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  • 03.04.2019


Business Development, Digital transformation, Internet Marketing, Strategie und Sales international. Unternehmensaufbau, online offline
Analog bis digital, Auslands- und Führungserfahrung,

Ich biete

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Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Marketing, Berlin
4/2018 – offen (4 Jahre, 11 Monate)

4/2018 – offen


Aufbau Marketing, online offline CRM, DACH, technischer Vertrieb

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

CRM Beratung (allg.)

Sales / market research
Telefonica Germany, Berlin
9/2013 – 10/2013 (2 Monate)

9/2013 – 10/2013



Head of Business Development and HR
Berlin Training, 10715 Berlin
1/2013 – offen (10 Jahre, 2 Monate)

1/2013 – offen


Erweiterung des digitalen Geschäftsmodelles, neue Märkte, neue Medien

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen


Head of Business Development
Metrinomics, Berlin
3/2012 – 8/2012 (6 Monate)

3/2012 – 8/2012


Aufbau Business Development, CRM, Web sites, Print, Direktmarketing


LMI Leadership Development
Oktober 2015
Alchimedus Management
Juli 2011



Jahr: 1988
Ort: Gießen


Selected Accomplishments

Spearheaded startup and growth of global language travel agency, Determined there were only a few language agencies in European market. With prior contacts in schools and knowledge of new technologies/Internet, started language travel agency. Grew business to 150+ schools in Europe and the Americas.
Business Development: Enlarged fields of services from Spanish in Spain and South America, to German, English, French and Italian in native countries. Met with local language schools to establish partnerships. Led diversification into kids courses, student programs and adult learners. Opened language school for locals.
Sales & Marketing: Developed and implemented various database marketing campaigns via website, blogs, e-mail and letter depending upon the country. Directed letters to C-level executives of companies for professional training and to teachers for groups of students. Presented at local fairs to promote language school schools.
Operations: Managed international team of employees and interns (mainly marketing, tourism and business students from Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Italy, Sweden, Turkey etc.). Assembled and led core team of six in Administration and 15 teachers on part time, local and via Skype. Handled customer data by Sage CRM.
Training: Developed and implemented internal training system, from why and how to use a PC, MS office, Skype, Sage CRM, Corel (graphics) and Netobjects (web design) to a better understanding of opportunities of new areas of technology. Everybody had training for new things coming up and free languages courses.
Led Art Of Communication into the digital marketing age. Internet and digital products were new when agency was started. Developed new way of communicating with customers using digital media and database marketing. Feedback quota was 30%, sales increased, customer relation was much stronger and project received an award.
Created new sales and marketing capabilities for Andersen Consulting. Company lacked a formal sales force. Created a new team for sales and marketing. Developed flyers, information about the services and products etc. For the first time, the firm was able to sell their service into the market with the new team and materials.

Über mich

Operations / Sales / Marketing / International / Digital Media / Account Management / Alliances / CRM VRM / Startups / Multi-Channel, Web & Direct Marketing / Negotiations / Training / Team Building
Blending an entrepreneurial attitude and a sense for high potential opportunities, developed game-changing marketing strategies, created new revenue opportunities, improved operating and sales efficiencies and enhanced the customer experience. Proven track record of spurring startups, growing companies and marketing new products in diverse industries. Savvy at identifying opportunities in global markets. Can contribute immediately by:
Identifying and seizing upon new business opportunities
Designing and executing strategies that generate revenue
Aligning solutions with customer expectations to deliver value
Master's degree in General Business Administration (specialized in marketing, organization and information systems), FH Giessen. Diplom-Betriebswirt/Business Economist. Fluent in German, English and Spanish. Gained global perspective through professional assignments in Germany, Spain, Poland, Japan and US.

Persönliche Daten

  • Deutsch (Muttersprache)
  • Englisch (Fließend)
  • Spanisch (Gut)
  • Europäische Union
  • Schweiz
35 Jahre (seit 02/1988)
25 Jahre


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