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110044 New Delhi


I am software engineer having 14 years of work experience with Linux and RTOS.
Designed,developed software for various Micro controllers using C, C++ and Full stack technologies.

Ich biete

IT, Entwicklung
  • Embedded Linux
  • Embedded Systems
  • Node.js
  • Betriebssysteme (allg.)

  • C++

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Lead Engineer
Confidential, Brington
2/2017 – 4/2018 (1 Jahr, 3 Monate)

2/2017 – 4/2018


The project is to design and developed digital signage on hardware box.
End user can create adverts and videos from front end web application and this goes to connect with the many hardware signage boxes those are deployed in the field.
User can launch new advertisement , edit existing advertisement. he can create many lists of advertisement and these can be schedule for different time of the day.
My Responsibilites:
1) Develop complete project so that hardware box can boot and play the contents.
2) Design and develop bash shell scripts that is helpful for fast and starategic boot.
3) Design and develop Node.js code that is used to connect the hardware signage box with backend system.
There are many features that help end user to post the advertisements fast and simultaneously to many screens easily.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Linux, Embedded Systems, Bash (Shell), C++, Node.js

Technical Project Manager
Airthentic, Inc., Florida
8/2016 – 2/2017 (7 Monate)

8/2016 – 2/2017


This project involved development of device driver Monitor Mode feature for 802.11n and 802.11ac mode.
Existing controller does not work in Monitor mode, so development for Monitor Mode executed for n and ac mode with Raspberry PI board.
My responsibilities: - Design and development of below tasks.
1) Requirement understanding from the client.
2) Reverse engineering of the existing codebase
3) Design and development of the Monitor mode and packet injection feature in device driver stack for 802.11 hardware.
4) Develop, execute the test cases and Verify the traffic with Wire-shark tool.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Systems, Kernel Programmierung, Linux (Kernel), WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)

Lead developer
Really Simple Software Inc, San Francisco
12/2015 – 4/2016 (5 Monate)

12/2015 – 4/2016


This project involved developing cloud DVR system that executed on IP Set Top Box. Client wants to add one more service known as DVR to the end user existing IP STB. This solution includes user interaction, so that user can select programs from EPG to be recorded in his account. Once user’s content recorded
Over the cloud, then user can view those contents by using set top box device, on laptop or PC by using web browser or mobile devices.
My responsibilities: - Design and development of complete record pipeline which includes below modules.
1) Record session manager
2) Transport stream chunker
3) Storage purge manager
4) Upload session manager.
Record session manager is responsible for creating record sessions and taking input feed from socket and provides this data to transport stream chunker module. TS chunker is responsible to break these continuous AV data stream to various chunks on flash storage memory and upload session manager is responsible to upload these chunks to cloud simultaneously.
Once chunks has been uploaded to cloud, in parallel Storage purge manager is responsible to purge these chunks from the storage. So that adequate memory always be available for new contents.

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Embedded Linux, Embedded Systems, C++

Lead engineer
Wyplay, New Delhi
1/2015 – 12/2015 (1 Jahr)

1/2015 – 12/2015


The project is to design and developed IP Set top Box.
On boot IP STB connects with backend and display the live channels on the Tv Screen.
Responsible for Design and development of Transport Stream parsing that communicates with video module and display data to HDMI interface.
Design and developed Play and pause TV.
Develop network PVR.
Tag favourites programs.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Linux, Embedded Systems

Project Manager
Stone street One Inc, Kentucky
12/2011 – 12/2014 (3 Jahre, 1 Monat)

12/2011 – 12/2014


Bluetooth Low energy Protocol Stack
Skills Embedded C programming, Bluetooth classic and low energy , PTS dongle.
This project involved developed of Bluetooth protocol stack and automation test framework, it majorly includes.
Design and development of Bluetooth Low energy protocol stack.
Design and devloped Bluetooth classic profiles.
Developed SDP, SPP, BIP profiles.
Design and Development of GAP Profile.
Design and Development of Various GATT services and profiles that communicates with L2CAP, HCI and BT radio and sends the information to other Bluetooth device.
Design and developed automation test framework that useful for automated testing of gatt profiles and services with SIG based PTS dongle.
Developed below GATT services and developed their corresponding profiles also.
• Alert Notification Service
• Battery Service
• Body Composition Service
• Blood Pressure Service
• Continuous Glucose Monitoring Service
• Cycling Power Service
• Cycling Speed and cadence service
• Current Time Service
• Glucose Service
• Heart Rate Service
• Health Thermometer Service
• Immediate Alert Service.
• Link Loss Service
• Location and Navigation Service
• Next DST Change Service
• Object Transfer Service
• Phone Alert Status Service
• Running Speed and Cadence service
• Reference Time Update Service
• Scan Parameter Service
• Tx Power Service
• Weight Scale Service

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Linux, Embedded Systems

Lead Engineer
Nokia Siemens Network, Noida
12/2009 – 1/2012 (2 Jahre, 2 Monate)

12/2009 – 1/2012


Se top Box,
Development of IPTV Middleware using Linux and QT Framework

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Linux, Qt

Senior Software Engineer
Conexant Systems Inc, Noida
8/2006 – 12/2009 (3 Jahre, 5 Monate)

8/2006 – 12/2009


Design and developed Cable and IP Set top Box embedded software.
Developed all software stack start from bootrloader, Firmware, device driver, Middleware layer.
Developed for Embedded Linux and Embedded Windows CE OS.

Development of device driver (video and image) for STB based on CX2427 chipset.
Display (Graphics) Device Driver development on Windows CE 6.0 for Set Top Box.
Good exposure and worked with various protocol like MPEG2 TS, RTP, RTCP, UDP, TCP, HLS.
Good knowledge of Multimedia Standards (MPEG/DVB) and STB/DTV domain.
Good knowledge of various IPTV Features like VOD, PVR, Pause and Live TV, Trick Modes, Catch up TV, Reminder etc.
Good exposure to open source tool like FFmpeg and worked with various IPC mechanism in user space as well as in kernel space.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Linux, Embedded Systems, RTP (Real-Time Transport Protocol)


Master of Computer Applications
Jahr: 2004
Ort: India


I provide software services for embedded systems specifically with skills required.
C programming language.
C++ Programming language
Node.js and full stack skills.
Embedded Linux, RTOS, Windows platform.
Developed solution for Raspberrp pi, ARM based boards.
QT Framework.
Bluetooth , BLE, WLAN and protocol development.
Digital Signage.

Persönliche Daten

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14 Jahre und 11 Monate (seit 07/2004)
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