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  53229 Bonn


Computer Scientist with over 7 years experience in Software Engineering &
Architecture and Webdevelopment with JAVA-EE, Ruby on Rails and Python.
Experienced in Linux/Unix System-Administration, UML and BPMN.

Ich biete

IT, Entwicklung
  • Datenbankadministration
    7 Jahre, 1 Monat Erfahrung
  • Cyber Security
    3 Jahre, 1 Monat Erfahrung
  • Serveradministration (allg.)
    3 Jahre, 1 Monat Erfahrung
  • DevOps
    1 Jahr, 6 Monate Erfahrung
  • Ruby on rails
    1 Jahr, 5 Monate Erfahrung
  • Python
    1 Monat Erfahrung
  • Systemadministration (allg.)
    1 Monat Erfahrung

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Big Data Engineer (Festanstellung)
BSI, Bonn
4/2017 – offen (1 Jahr, 7 Monate)
Innere und Äußere Sicherheit

4/2017 – offen


Big Data Engineer and Cyber Defense Architect. Developer for an
high available, high secure ELK-Stack environment for Log-Data
Analysing with Python and Ruby on Rails based on Debian,
Docker, VMWare and Graph Storages like Neo4J and GraphX.
Data-Mining and Data-Pipelining with multiple Sources like Flow-
Data, IPFix and Suricata.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Datenbankadministration, Cyber Security, DevOps, Serveradministration (allg.)

Ruby on Rails Developer (Festanstellung)
i22, Bonn
11/2015 – 4/2017 (1 Jahr, 6 Monate)

11/2015 – 4/2017


Ruby on Rails developer and project member for integrating
Software analysing and modeling. Lead developer for a distributed
and RESTfull Environment.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Datenbankadministration, Datenbankentwicklung, Ruby on rails

IT-Infrastructure Consultant (Festanstellung)
Credative UK, Rugby
5/2015 – 10/2015 (6 Monate)

5/2015 – 10/2015


Improving the internal IT-Infrastructure for security by
integrating Log and Netfow Analyser. Evaluate Open-Source
Groupware software systems. Build a business concept for pentest
services to support based on pentest-stanbard.org including tools
evaluation like Kali, nmap and more.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Cyber Security, Serveradministration (allg.)

JavaEE Devloper and IT-Security Infrastructure Engineer (Festanstellung)
ISDSG, Dortmund
1/2013 – 1/2014 (1 Jahr, 1 Monat)

1/2013 – 1/2014


Software-Engineering with JavaEE (full stack) and Python Dijango
Linux/Unix System-Administration
IT-Security with FreeRADIUS, AD, Kerberos, Switch-Mgm. (HP
Pro Curve, Cisco IOS). Develop a JavaEE application for labs and
medical ofces to place orders for blood examinations, show the
results and manage billings, parameters and profles

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), Cyber Security, Serveradministration (allg.), EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans), Hibernate (Java), J2EE (Java EE), JSF (Java Server Faces)

Ruby on Rails Developer (Festanstellung)
Telefaks Services GmbH, Home Office
1/2010 – 2/2014 (4 Jahre, 2 Monate)

1/2010 – 2/2014


VoIP-System development with Ruby on Rails and
FreeSWITCH, Linux/Unix System Administration
Develop an VoIP application server for handle complex call
scenarios like conferences, call center processes, supplementary
services, telephone systems and smart services combined with
freeSWITCH as an soft switch or rather PBX.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Datenbankadministration, Datenbankentwicklung, VoIP, Ruby on rails


(Master of Science)
Jahr: 2014
Ort: Dortmund

(Bachelor of Science)
Jahr: 2011
Ort: Dortmund


Linux/Unix System Administration (Debian, Ubuntu, Archlinux, Gentoo, Solaris),
DB4O, JSF, JavaDB (Derby), Netbeans/VisualWeb, Eclipse, Subversion, Git, Java EE
(full stack), Ruby on Rails (1.8/2.3), Python Django, HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript
(jQuery), XML, XSLT, XML-Schema, JSON, MySQL, HSQLDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL,
Redis, Apache, Nginx, Goliath, Server-Sent-Events (SSE), TCP/IP, Network
technologies (ISO/OSI), Munin, IP-Tables, Wireshark, Software Architecture and
Design (UML, BPML), Energy Management (smart grid, smart metering), IP-
Telemetry (E-DIN 43863-4), EDIFACT (DIN-ISO-9735-1) Smart Message Language
SML, OBIS, IT-Security (openvpn, kerberos, freeradius, PKI, S/MIME), VoIP (SIP,
SDP, H.323), FreeSWITCH, Next Generation Networks (NGN), Theoretical
foundations in Grid Computing (GridSAT, Chaf-algorithm, DPLL-Framework),
Constraint Logical Programming CLP, Constraint Handling Rules CHR, Database
Theory (CQ/Datalog), Foundations of Operation System Concepts, Algorithm and
Datastructures (Linear and Non-Linear, Combinational), Elasticsearch, Kibana,
Logstash, IPVS, Suricata, Neo4J, PXE + Preseeding, VMWare, Docker

A Rails and Angular.js web application for C2C business in the feld of electricity and
Smart-Meterring/Smart-Grids based on EEG (A german law). Includes components
written in Node.js for real-time Smart-Meter-Gateway communications based on IP-T
and SML. It's a market place for customers to trade green electricity managed by the
provider includes holding and billing of balance accounts.

Über mich

Computer Scientist with over 7 years experience in Software Engineering &
Architecture and Webdevelopment with JAVA-EE, Ruby on Rails and Python.
Experienced in Linux/Unix System-Administration, UML and BPMN. Current
Personal Project in Smart Metering (Digital energy metering with remote access via
TCP/IP). Good knowledge in germany concepts for renewable energy and laws. Good
knowledge of IT-Security aspects and tools like freeradius, vlan-management and PK-
Infrastructure. Stream-Processing and Data-Mining.

Persönliche Daten

  • Deutsch (Muttersprache)
  • Englisch (Gut)
  • Norwegisch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Europäische Union
11 Jahre und 5 Monate (seit 05/2007)
2 Jahre


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