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SantoshNag Hyderabad


Working as Technical Support Specialist in AIX

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Technical Support Specialist
IBM, Hyderabad
6/2011 – 10/2013 (2 Jahre, 5 Monate)

6/2011 – 10/2013


Madhusudan G

Address: Santosh Nagar Colony
Tel: +91-784-269-3528

Professional Profile

Versatile and very capable IT Systems/Network Administrator with high performance IT skills and experience, and excellent language skills.

Master of Computer Applications; Microsoft & Cisco Certified Engineer.
Proven track record in IT systems and network administration.
Supervisory, administrative and organisational skills.
Experienced in working within budgets.
Logical and effective approach to problem-solving, planning and systems.
Excellent interpersonal, communication and diplomacy skills. Strong negotiator with first class relationship-building and knowledge-sharing skills.
Team player with proven ability to take initiative and work independently to achieve targets. Experienced in working with multi-functional teams.
Commercially aware. Results & profits orientated.
Quality driven and customer focused.
Languages: German, English.
Enthusiastic self-starter. Reliable, with high professional standards.

IT Profile

Proficient in: IBM Compatibility’s, E3000, E250 &450 Sun Sparc Servers, ULTRA 5, Ultra 10, AIX. HP 9000, IBM RS-6000, Compaq Proliant ML 370 Servers.
Operating Systems: Sun Solaris 7, SuSe Linux 7, Win NT 4.0, Win 2K Server, Win 2000 Professional, Win NT Workstation, Win 9x, Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x
Mailing Systems: MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, IMAIL server, Send mail and Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5
Internet Technologies: IIS 4.0, Apache web server, Iplanet Application and Web Server, Sun web server, MS Proxy Server & Clients, Send mail Server, DNS, DHCP, NFS, SSH
RDBMS: MS SQL Ver 7.0, ORACLE Ver 7.3 / 8.
Tools: Samba, Omni NFS
Front End Tools: Developer 2000 (Forms Version 4.5 & Reports Version 2.5).
DBMS: FoxPro 2.5, MS Access.
Languages/Programming: C, Cobol, Pascal, Shell Scripts, Perl
Hardware Knowledge: Networking Switches, Cisco Routers, Base Band Modems, Broad band Modems, Video Conferencing Cards, Connectors, Cable, Printers, Power Supplies, Bridges, Workstations, keyboards, base units, monitors, drives memory, PSU, NIC & peripherals, mice, Network Printers.
Knowledge of ITIL(Information Structure Infrastructure Library


Voice of Customer Award for Displaying High Quality Customer Service Skills (Twice).
Certificate of Recognition Bronze Award for Exemplary Performance and Demonstration of GE Values at workplace (Twice).
You Make the Difference in Recognition for Personal Commitment, Dedication and for providing Outstanding Customer Service (Twice).

Career Experience

IBM India Limited June2011 – Till Date

Description :

Working as a Technical support Specialist IBM India Pvt Ltd Chennai.
There are 250 Lpars and 15 Managed Systems under my control. P5/p6/p7 Series.

Technical Support Specialist


Performing day to day activities of Server Maintenance and monitoring. Resolving Tickets .
TL Upgrade/OS Migration. Firmware Upgrades with Multibos and Alt Disk Install method
Cluster Failover , HMC Vio Upgrades .Applying latest patches as per the Apars recommendation release, fixing Deviations CIRATS.
Experience with Installation and Configuration OS and Lpars P5/P6/P7 Machines
Performed OS migration from 5.3 to 6..1. Knowledge of TSM Server, Tivoli , SCM
Manual Health Checks performed on regular basis. Fixing the backup issues .
Strong Troubleshooting knowledge in OS restore and NFs , CIFS file systems
Upgrade of HMCs and Device Firmware Upgrades, Cluster Failover done on regular Basis
Creating file systems , User Admin tasks , File system Increase
Network maintenance, System backup and restore, System related problem determination and resolution
Installation and Configuration of VIO Servers and Clients. Assigning Disks from VIO to clients
Set up and Configure Virtual Resources, Increasing Memory CPU using DLPAR operations
Scheduling of Monthly Changes for HACMP Cluster failover and Technology Upgrades by
Good Working Knowledge of Change Management, Incident Management and Problem Management.
Performing LVM Management, File System Management ,TSM Backup and Restore, DLPAR tasks like adding Memory and CPu.
Installation of Efix , Adapter Replacement, ssl/ssh Upgrade ,sdd/pcm path upgrade
Provided lot of RCAs (Root Cause Analysis) for High Severity Incidents.
Good Knowledge in Printing Issues ,

L.Lbean Inc, ME Aug2008 -Apr2011


L.L.Bean is a Retail company with almost 500 Servers and under my control was 150 Servers and was managed by using Blade Logic. I Worked as a System Admin supporting Unix flavours (AIX, Linux and Solaris) like building the new systems and applying patches, TL’s(Technology Maintenance Level’s in AIX) , Version Upgrade, Monitoring and Managing system performance etc..

