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Looking for job as Oracle PL/SQL Developer.
With more than 10 years working experience in DB development and design, in banks and financial industries.
German pass, Swiss Permit B valid till 08.2013

Ich biete

IT, Entwicklung

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Application Enginer, Senior Software Engineer
UBS and Quartal Financial Solutions, Zürich
8/2007 – 10/2012 (5 Jahre, 3 Monate)
Financial Institutions

8/2007 – 10/2012


Application Engineer (Contractual)
UBS, Zürich (thru Tresag Management Services)
Aug. 2007 - Aug 2008
Job Descriptions:
I was mainly involved in the following:
- development of JCS (Job Control Schedule) using Redwood Cronacle.
- development, maintenance and tuning of PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions.
- Unix scripting
- Packaging.

Senior Software Engineer (Permanent)
Quartal Financial Solutions, Zürich
Oct 2008-Oct 2012
Job Descriptions:
- database design and analysis
- coding and refactoring PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions.
- developed data migration scripts
- was involved in development of data segregation and object locking features
- tuning and optimisation


Bachelor of Science in Computer Data Processing Management
März 1983


Bacherlor in Computer Data Processing Management
Jahr: 1983
Ort: Manila, Philippines

Über mich

I have more than 10 years working experience as Oracle developer. I am very experienced in Oracle DB design, data modeling, PL/SQL development, debugging, testing, and performance tuning. I had been involved in big data migration, heavy transaction processing and development of complex queries. I also have experience in datawarehousing where I was involved in data modeling, ETL process, and development of materialized views using statistical and analytical queries.

In my last employer (Quartal), I managed to help the customer solving their 28-hour long-running process to make it run for less than 30 minutes. I managed to accomplish the task by tracing and refactoring queries and stored procedures, and most of all understanding the whole process. I was also the main designer/developer of the data migration feature of Quartal`s Commission application, where I had written most of the modular/generic stored procedures for extraction, transformation and loading of customer-specific database to new product database version.

At RS2, I was one of the 3-man team involved in the successful implementation of High Volume Engine module of the Bankworks application, with the aim to process 7 million transactions in 1 hour. Our team managed to achieve the goal by using bulk collections and bulk processing, table/index partitioning, and not to mention changing SQL hints which were affected by migrating to new Oracle version. Also, I had done session tracing, understanding explain plans and session profiling in order to trace what part of the whole process needs to be optimized.

I had worked also in UBS for GEAR project, which was a Very Large Database. As Application Engineer, I was involved in development and maintenance of PL/SQL packages, JCS scripts and chains, shell scripting and packaging.

As a person, I am very hardworking, fast-learner, and always find solution to a problem. I can work independently or with a team. I am also enthusiastic to learn new technologies that can be beneficial for the work, the team, and for the organization.

I hope that you consider my application suitable and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Persönliche Daten

  • Englisch (Fließend)
  • Deutsch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Europäische Union
  • Schweiz
27 Jahre und 1 Monat (seit 06/1992)


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