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Freelance Expeditor Quality I Fertigungsüberwachung-Stahlbau I Freelancer für Projektmitarbeit I Wind Energie I Oil & Gas I Maschinen- und Anlagenbau Industrie als freiberufliche Bauleitung I  Site Supervisor I Site Manager I Qualitätsmanager I

Ich biete

Technik, Ingenieurwesen
  • Erneuerbare Energien
  • Technisches Qualitätsmanagement / QS / QA
  • Windkraft / Windenergie
  • Bauingenieurwesen (allg.)
  • Bauaufsicht
  • Energietechnik (allg.)
  • Stahlbau
  • Spezialtiefbau
  • Offshorebau
  • Metallbau
  • Kraftwerksbau
  • Kläranlagenbau
  • Brückenbau
  • Hydromechanik
  • Stahlbrückenbau
  • Stahlwasserbau
  • Stauanlagenbau
  • Kraftwerkstechnik
  • Abgasreinigung
  • Starkstromanlagen
  • Wasserbau
  • Technisches Projektmanagement
  • Elektrische Energietechnik
  • Energiemaschinenbau
Management, Unternehmen, Strategie
  • Projekt-Qualitätssicherung

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Expeditor / Expediting
Aerospace Project - Ariane 6 missile on behalf of, S.A.B.C.A. Brüssel, Belgien
7/2019 – 8/2019 (2 Monate)
Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie

7/2019 – 8/2019


• Quality inspection of the components according to construction documents;
• Error documentation (English) and production control (French);
• Support action on remedial actions;
• Push ahead with the processing of prioritized parts in production;
• Analysis of missing parts;
• Identify manufacturing vulnerabilities and define corrective actions;
• Moderate quality management tools like 8-D;
• Sub-supplier-directed monitoring of weak points in the quality of the delivered parts;

Area of responsibility:
• Handling of metallic parts and assemblies;
• Heat treatments and surface treatments (electroplating);
• TSA anodization and water-based paint for parts up to 7200 x 3650 x 700 mm;

My Qualifications:
• Experience in the area of responsibility;
• Good knowledge of English and French;
• Structured and solution-oriented approach combined with a proactive way of working and a hands-on mentality;
• High customer orientation as well as strong communicative strength and a confident, professional demeanor;

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Technical Site Supervision / Supervisor
Engie Deutschland GmbH as client rep. on behalf of, Folkestone
2/2019 – 7/2019 (6 Monate)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

2/2019 – 7/2019


01/2019 – 07/2019 | Contract with EarthStream for Engie Deutschland GmbH as client rep. on behalf of Siemens for Eleclink Ltd. HVDC Converter Station Project Site Peuplingues / FR & Site Cheriton / UK (Eurotunnel)
Technical Site Supervision / Supervisor for Engine Converter Cooling System. New built Converter Station 1000MW 400kV AC, + - 320kV DC by Siemens AG at Eleclink ltd. In Peulingues France / Cheriton - United Kingdom

Function as Senior Site Supervisor / Site Manager
ENGIE BuS Stuttgart and ENGIE REF Lindau supplied the piping, the re-cooling plants and the pump skids for deionized water circuit and water/Glycol circuit with a cooling capacity of 67 MW as prefabricated components. The stainless-steel piping was designed in the dimensions DN 25 to DN 300.
• Instruction of the installation company assigned by the client into the installation manual incl. corresponding pipe isometrics;
• Instruction and daily documentation of the individual assembly and production sections;
• Supervision of material flow / material management and logistics;
• Contact person / interface to Engie project manager in Stuttgart (back-office);
• Preparation of freehand sketches / isometrics for modification works on site, Support regarding as-built-drawings;
• Work out alternatives or solutions on site, if necessary;
• Implementation of quality assurance measures;
• Support in the initial stage of commissioning;
• Permanent on-site presence;

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Projekt-Qualitätssicherung, Energietechnik (allg.), Bauleitung / Baustellenleitung, Technische Projektleitung / Teamleitung, Technisches Qualitätsmanagement / QS / QA

