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Solution Architect with broad experience in System and Software Development. Experience from all product development phases: Requirement gathering, Architecture, Software development, Testing and Marketing. Main focus on telecommunication products.

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Solution Architect
Nokia Solutions and Networks, München
9/2009 – offen (9 Jahre, 11 Monate)

9/2009 – offen


• Working in the One-NDS system verification team as Solution Architect. The One-NDS is a highly scalable and distributed real time LDAP/X.500 Directory Server.

• Technical lead and project manager for Multi Application System Test (Including following applications HLR, HSS, AAA, MNP, EIR, PCRF, NVS and ONS). A cross business unit project. Defined test strategy, coordinating fault handling, proposed numerous technical improvements as well as internal process improvements in order to enhance the overall product quality.

• Defined test strategy for the System Robustness Test Program, an 18 months program with 10 System Testers. This was a program to improve the total One-NDS system robustness including applications in large distributed environments. A +60 million subscribers test bed setup with several hundreds of server was created. Acted host for several Tier-1 operator robustness workshops. Wrote the final test program customer reports.

• Technical on site expertise to local US NSN team regarding network planning and expansion of One-NDS in a big IMS deployment for a Tier-1 operator. Technical concept presentations to customer. Knowledge transfer to local NSN Technical Support and Engineering team regarding dual primary recovery and provisioning. Several workshops with customer regarding network planning/expansion, dual primary recovery demonstrations and operational considerations.

• Technical Lead and coordinator for a Tier-1 operator One-NDS multi application proof of concept. The proof of concept included over 300 successfully executed test cases over two weeks live demonstrations together with customers. The result was summarized in an internal document with improvements and further requirements for NSN multi application concept.

• Validation and testing of upgrade concept for One-NDS 7.1 to 8.0 for pilot Tier-1 customer upgrade. Several improvements were proposed. Hosted upgrade workshop with operational and engineering personnel from the customer.

• Development of a tool: verifyXML (in python), which verified deployed configuration settings like IP addresses, routing, SW and HW settings etc against Technical Product Definition (TPD) sheet.

• Network tuning in Linux to achieve optimal One-NDS and LDAP application performance in high latency and packet loss environments.

IT Consultant
HiQ AB, Stockholm
3/2008 – 9/2009 (1 Jahr, 7 Monate)
IT Consulting

3/2008 – 9/2009



• Huawei Sweden AB – 1 year
Strategic Product Manager EMEA
Responsible area: Unified Subscriber Centre (USC/HLR/HSS)
Meeting with customers to gather market requirements; Provide input to product roadmaps through market requirement documents. Job tasks included supporting account management in different EMEA countries to promote Huawei’s USC solution through workshops and presentations to operators. Provided technical support in RFQ/RFO clarification meetings. Other tasks included writing marketing materials such as white papers and industry trend reports.

• Scania AB – 1 month
Testing and writing test utilities for a new ordering system written in C# and .NET

• Ericsson AB – 4 months
IPTV Technical coordinator and Technical interface to 3rd party supplier of middleware and streaming server. Fault reporting and follow-ups plus requirements of new functionality, for example middleware support of Oracle RAC as BE database. Oracle RAC integration and support to end customer; other tasks was stability and capacity testing of the middleware with different BE databases, e.g. Oracle RAC and MySQL.
Performed a technical pre-study of a new alternative streaming servers and review of different streaming server proposals.

• Eniro 118 118 AB – 3 weeks
A pre-study of a new SMS platform; analysis of the existing SMS platform architecture the result was a proposal of a new simplified JEE architecture with API to a new data source. Recommendation of MVC framework implementations and proposal of which JEE open source products to use.

Principal consultant
Apertio Ltd, Washington DC
6/2007 – 3/2008 (10 Monate)

6/2007 – 3/2008


• Architectural and system design for Subscriber Profile Store (SPS) onsite at Sprint, Reston USA, +30 Million subscribers consolidation project based on One-NDS. A partner project with Nokia Siemens Networks.
• System capacity dimensioning.
• LDAP schema design (data modeling) for consolidated applications, including One-NDS (Network Directory Server) advanced schema design techniques like application specific views such as adaptive naming and variants, consolidated applications included AAA, HSS and location based services.
• Defining new functionality needed to be implemented in the One-NDS by development for successful progress of project.
• Design of subscriber migration concept from SUN DS to Apertio One-NDS.
• Design of parallel provision concept to MAG6 directory server.
• Design of nomadic subscriber concept.

Principal consultant
Apertio Ltd., München
7/2005 – 6/2007 (2 Jahre)

7/2005 – 6/2007


• On site One-NDS integration and system test support at Siemens in Munich
• Primary technical integration/test and application design support interface
• Siemens HLR (C-NTDB) and One-NDS (Directory Server and PGW DSA) system integration support.
• Development of dual primary reconciliation concept (reconcile divergent data between servers).
• Script development in bash (One-NDS automatic upgrade, dual primary reconciliation).
• Test case definition.
• Trouble shooting and fault analysis; Fault reproduction and bug reporting.
• System acceptance preparation and execution for end customer (T-mobile) for redundancy, availability and performance.
• Design support for Siemens LDAP proxy.
• Performance test cases; definition, development, analysis and conclusion.
• SLAMD (Performance test tool) job class development in java.
• Linux optimization and tuning for One-NDS.
• Linux TCP/IP tunings for security and link latency.

Senior Sustaining Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Grenoble
10/2001 – 7/2005 (3 Jahre, 10 Monate)
Software development

10/2001 – 7/2005


• Providing technical support for SUN ONE products and resolving complex product failures. (Level 4/5 technical customer support).

