt.: i) Advisory on Enterprise-/Project Risk Mgmt. (ERM/PRM) solutions; and ii) Advisory on Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) framework - to chief risk officer (Dong Energy, 2016, Denmark);
o Asset Operation Risk Revamp Program II: i) Implemented operations risk barriers management system and programs; ii) Identified safety risk critical elements (SCE) across the upstream organization field; ii) Implemented risk management methodologies, tools, procedures; and iii) Implemented Risk based Facilities Status Monitoring (FSM) System; (Petronas, 2012-15, Malaysia)
o Asset Operation Risk Revamp Program II: i) Developed the Enterprise & Project Governance, Risk & Compliance Management Control Framework; ii) Implementation of enterprise & project risk registers using the ERM system, MetricStream: (Petronas, 2014, Malaysia);

Persönliche Daten

  • Englisch (Muttersprache)
  • Europäische Union
  • Schweiz
30 Jahre und 7 Monate (seit 08/1990)
7 Jahre


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