Senior Field Expeditor / Technical Expeditor (Quality Engineer)
NordStream 2 AG Switzerland, RMA / Kehl am Rhein
10/2018 – 12/2018 (3 Monate)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

10/2018 – 12/2018


10/2018 – Present | Contract with Intertek GmbH as client representative on behalf of NordStream 2 AG Switzerland for world's largest Pipeline Project at Baltic Sea:
Senior Field Expeditor / Technical Expeditor (Quality Engineer) Project NSP2 - NORD STREAM 2 - NEAR SHORE AND POMERANIAN BAY - LANDFALL GERMANY/RUSSIA for a natural Gas pipeline project. Expediting Compliance with the quality standards and delivery schedules of the ordered equipment e.g. (Pipe TEEs barred & TEEs forged, Isolation flanges and Anchor flanges with different size from 48” to 2” inch). Being responsible for the overall quality of products released by the company RMA-Kehl/Germany. Performing tests to verify quality of products.
- Process Control of orders by Desktop Expediting as well as Field Expediting;
- Coordination of Inspection Visits at various European Manufacturers of Valves, Pipes, and other Equipment for the Gas Industry.
- Participation in Final Inspections, Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and Resident Expediting at RMA-Kehl Suppliers and Sub-supplier´s sides;
- Initiation of measures to accelerate the production of the manufacturer respectively to shorten the delay in delivery;
- Tracking, Writing of Expediting-Visit-Reports, Vendor-Investigation-Reports and daily or weekly Progress-Reports;
- Assessment and Selection of European Suppliers;
- Expediting the ongoing RMA-Kehl Production of Pipe TEEs barred & TEEs forged, Isolation flanges and Anchor flanges with different size from 48” to 2” (inch) works;

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Bauaufsicht, Bauingenieurwesen (allg.), Brückenbau, Hydromechanik, Kläranlagenbau, Kraftwerksbau, Metallbau, Offshorebau, Spezialtiefbau, Stahlbau, Stahlbrückenbau, Stahlwasserbau, Stauanlagenbau, Wasserbau, Starkstromanlagen, Abgasreinigung, Kraftwerkstechnik, Windkraft / Windenergie, Technisches Qualitätsmanagement / QS / QA

QM - Quality Manager (Quality Engineer)
K2 Management | Dänemark, International
4/2018 – 8/2018 (5 Monate)
Offshore Windenergie

4/2018 – 8/2018


As client representative for Deutsche Bucht Offshore Wind Project:
QM - Quality Manager (Quality Engineer) - Managing the quality assurance and quality control team as client representative. Being responsible for the overall quality of products released by the company. Performing tests to verify quality of products for 31 pcs. monopiles, 31 pcs. transition pieces, OSS sub-station with auxiliary, nacelle Typ MHI-Vestas V164 8,4 MW and (2) two prototypes offshore wind turbines with suction buckets.
Contract task and duties:
• Monitoring the production facilities and doing periodic quality control checks on production sites in Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands, Sweden & Denmark;
• Implementing improvements to production processes that lead to overall increases in product quality;
• Working together with project leaders to discuss solutions to quality issues;
• Satisfying customer expectations about the equipment items quality;
• Scheduling project plans along with the DeBu stakeholder team to fit project deadlines;
• Writing reports to check on the quality status for the equipment items at all stages and inform the rest of the DeBu project team;
• Complying with ISO, EN 1090-2, DNV-GL Wind 2012, VBG, BSH standards and accreditation requirements;
• Auditing supplier and sub-supplier production facilities to assure quality before production start;
• Assessing the equipment, auxiliary & machinery quality by testing for a range of features like final inspection, FAT, HAT and SAT test etc.;
• Investigating causes of quality problems and proposing solutions;
• Training new inspectors and quality control employees;
• Continuing education on newly developing quality control techniques;
Skills and qualifications:
Management, teamwork, leadership, eye for detail, thoroughness, reporting, quality control (QC), quality assurance (QA), working according to specs and schematics, cool under pressure, conflict resolution, problem solving, multi-tasking, inspection, expediting, auditing, mechanical & electrical engineering, timeliness, scheduling, employee education/training, equipment & machinery testing, communication, innovation.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Bauingenieurwesen (allg.), Erneuerbare Energien, Technisches Qualitätsmanagement / QS / QA