Sr.AIX Systems Administrator


Responsible for the engineering and support of hardware and operating systems; supporting database management systems and database administrators; supporting application environments, including IBM.

Build, maintain, and support complex UNIX (AIX) and Linux operating hardware/software systems in an
Enterprise environment.
Participated in 24x7 on-call rotation for research and resolution of production system problems.
Participated in capacity planning and Evaluation of new and existing software and hardware products.
Assisted other systems engineers to utilize technical software effectively.
Participated in enterprise projects as subject matter expert.
Applied change management procedures/principles.
Configured Cpanel and WHM Servers. Installed Postgress on Cpanel/WHM Servers.
Customized Easy Apache software, DNS Cluster Configuration and Cpanel /WHM Server.
Maintained servers for Oracle and DB2 database management systems.
Installation and configuration of My SQL5.1 server and perform post installation activities.
Installation of PHP module using Yum and RPM
General knowledge of SAN storage and back-up/recovery practices and procedures
General knowledge of Tivoli Storage Manager Backup and recovery procedures.
Adding External disks to the array and power path management of SAN Disks.
Technology Maintenance of AIX machines and HMC Version upgrades and Patches.
Updated the Microcode on all the adapters , firmware on P670-02
Management of LVM’s and Lpars. NIM Management
Good Knowledge to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and EMC Power path.
Up gradation of AIX 5.2 to 5.3 Installation and configuration.
Adding & removing of (PV's) to (VG's) and mirroring of VG's.
User and Group administration. Taking rootvg backup using mksysb.
Creation of Volume groups and file systems.  Creating & changing size of paging space in aix. 
Security Management (file/directory permission setting). Scheduling jobs through Crontab. 
System performance monitoring. Provide 24x7 supports on shift rotation basis.
Administration, installation of IBM-AIX on IBM RS 6000 workstations.
Responsible for taking regular system backup using mksysb.
Planning, configuring LVM Management
Security Management (assigning file and directory permission).
Working with LPAR, DLPAR, HACMP, and VIO.
Creating New LPARs and moving the resources (RAM, CPU, IO, Etc) Dynamically.
Restarting LPAR & Moving resources across lpars through DLPAR.
Rebooting Lpars through HMC & Fixing console issues in HMC.
Managing server partitions through HMC.
Worked on HMC Firmware Upgrade & micro partitioned servers.
Creating new VIO Servers and Clients. Configuring shared network cards, HBA, etc.
Mapping new luns to vio for client and increasing file system at client.
Installed vio, aix on Lpars, mapped client, and configured network on SEA.
Configured NIM Master Server, Configuring client Servers through NIM Master Server and taking backup, installing patches and File sets.
Administration/ Installation/ Configuration of High Availability Clusters (HACMP)
Configuration of IP Address Take over (IPAT) via IP Aliasing... Managing file systems on HACMP environment and working on C-SPOC.
Upgraded hacmp from 5.2 to 5.4 & Monitoring Error logs of HACMP. Performing fall over tests (fall over and fallback).
Resolving issues related to user logins on HACMP node. Making file systems highly available with NFS in HACMP.
Configuring resource groups for HACMP & bringing up resource group online.
Installed software, patching, upgrading and maintenance of AIX operating system.
Installed, upgraded and maintenance of server hardware components as per requirement.
Exporting volume group from one node to other and adding new disks to volume group.
Provide RCA for the various issues and find solutions to avoid them in future
AIX 5.3 installation (New and complete overwrite installation). Managing file systems (Creating and extending file systems).
Security Management (assigning file and directory permission).
Daemon & Process management (stopping, starting, refreshing).
Performance monitoring using vmstat, iostat, etc. Troubleshooting of AIX servers and remotely monitoring.
NFS & NIM administration. Server management activities such as Disk management, LVM management, Software installations, job Scheduling, backup and restorations.

