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Technik & Ingenieursberufe
- Installation, Montage, Wartung

Über mich

2002 - Present Retired
2000 - 2002 Tourist Europe & USA
1999 - 2000
Level 3 Communications Inc.
Field Services Out Side Plant Manager, supervised 3 Metro & 2 Long Distance Technicians.
Responsible for the Metro & LD fiber installation acceptance, acceptance testing, test evaluations, maintenance procedures, maintenance contracts, customer site surveys, customer Points of Presentation, planning documentation, implementation, test & acceptance. Coordinated equipment training and vehicle tool provisioning for all OSP Techs in Germany.
1996 - 1999
Self employed
Telecommunications & Networks, working alone & with crews from 1 to 5. Performed installation, measurement with Fluke & Wavetek TDRs & OTDR providing acceptance test results to customer. Responsible for the assembly of the equipment racks & the final documentation for the complete project.
1993 - 1995
Kroll & GGT
Transportation companies. Short term contracts. Responsible for pick up & distribution of electronic parts & products European wide with 7.5 T truck or currier vehicle. Managed inventory and priority distribution of items as well as actual delivery .
1984 - 1992
Raytheon Service Company
Product Assurance. Reliability-Availability-Maintainability (RAM) for Patriot Air Defense Missile System. RAM Analysis; responsible for data collection of all technical failures. Wrote in depth engineering reports narrating all details of conditions surrounding maintenance actions. Provided suggestions for MTTR improvements. Submited improvements for publication documentation. Provided material logistic management for Saudi Arabia. Conducted equipment surveys and spare parts coordination using Oracle & SQL Plus.
Martin Marietta Aerospace
Senior Field Service Rep for the Patriot Launching System, Missile & special test equipment. Wrote the operations & maintenance publications. Was manufactures rep at White Sands Missile Range during the environmental testing, RAM evaluation & test firings.
1978 - 1979
Munroe Systems for Business
Supervised 14 Electronic Techs, Responsible for classroom tech training & repair of failed production units. Introduced changes for vacume-needle-testbeds to improve fault localization & repair time.
1970 - 1978
Elekluft GmbH
5 Years Field Service Engineering for GAF Radar, Starfighter Fire Control System & NATO Air Defense Ground Environment Sys.
3 Years as Purchasing Department Section Supervisor. Responsible for 3 buyers and staff, coordinated capital equipment BJ & earned maximum year end achievement bonuses. Responsible for personnel efficiency, QA of buying practices, marketing & production planning. Computerized RFQs, analyzed incoming quotes, negotiated prices, terms and conditions to meet production implementation & save warehouse space, time & cost. Computerized the international manufactures directory & the preparation of contracts as well as their supervision.

1966 - 1970
Bendix Inc.
Field Service Engineer. 1 year Jet Propulsion Laboratory, working with the Deep Space Project. 2 ½ years Nato Missile Firing Range, Crete, Greece. We were responsible for the acceptance of all sub-contractor obligations for construction power generation, missile fuel stations, arsenals, range safety, range radar, telecomm, telemetry, tracking displays & recorders.
1963 - 1966
Field Service Engineer. Performed installation, acceptance testing, modification, maintenance & documentation of microwave and troposcatter communications systems in Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain & Turkey.
1960 - 1963
General Electric
Field Service Tech for NATO Air Ground Environment, Defense Control System

Persönliche Daten

  • Englisch (Muttersprache)
  • Europäische Union
48 Jahre (seit 1971)
10 Jahre


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