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16 years transmission/microwave experience from mobile operator, multi-vendor experience with Ericsson, NSN(Nokia), NEC, Alcatel - Lucent, Nera (Ceragon), Huawei, Cisco.

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Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

senior access network engineer
Pokomtel, Posen
4/1997 – 4/2012 (15 Jahre, 1 Monat)

4/1997 – 4/2012


• Short, middle and long distance microwave links planning: band, link budget, frequency planning, interference analysis. Reflections, multipath & diffraction analysis, diversity for backbone hops. ATPC, AMR, XPIC
• Involved in national microwave backbone design (long distance 6/7/11 GHz SDH rings)
• Antennas height optimization for wave propagation in worst environment conditions - space diversity detailed analysis for hops above watered surface and flat lands, obstructed paths etc., frequency diversity planning
• permits for emission , applications and appropriate documentation for frequency authorities. DGPS antenna coordinates measurements
• MW network topology for new sites (BTS,NB, eNB) for 2G/3G/4G networks
• Use of Pathloss, MapInfo, and Polkomtel transmission database(similar to Cramer tool), Atoll and IQ link familiarity. Databases updating
• MW equipment orders (antennas, IDU, ODU, cards, interfaces, cables, racks, licenses management, proper SW/HW versions and other vendors related features).
• MW equipment field tests, trial installations with new equipment/suppliers.
• Network management, designing DCN for NEC Pasolink links (PNMT, PNMS, NetConfigTool) – IP layer, NetAct, CeraWeb.
• SAP orders scrutiny (detailed material lists).
• Fixed network strategy. Regional and HQ meetings. Optimal transmission network growth. Decisions of new transmission technologies and directions of development (DWDM FO network, leased lines plan, MW types, vendors recommendations).
• FO network planning (topology, DWDM, MUX)
• Network design across existing transmission platforms (PDH, SDH, Eth)
• Network routing and utilization.
• Rerouting planning and cutovers for the existing sites to minimize transmission costs after integration of new sites.
• Ensuring network upgrade activities and dimensioned such that network availability targets are maintained.
• Maintaining and improving network performance in line with KPI criteria.
• Preparing and submission of detailed site survey reports , technical reviews on new and existing sites locations.
• Site hunting for new transmission hubs and for BSC/RNC/ MSC locations. Cooperation with site acquisition and construction team.
• acceptance of new BTS/NB sites locations - collaboration with RF department, SA and construction engineers.
• Solving wireless technical issues, working with radio planning engineers.
• Planning of sites layouts.
• Sketch projects (MS Visio) for construction engineers with antennas mounting details.
• Work with the vendors to verify technical designs and confirm installation requirements.
• Monitoring of work and documentation in accordance with required standards, methods and procedures.
• Supervised on-site installation activities for transmission equipment.
• Quality assurance and supervision of performed work by subcontractors.
• Ensure Health & Safety requirements are well satisfied and meet the required standards and guidelines for microwave installations.
• Conducted LOS (Line of Site) surveys and prepared surveys reports (photos, fressnel zones analysis, best antenna placement), Optical LOS (cranes, lamp), geodetic profiles
• Management of technician LOS team .
• Attended meetings with wholesales department and business customers, tracked projects for leased lines, VPNs/ WAN delivered by Polkomtel.
• Performed acceptance test procedure with customers and vendor representatives.
• Troubleshooting of PDH, SDH, Ethernet transmission equipment. Support for network operation team and NMC department.
• Monitor site's blockers report for the region on the daily basis, create cutover plans and update the relevant databases accordingly.
• Reviewing the congested sites and provided solutions on daily basis.
• Issuing of tickets for outdoor engineers (Remedy tool).
• Radio equipment rollout and swap experiences. Regular RO meetings with vendors and program manager. Milestones in network expansions.
• Swap project leader ( approx. 300 MW links in 3 months project with Ericsson Traffic Node replacing Nokia Flexi hopper links )
• Cooperation with Ericsson Poland team in “turn key” project for Polkomtel
• Accurate and timely technical reporting on weekly basis to meet project deadlines
• Transmissions reports.
• Working closely with management to provide updated network performance .
• Providing logical & accurate fault reporting and data gathering .
• Training new staff.


wireless systems, radio communication, microwave PtP/PtM, fibre optics DWDM and other transmission equipment, mobile networks architecture (GSM, UMTS, CDMA, LTE), IP/MPLS, routing, LAN/WAN, PDH/SDH, ATM, Ethernet and other protocols. TV systems. Satellite navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS)
Various technical telecom trainings: Ericsson, NSN (Nokia), NEC, Alcatel-Lucent, Nera (Ceragon), Huawei, Cisco and smaller suppliers.

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25 Jahre und 7 Monate (seit 05/1996)
5 Jahre


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