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  • 12.09.2018


10 years of SAP Consulting experience at SAP Germany, SAP Switzerland, NGA, Deloitte
Experience in Global Templates (e.g. Nestle Globe Project), technical aspects, configuration, project/program management, Roll-outs.
Focus on Talent Management.

Ich biete

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

AstraZeneca, Total, Schott, Deutschland, England, Frankreich
8/2008 – 8/2011 (3 Jahre, 1 Monat)

8/2008 – 8/2011


Manage DACH Region Consulting Unit

Responsible for OnDemand suite & Business Consulting Services
Conduct People/Profit-Center Management
Conduct Product Mgt and Sales/Pre-sales for OnDemand suite & Business Consulting
Responsible for consulting revenue growth from nil to over €1.5 Mio in less than 2 yrs
Coordinate sales/marketing activities for SAP-NGA OnDemand partnership
Manager Partnerships with other Consulting firms
Responsible for Consulting Staffing
Conduct Account and Product Management
Manage Global & local customer projects
Marketing of OnDemand Products & Services

Beiersdorf, Hamburg
6/2006 – 12/2006 (7 Monate)

6/2006 – 12/2006


Project Objectives:
to implement Portal 7.0 + ESS/MSS Scenarios

Acted as HR Project Manager (Project team: 10 people)
Conducted Planning, Budgeting, Controlling and Coordination activities
Created Management status reports/presentations
Coordinated activities for Portal 7.0 installation, ERP2005 Upgrade
Oversaw setup and running of ESS + MSS Scenarios on Portal functionality
HR Team consisted of Beiersdorf, SAP & 3rd party consultants

Adidas, Herzogenaurach
5/2006 – 6/2006 (2 Monate)

5/2006 – 6/2006


Project Objectives:
to create documentation and a prototype for Adidas’ Top Talent Mgt

Acted as HR Project Manager (Project team: 4 people)
Conducted in-depth work shops with customer HR Management to analyze as-is and to-be processes and system landscape
Created documentation on possible Top Talent lifecycle scenarios and tools
Assisted in configuring several prototypes which were presented and discussed

Nestlé, Frankfurt
4/2003 – 5/2006 (3 Jahre, 2 Monate)

4/2003 – 5/2006


Project Objectives: to implement GLOBE Template in Germany + Austria for various business

Activities: Acted as HR Project Manager (Project team: 15 people)

Supported the Nestlé HR Team Lead in all aspects and phases of the project.
Responsible for Planning, Budgeting and Coordination activities for HR Team
Created Management status reports/presentations
Coordinated activities for Change Management, Training, Roles, Integration, Developments, Off-shore work with IBM India
Responsible for PA, PY, PT, OM, Compensation, T&E, Personnel Development, Roles, Authorization, ESS, Workflows functionality
HR Team consisted of Nestlé, SAP, Pecaso, IBM & 3rd party consultants
Bring GLOBE Template know-how into the implementation team for Germany/Austria
Acted as liason between market, Globe Center Europe and Business Technology Center
Responsible for integrating additional Template scope into existing projects for Austria or Germany

Nestlé, Vevey
1/2001 – 3/2003 (2 Jahre, 3 Monate)

1/2001 – 3/2003


Project Objectives: to define a Global HR Template to be implemented worldwide

- participated for 2 years in largest-ever Global SAP implementation project
- project included 500 people, 6 implementation pilot markets
- part of team which defined and configured HR structures, processes and
templates for 250,000 employees to be implemented in over 60 countries

Execution: - achieved successful Template + Go-lives for 6 Pilot markets on time & on budget

Other Activities: - instrumental in overall HR team project planning
- provided customer with project plans for OM, Comp, Roles, Auth sub-team
- managed and oversaw range of task in capacity of OM Lead which included:
- responsible for solving software issues by coordinating and maintaining
OSS messages; also coordinating with development in Walldorf
- coordinating with Basis Support to implement necessary OSS notes
- maintaining and coordinating OM transport system
- communicating to customer issues surrounding system landscape, system
availabilities, down-times, release changes, functionality updates, general
project planning and project guidelines
- provided introductory project member training to familiarize customers
with the SAP system
- formal and ad-hoc training covered areas of Organizational Management,
Compensation Management, SAP Query, Personnel Administration,
Personnel Development and Recruitment
- designed and conducted workshops with customer to define business processes
- guided customer in breaking down processes from strategic to system levels
- in cooperation with customer, defined all HR OM non-system and system processes
- supervised customer in documenting all HR OM processes
- configured entire Organizational Management module
- guided customer in defining all OM structures (structure for 250,000 employees)
- designed a Global Job Catalog (300 Jobs)
- documented all OM relevant customizing according to customer specification
- coordinated exchange of master data between HR and other systems: FICO, EBP
- held responsibility for implementing structural authorizations which included:
- designing structural authorization model
- designing HR structural authorization profiles
- setting up structural authorizations structures for all HR systems
- defining roles and role concept for HR
- assisting Security in building HR roles and HR authorization profiles
- setting up detailed OM authorizations
- maintaining and monitoring OM authorizations for all roles
- defined new customer specific SAP Workflows
- defined best practice customer processes
- translated customer processes into SAP Workflow steps
- designed forms to be used for capturing relevant process data
- provided detailed technical specifications for all fields and functionalities
of the workflow
- coordinated with developers the realization of the specifications
- set up organizational structures and authorizations to test all workflows
- formulated technical specifications for HR custom reports and reviewed with developers during construction
- coordinated and supervised multiple testing phases which included:
- conceptualizing templates for test scripts
- conceiving detailed end-user test scripts
- configurating system structures for testing
- solving testing problems
- supervising all HR configuration and master data set up in Personnel
Administration, Compensation and Organizational Management
- coordinating and set up necessary structural authorizations
- maintaining correct user settings and assignments
- reviewd configuration of Personnel Administration and Compensation Mgt.
- designed process for legacy master data upload programs
- provided Data Standards and naming conventions for HR objects
- conceptualized and conducted specific one-on-one training for customers taking
over Global roles at Nestlé Headquarters
- design HR training modules for End User training
- provided extensive support for pre-, Go-live, and post-Go-live phases for all 6
pilot markets


SAP Certified Consultant
September 1999


(Master of Business Administration)
Jahr: 1999
Ort: China Europe International Business School, Shangh
(Bachelor of Art)
Jahr: 1995
Ort: Middlebury College, USA


SAP HCM (Fokus Talent Management)
SAP Global Template (Fokus HCM)
IT Projektmanagement
Business Consulting (IT Fokus)

Über mich

Ich habe über 15 Jahre weltweit auf SAP und Projekten anderer Art bearbeitet, fühle mich sicher in einem internationalen, multikulturellen Umfeld, sowie auf rein deutschen Projekten.
Ich hatte Personalverantwortung als Beratungsleiter und war lange Jahre Projektleiter auf diversen großen SAP Global Template Projekten wie z.B. Nestle.
9 Jahre habe ich direkt für SAP in Walldorf als Berater und intern gearbeitet, kenne die Strukturen und Kollegen bei SAP also sehr gut.

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22 Jahre und 5 Monate (seit 06/1999)
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