QM - Quality Manager (Quality Engineer)
Nordstream 2 AG, Lubmin
1/2018 – 3/2018 (3 Monate)

1/2018 – 3/2018


Mane Energy UK for Nordstream 2 AG - Tideway (Codralux SA, part of the DEME Group). Short term contract for ill replacement:
QM - Quality Manager (Quality Engineer) Project NSP2 - NORD STREAM 2 - NEAR SHORE AND POMERANIAN BAY DREDGING - LANDFALL GERMANY a natural Gas pipeline project.
• Ensure the QA/QC level for client;
• Met and monitored the risk analysis;
• Preventive measures for the NSP2 project;
• Information and Action Management;
• Implement QA/QC plans on site and provided further support via inspections,
• Monitoring and QA/QC Management activities;
• Following up the paperwork, and providing QA/QC related documentation;
• Reporting to the QHSE Manager;

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Bauaufsicht, Technisches Qualitätsmanagement / QS / QA

Contract Engineer / Site Manager (QA Engineer) QA Inspection & Expediting
Merkur Offshore Project GmbH, International
11/2016 – 12/2017 (1 Jahr, 2 Monate)

11/2016 – 12/2017


Contract Engineer / Site Manager (QA Engineer) on behalf of Merkur Offshore Project GmbH / Hamburg / Germany
Main tasks as a client representative for OSS-Topside & Transition Pieces TP´s 66 pcs., 66 pcs. GE Haliade 150-6MW Wind turbines & E-Stacks as quality engineer, site manager, production for Merkur Offshore GmbH (windfarm project), production monitoring/supervision at Smulders / Engie Fabricom, Hoboken, Belgium. Visits in Germany, Netherlands, France & six (6) month at IDESA, WINDAR plus 18 Sub-supplier facilities in Spain.
Contract Tasks:
QA Inspection & Expediting, FFI-Audit´s, FAT's (factory acceptance tests), performance tests, HAT's (harbor acceptance tests) & MOK-Up test acc. to MOP specifications of:
OSS - Offshore sub-station - Auxiliaries. (Fuel tank & sump tank systems, chiller, air handling units, HVAC panel, air-cooled condensers, fan coil units, fire dampers, backup generator set 1& 2, emergency generator set, power transformers & top deck crane.
• OSS Topside & OSS Jacket Engineering, Documentation control, review of approval status.
Production monitoring, weld process monitoring and inspections of the can´s black inspection (also sub-sections, BG 3.0, BG 2.0 & BG 1.0) regarding:
• Milling depth, pre-heating, bending/rolling, recalibration, outer circumference, inside diameter, dimensional, out-of-roundness, NDT testing UT/MT/PT/VT inspection level II., final inspections of finish sections;
• Applicable codes and standards/norms to be used (GL Wind 2012 & DIN EN 1090-2, 10-2011, Required Documentation for BSH and certification acc. to BoP-Awaro, Norsok M-501 etc.);
• Qualification requirements for suppliers and sub-suppliers check;

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Projekt-Qualitätssicherung, Qualitätsmanagement (allg.), Total Quality Management (TQM), Erneuerbare Energien, Windkraft / Windenergie


SCC standards, safety certificate contractors
Mai 2001

Maintenance Engineer of Subsea Equipment and Constructions
Juli 1998

HSE health and safety executive trainer for co-worker`s
August 1996

BS OHSAS 18001 & OSAH safety & health trainer for co-worker
August 1994

UVV health and safety executive trainer for co-worker’s
August 1994

ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 18001
April 1992

April 1988

Facility Management Hoechst AG (Electric, gas, water, sewer, steam, compressed air, HVAC systems)
September 1985