• Working at the source-code level developing bug fixes, product enhancements (C/C++/Java) and workarounds for following products:
• SUN ONE Directory Proxy Server 5.x
• SUN ONE Directory Server 5.x
• SUN ONE Web Proxy Server 3.x
• Main sustaining engineer for SUN ONE Directory Proxy Server 5.x

• Technical expert for Directory and Web Proxy Server knowledge base.
• Resolved numerous critical bugs and issues in production environments.
• Developed new features and improved existing functionality helping customers to achieve optimal deployments.

• Designed several LDAP and SSL test utilities in java for bug reproduction and testing.
• Created VMware test and build environment for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Windows 2000, this insured quality and shortened the time for test case reproduction.

• Designed training courses and educated worldwide product technical support and QA staff.

• Development of automatic bug test suites in KSH for SUN ONE Directory Server 5.x.
• Responsible and co-coordinator of the Directory Server 5.1 SP2 HF1 and HF2 releases including regression and non-regression testing using automated test-suite for 5 different platforms.
• Development of a multi-threaded GUI LDAP client with SSL capabilities. Written in C and TCL/TK, improved setup time for certain bug reproduction scenarios.
• Regression and Non-Regression testing of iPlanet Web proxy 3.6 SP1 on Solaris and HP-UX using manual and automated test-suites.

• Performance testing and analyzing of iPlanet web proxy 3.6 vs. 3.6 SP1.

System performance engineer
Ericsson Nippon K.K, Shin Yokohama
3/2000 – 8/2001 (1 Jahr, 6 Monate)

3/2000 – 8/2001


• Customer support in system performance and network planning issues for all J-phone operators.
• Team leader/sub-project manager for the PDC (CMS 30) and PPDC (PDC version of GPRS) system performance group.

• Modeling/simulation in OPNET (C/C++) of paging improvement mechanisms. Validated and updated existing dimensioning guidelines of the paging buffers. Suggested improvements of paging handling in the MSC node.

• Specified requirements and performed system and radio performance measurements in the J-phone operator’s live PDC network before after SW/HW upgrade.
Specified requirements for MSC and HLR characteristics measurements for a new HW/SW release in CMS 30 test plant. Assisted system verification team with the measurement; Analysis and conclusion of the measurements result.
• Development of an alternative method to measure Central Processor load in the test plant.

• Master’s thesis supervisor. Thesis work was to validate a mobile network traffic load regulation (algorithm developed and patented by me, ref WO03047229) and to propose improvements based on modeling and simulations in Matlab.

• Designed dimensioning guidelines for the MSC group switch impact of PPDC.
• Technical investigation of High Speed Signaling Link charging methods.
• Assisting customer and product management with general PPDC HW dimensioning and NW design issues.

• Assisting the IP backbone NW design team to configure/validate customers PPDC IP NW design. Including IP address plan, Ethernet-switches, routers, OSPF areas and WAN configurations.

Laboratory teacher in Data communication
Royal Institute of Technology/PerfoSim, Stockholm
1/1999 – 6/1999 (6 Monate)
Hochschulen und Forschungseinrichtungen

1/1999 – 6/1999


• Development of laboratory tasks and examination questions in the course Data communication, 4 credits for last year B.Sc. students.
• Assisting students during laboratory tasks with the simulator tool OPNET.

Note: This was a part time job in addition to my full time position at Ericsson Radio System AB.

System Manager
Ericsson Radio Systems AB, Stockholm
12/1997 – 3/2000 (2 Jahre, 4 Monate)

12/1997 – 3/2000


• Total system characteristics responsible for a new release of HW and SW in PDC mobile telephony systems (CMS 30).

• Technical investigations regarding estimated impact on Central Processor load, CCS-7 signaling, Memory utilization, IOG load, max number of cells connected to MSC etc.

• Specified requirements for characteristic measurements in CMS 30 test plant. Assisting system verification team with the measurements. Analysis and conclusion of the measurement results.

• Development of a Central Processor execution time analyzing tool (nawk and shell script) which was a simplified and quicker method to analyze characteristic measurements log files.

• ACC (Automatic Congestion Control) modeling/simulations in OPNET (C/C++) for the CMS 30 system. Conclusion included best restriction method (Network Management response program) for different characteristics of incoming traffics.

• Mobile switching network planning with help of TEMS modeler (Mobile Network planning simulator) for one of the biggest J-phone operators in Japan. Outcome was three-year recommendation plan for the number of MSC nodes, voice trunks and CCS-7 links needed together with a new flexible and expandable network topology.

• Periodic Location Registration Load regulation and capacity modeling/simulations in OPNET (C/C++) for the CMS 30 system. Conclusion included benefits and drawbacks if activated in the live networks MSCs.

• Radio Network Access Load regulation measurements in CMS 30 test plant/Live network, analyzing of log-files. Conclusion included optimizations of load regulation algorithm parameters.
• Development of Radio Network Access Load regulation data analyzing tool in Visual Basic.


(M.Sc. Electrical Engineering)
Jahr: 1997
Ort: Sundsvall, Schweden


• Operating systems: Linux (Red Hat/SuSE), UNIX (Solaris/HP-UX) and Windows.

• Programming languages: C/C++, Java (JEE, J2SE and J2ME), swing, shell scripts, python, TCL/TK, perl, cvs, svn, git, ant, XPath, css, java script, Visual Basic and Matlab.

• Protocols: LDAP, X.500, TLS/SSL, HTTP, TCP/IP, JSON, SS7, MAP, ISUP, SIP, Diameter

• Technologies: Directory servers (One-NDS, SUN, OpenLDAP), HLR, HSS, AAA, PCRF, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, Oracle DB, SQL, Opnet, VMware, ROBOT framework and HP Quality Center.

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22 Jahre (seit 1997)
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