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Founder of a successful chemical company (additives for various applications). Deep know-how of formulations, chemicals production; REACH; GMP; marketing and literature (TDS & MSDS).
customer relationship as well

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März 1983


master degree chemistry
(Cum Laude)
Jahr: 1979
Ort: Amsterdam


Febr. 1979 Master Degree Organic Chemistry (Cum Laude) University of Amsterdam.
March 1983 PhD. Degree University of Amsterdam (Prof. Dr. N. N. M. Nibbering)
“Some field ionization kinetic and negative ion field desorption mass spectrometry
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Über mich

Objectives and Goals.

As can be seen from the Curriculum Vitae, the applicant shows an extremely wide and in-depth experience in various branches and application areas in the chemical industry.

People management is also a well-known task for the applicant, the first experience in this field was gained in the position of technical director, whereas project piloting as well as leading good team work was the key role in this position. New areas were encountered. To gain fast and solid know-how, well-established institutes (world wide) were contacted. This approach led to a number important application patent, which were needed to establish fast in these new application fields (encapsulation technology).

In the mean time, the applicant founded, together with a partner a chemical company (ADD APT Chemicals BV) in The Netherlands. The production of the commercialized chemicals (additives for various chemical industries) was forwarded to toll-manufacturers. The foundation of the chemical company asked for many tasks from the founders, i.e. purchasing of raw materials, introduction of new chemicals to the chemical industry, who were not familiar with the new supplier. Registration of the chemicals, quality control (ISO 9001), searching for employees, building a new chemical production plat, introducing a bookkeeping program (SAP), storage handling, financial negotiations with banks are just a few tasks which are needed to lead the founded company to a successful company which is accepted by well established companies world wide.

Close contact with customers as well as with suppliers is the key to success for a new company. Key accounts, were the solid base for the final success-story of ADD APT Chemicals BV.
Innovation and creativity were written in the flag of our company, resulting in a reputation as “problem solver”.

After 15 years running this chemical company, the applicant sold the shares to the partner in order to widen the horizon and to tackle new challenges.
The above shown tasks of the applicant, makes the applicant a person of excellence for business consulting in many different application areas as well as at many different levels. The applicant can ensure effective and solid analysis and consultancy. Needless to say that the consultancy and advises are not restricted to the chemical industry. Though when effective advise for the chemical industry is needed for technology improvement (in the field of formulation technology), this can also be given.

The above displayed history of the applicant makes the applicant a perfect person as consultant for many different application areas; i.e. personnel questions; technical advise in chemical and/or pharmaceutical industry.
Analysis of new projects at different stages; i.e. leading technical and/or marketing teams in professional way, it is all already carry out by the applicant.
Marketing and price controlling are also one of the proven tasks of the applicant.
Needless to mention, negotiation ability is a key task of the applicant. The negotiation ability is strongly requested by various industries; i.e. negotiation with suppliers as well as with key customers and potential customers.

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  • Schweiz
39 Jahre und 4 Monate (seit 01/1980)
20 Jahre


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