Certified Commercial Diver onshore / offshore approx. 9000 hours | Industrial chamber of commerce (IHK Mannheim)
Juni 1984


Civil Engineer Hydromechanics & Environmental Protection
(Dipl.-Ing. )
Jahr: 1984
Ort:  University of Mannheim (TH)

Electrical Engineering Technician
Jahr: 1975
Ort: Babenhausen


Consulting, Inspection, Services & Troubleshooting
FPSO & FLNG QA/QC Superintendent & Supervision, Production Monitoring, Rig Inspection, Platform Inspections, Freelance Inspector, Industrial Third Party Inspection, Fertigungsüberwacher, Fertigungsüberwachung, Bauüberwacher, Bauüberwachung worldwide. Welding inspector, SFI, IWE, pipeline, pipes, safety QHSE, HSE audits

• Review & witness of a material testing and mill certificates.
• Material inspection, heat treatment chart review.
• W.P.S & P.Q.R review, welder & welding operator test, prepare of WPQR & WPS and welder qualification test, welding procedure qualification tests.
• Visual inspection of welding & dimension during fabrication and installation.
• Visual inspections, dimensional inspection, assembly inspection.

• N.D.E (RT, UT, MT, PT)
• Witnessing of hydrostatic pressure tests.
• FAT´s factory acceptance tests, functional and performance tests, mechanical running tests, commissioning, field Installation and maintenance inspections.

• Visual inspection of surface preparation and painting inspection
• Pre-Shipping Inpections
• Packing & marking inspection
• Progress expediting

• Review of contract & job specification
• Supervisory activities & expedition for shop fabrication and on-site erection

Long-term experience with code, rules and regulation:
SSPC, EMA.UOP and etc.
Experience with ASME Section VIII, Division 2 Pressure Vessels

Freelancer | Fertigungsüberwachung | Bauüberwachung | Internationale Qualitätskontrolle
Fertigungsüberwachung: Quality Inspector Stahlbau; Schweißfachingenieur, Maschinenbauer, elektrotechnische Anlagen, Rotating Equipment, VSD, VFD, Piping, Valves, Pumps, Pump Skids, Projektmanagement (Project Manager), Troubleshooting und Inbetriebnahme, Verfahrenstechniker-, Oil, Gas, Windfarms On- & Offshore bereits weltweit für führende Unternehmen ausgeführt und im Einsatz.

Über mich



During my previous working life, I have worked in all kind industries and branches over the last 35 years worldwide in, construction companies as business owner and third party inspection companies as a senior lead inspector QA/QC engineer. This exposure allows me to work with any kind of nationalities and a worldwide international spectrum of customers and clients.

My knowledge in the areas of the mostly Inspection codes which enhances my capability to analyse and solve problems more efficiently and effectively. I find myself very good at interpersonal skill and
Possess excellent management and leadership abilities. I have been involved in more than approx. 2800 Inspections, expediting & Audits carried out. The list of my accomplishments is as follows:

Freelancer with Intertek Industrial Service GmbH work as a senior inspection engineer QA/QC engineer. Inspections of manufactured equipment for offshore oil, gas, wind energy and in all kind of industries and branches

Certified commercial engineer diver onshore- & offshore
approx. 9000 hours
- Maintenance engineer of subsea equipment and constructions
- ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 18001
- SCC standards, safety certificate contractors
- HSE health and safety executive trainer for co-worker`s
- UVV health and safety executive trainer for co-worker’s
- OSAH safety & health trainer for co-worker
- Emergency Manager & Problem solver Hoechst AG Frankfurt/Main
- Energie Management Hoechst AG Frankfurt/Main
- Facility Management Hoechst AG (Electric, gas, water, sewer, steam, compressed air, HVAC systems).

[...] G.
-General Manager -

Persönliche Daten

  • Deutsch (Muttersprache)
  • Arabisch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Englisch (Fließend)
  • Italienisch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Portugiesisch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Spanisch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Europäische Union
47 Jahre und 2 Monate (seit 08/1972)
38 Jahre


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