Environment: IBM AIX 5.3, 5L, Red hat Enterprise Linux 3.0/4.0. IBM AIX 4.3, 5L, Windows 2000,2003, Apache Web Server 1.3.x, 2.x, Tomcat Server, Sybase 15, 9i, Perl, ksh, Sun v480, v880, E220, IBM p630, p550, P670 , IBM eServer ,

Orion Ventures Inc, NJ Sep 2005 - Aug2008

Worked as Unix Administrator supporting all the infrastructure on AIX, Windows2000 and Windows XP Client machines (IBM PSeries servers 520,570 and Storage Array DS4700, Member Servers on Win2000 with Raid 5)
Sr. AIX Administrator


Install AIX 5.3 ,Version Upgrade and TL maintenance to set IBM run in 64 bit mode, Applied AIX patches Create JFS2 (Enhanced) File System
Setting up RS 6000 machine from scratch. Review of AIX maintenance level, setting up TCP/IP, Add space to the file systems and installing the Banking client software, SOSUTIL, Installed SSHD, SAMBA, changing the block size for tape drive.
Checking all Firmware and update as needed. Mirroring Disks Form Port Setup to Rev 2006.2 AIX and on Windows
Performing planning and execution of scheduled changes, including written change installation and back-out procedures
Configuring working with alternate disk installation while upgrading and installing patches.
Experience troubleshooting performance related issues (CPU, Memory, Network, disks)
File system management - Creation, Deletion, File Systems Changes – Grow and Shrink.
Managing log files, errpt, daily health checks.
Disk Storage Management in AIX – Logical and Physical Volume Configuration and maintenance.
Monitoring systems, cpu, memory and disk utilization using topas, sar, vmstat, iostat, net stat etc
Working with paging spaces – creation, increase, decrease paging spaces as per the requirement.
Server restore using mksysb and working with NIM such as configuring making resources for network installation.
Server restore via NIM using mksysb etc., File system, logical volume planning and configuration.
Configuring NFS Server, Exporting shared file systems among several servers in the network and working on different related issues.
Creating and removing the Volume Group, Logical volume, File systems. Taking backup using mksysb.
Performing alternate disk installations and reduce down time while performing installations or TL/ML up gradations.
Configure NFS server and client and work on NFS issues if any and NIM management.
Built 20 two node cluster.
Performing the fall over & fall back test of Resource groups and service IP on client requests and troubleshooting the fall over and fall back failures.
Troubleshooting login issue after failover and Resolving user issues related to logins on HACMP nodes.
Monitoring system by errpt and troubleshoot system problems.
Monitoring cluster related log files and troubleshooting cluster problems.
Creation of new file system and increasing the size of file system through C-SPOC. Moving RG through C-SPOC.
Making NFS highly available through HACMP.
Creating New resource group to existing cluster set up and new file system for existing resource group.
Checking the Performing the synchronizing of cluster on weekly basis.
Install Sybase 15, Creating Database, Tables and, Conversion Programs
Extract data from previous release Relational Database to Flat File Database
Apply Table Indexes, Stored Procedures, Views, Triggers, etc. to DB. Turn of options and dump to Database.
Customizing Credit Union Schedule Process, Setting up End of Day/Month Process Staging Upgrade, Workstation Configuration
Connect Sybase ODBC to the 2006.2 Database, Adding DB server to hosts file, Installing Sybase Client Adaptive Server Enterprise
Install ApplyIsql.bat and put these files on the Web Server directly add a shortcut. Install the JDK (Installing Java Development Kit)
Installing and Configuring Apache2 and Tomcat 5.5 Setting up Cash Dispensers ex DeLaRue and Die bold.
Setting up Cash Dispensers, Cash Machines, Terminal Server Setup, Cable connectivity, Driver Software setup using Cash Test Program, A Die bold or DeLaRue Cash Dispenser with/without 2 X coin dispensers

Environment: IBM AIX 5.3, 5L, Red hat Enterprise Linux 3.0/4.0. IBM AIX 4.3, 5L, Windows 2000,2003, Apache Web
Server 1.3.x, 2.x, Tomcat Server, Sybase 15, 9i, Perl, ksh, Sun v480, v880, E220, IBM p630, p550, Del
l Power Edge 700,2650,6650, Digi port , Etherlite , DeLaRue , Die Bold , Windows 2000

G. E. INTERNATIONAL SERVICES, Hyderabad Jan 2003 – Aug2005

Technical Help Desk Analyst (German & English)

Handling calls from German & English Speaking employees of G.E.
Resolving the issues with Windows NT & 2000 logging issues, Network Problems, Password Resets, File, and Shared Folder Access.
Resolving issues with Outlook configuration, Personal Folders, Offline Folders, and Calendars. Creation of Outlook Profiles and DLs. Access to DLs. Common Problems and Troubleshooting.
Helping Teleworkers resolve issues with Fibre link Connectivity, VPN Connectivity. Issues with RSA Ace Server. Token Resets, Assigning Tokens, generating one time passwords in getting connected to VPN-Extranet Access client.
Involved in resolving issues with Mainframe applications and many other Process Specific Business-related Applications.
Helping the Users by taking Remote control of Users machine by Tivoli Remote Control, Net meeting or through Sametime.
Distributing the software to Users' machines through Tivoli Desktop.
Solving SAP Logon Issues.
Handling issues with CPA Admin. Assigning SSO IDs, Renewing the SSO IDs. Mailbox Creations on Exchange Server, Adding Users to Shared mailbox and to the Distributions List.
Adding Users to Harley Server to get them connected to Remote Office.
Lotus Notes & Domino User ID creations. Password Resets. Access to Notes Database. Configuring Lotus Notes.
Norton Antivirus Update and Policy Issues.
Resolving Issues with Laptops and Printers, Internet and Intranet.
Novell Netware Logon Issues.
Taking Daily Reports and Monthly Reports (Process Specific).
Trained Team on Process Specific Applications and Coreload Applications.

FACHHOCHSCHULE DARMSTADT, Germany Mar 2002 - Jul 2002

Tutor in Praktikum Verteilte Systeme
Installing SuSE Linux7.3 and Windows 2000 Professional (Dual Booting).
Supporting and managing the E10K environment.
Assigning IP address to network cards.
Configuring DNS Server and Client Setup, Send Mail Server, NFS Server and Client, SSH Server and Clients, PHP Server, Sql Server on SuSE, NIS Server and NIS Clients.
Installing CORBA on Linux.
Configuring HP LaserJet Printer 1200 Series.
Administration of NIS Users and Local Users.
Installing Iplanet Web Server and Application Server on Solaris.
Installing additional required software in Linux.
Monitor server resources utilization (CPU, memory, disks, etc.); monitor system logs and activities on the UNIX servers.
Installing system patches & upgrades Document and log all changes to the server configurations.
Identify and automate tasks to promote efficiency.
Escalate issues and seek advice from the Outsourcing Unit Lead on complex issues or problems.
Provide coaching to inexperienced staff; develop effective working relationships with client personnel and other members of the Outsourcing Unit; seek assistance when required; and share knowledge and expertise.
Manage and monitor system backups (includes full and incremental tape backup).
Install required software for Students on Win2000.
Quality Documentation about the day to day activities.


Systems Administrator
Windows NT:
Systems Administration on Windows NT 4.0 / Sun Solaris 7 on E250 server and Ultra 5,10 Sun Sparc Stations, Compaq Servers with heterogeneous environment maintaining 190 computers.
User management and Disk quotas on Solaris.
Creating file systems, including striped and fault-tolerant file systems, and securing their contents from unauthorized access.
Sharing file systems via the network, using Windows NT's native share facility and with Samba and NFS General and advanced network configuration, including DHCP, DNS, WINS, routing, and RAS.
Post Installation configuration and administration.
Promotion of BDC to PDC, add a computer to the domain, start and stop services on a server.
View resources on a server, create, change permissions on shares, and view the computers in the domain.
Monitoring various events generated by the system, applications, or services, which run on the computer.
Either the local computer or a remote computer. Event Viewer, System, Security, Application.
Managing the properties of a computer Domain Controllers and Workstations.
Specifying system wide policies for all users. User Manager, Creating User Accounts, Local Groups, Global Groups, Sharing and assigning permissions rights, Home directories, User Profiles and Login Scripts, System Policies. Printing, Trusts, TCP/IP, Installing Service Pack Updates.
Configuring Printers and assigning printing job priorities, Managing Scheduling of jobs.
Sharing Resources Integrates with NetWare®, LAN Manager, UNIX.
Configuring and testing FTP using IIS 4.0, Configuring and testing WWW using IIS 4.0.
Performing Backups, Performing a full recovery after a system disaster.
Configuring Samba Server for the heterogeneous environment Performance Monitoring.
Installing and configuring MS Proxy server.
Configuring Lotus Notes Domino as mail clients for internal messaging system.
Configuring Dial-up networking giving clients access to the network.
Database administration on MS Sql 7.0 (creating users, client connectivity, Backup and recovery procedures, generating sql scripts and fine tuning the database).

Installing Solaris on Standalone and Servers, Performing Interactive, Custom Jumpstart & Over the network, Disk space Planning.
Install and Configure Samba on Solaris.
Planning NIS+ Namespace, Designing, Planning NIS+ Security Measures, Determining Server and Table Configurations.
Setting up and removing Solaris Printing services, set up the Solaris Printer as a SunLink Server Shared Printer for MS Windows, Administering Printers.
Managing Character Sets, Filters, and Customizing LP Print services.
Configuring Solaris Common Desk Top Environment (Login Manager, Session Manager, Customizing work space management, Desktop Environment in Network).
Configuring DHCP Server, Client and Server Databases, Boot Relay Agents, Configuring Samba Server for the heterogeneous environment
Configuring Power Management, using command line (Monitor, System Power) and Troubleshooting. Setting auto shutdown, Device Idle Time.
Administering NFS Services (Automatic File system sharing, Mounting, Setting up NFS services, NFS Daemons, NFS commands, Configuring NFS files and strategies for NFS Troubleshooting).
Setting up and administering Mail Services like Mail Server, Mail Host, Mail Gateway, Creating mail aliases, Send mail configuration and Troubleshooting.
Setting up and administering TCP/IP Networks (Setting up the network, maintaining the network, Administering UUCP Communication over TCP/IP, Adding UUCP logins, security maintenance and troubleshooting of UUCP.
Managing File systems (Creating, Mounting and amounting), configuring, swap FS, Cache FS, Checking file system integrity & Troubleshooting FS problems.
Managing User and Group Accounts, Server & Client support
Disk Management, Device Management
Shutting down and booting up procedures, Run levels
Create Disk Slices and labeling primary and secondary
Add users to the system using both Admin Tool and Command line methods
Knowledge of system wide shell initialization files
Resource Planning and effective Utilization.
Managing System Security Files, File Security, System Security, Network Security.
Managing System Resources, Quotas, and Scheduling System events, Executing Routine Tasks automatically.
Troubleshooting Software Problems like system crash, File access problems, printing problems.
Backing up and Restoring Files & File Systems, Managing Tape Drives.
Proper Quality Documentation about the day to day activities.
Assist, motivate and provide training to the colleagues.

Cisco Routers:
Install and configure Cisco routers 2500, 2600, 1600 series.
Setting up passwords, Password Recovery.
Setting up Hostname, Adding a Banner, IP Address, Identification, Bandwidth, and Clock Rate.
Configuring Static Routes, configuring Default Routes.
Dynamic Routing with RIP, Dynamic Routing with IGRP.
Backing up the Router IOS with TFTP.
Upgrading or Restoring your Router IOS.
IP Name Resolution, Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP).
Configuring IPX, Using Ping with IPX.
Adding Secondary Network Addresses with IPX.
Standard IP Access Lists, Extended IP Access Lists.

JAM INFORMATICS LTD, Hyderabad Dec 1996 - Feb 1998
System Administrator
User Management.
Manage and control access rights and permissions.
Perform role-based delegation of administrative tasks.
Setting up Local Users and Groups, Usage of Disk Defragmenter, Disk Cleanup.
Local resources (printers, file shares, services, local groups).
Reset passwords, unlock accounts, and restart services.
Managing printers, including local printers, network printers, and printer pools.
Managing processes, including the Windows NT schedule service, as well as performance optimisation and capacity planning.
Installing drivers for other Systems – Managing the Print Queue.
Installation and Maintenance of the Oracle Database servers on NT.
Remote Client Connectivity through Dialup Modems to send and receive Intranet Mailing and database.
Configuring Inbox for internal messaging system.
Backing up the Configuration.
Performing a Manual Backup, Manual Restore, Scheduling a Backup Job.
Installing and maintaining major and medium sized multi platform networks.
Installing and maintaining the Unix Servers, Novell and NT Servers.
Suggesting the Proper Backup and redundancy methods to the Customers.
Analysis of Customer Satisfaction levels.
Educating the customer about the Product.
Call Report Analysis and Proper Documentation.

Education & Qualifications

M.C.A. (Master of Computer Applications) 1994 - 1997
Major: Computer Networks, Distributed Databases, Software Engineering

BSc (Bachelors in Electronics) 1990 - 1993

Deutsche Sprache Course (Fachhochschule Darmstadt, 2001).
Diploma in Honors Software Technology & Systems Management (NIIT, 1994).
Diploma in Hardware Technology (Aptech, Hyderabad, 1997).
Diploma in Networking Technology (Aptech, Hyderabad, 1997).
Certificate Course in Oracle Database Administration (Inferdata, Hyderabad, 1997).
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet (MSCE, MCP, 1998).
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA, 2000).
Certificate Course in SUN-SOLARIS Administration (2000).
Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP, 2006).


Available on Request


MCA( Master of Computer Application)
Jahr: 1997
Ort: Osmania Universtity , Hyderabad, India


MCA (Master of Computer Applications )

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  • Englisch (Fließend)
21 Jahre und 1 Monat (seit 06/1998)
15 Jahre


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