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I am an IT Professional with over 10 years of experience(8 years bank experience) in plan, design, installation, upgrade, configuration, maintenance, administration and troubleshooting in the UNIX platforms with vast experience in related technologies like disaster, recovery failover so on, as well as a broad range of hardware platforms within test environment, quality assurance environment, production environment, broad and in-depth network experience, in order to meet business needs seamlessly(ITIL experience). Skilled in design, configuration, administration and troubleshooting of a large variety of clusters (disaster tolerant or disaster recovery) or single server, fine systems tuning, crash dump analysis, recovery from disaster strategies, fail over technology, capacity planning, project management and troubleshooting. Team player with good work attitude, very good attention at details on my analysis of problems and handle all projects professionally, proactive attitude. Fine analytical skills. Customer oriented attitude.


 Sun Certified System Administrator for the Solaris 10 OS, Part I
 Sun Certified System Administrator for the Solaris 10 OS, Part II
 Sun Certified Network Administrator for Solaris 10 OS
 OVMS V7.x Network Administration certified.
 OVMS V7 Advanced Administration, Performance and Support certified.
 Windows NT4.0 Server administration certified (MCP).
 OVMS decnet plus configuration and troubleshooting, Compaq, Singapore.
 OVMS tuning and administration, Compaq, Singapore.
 TCP/IP networking’s
 AIX 5L System administration – Implementation
 AIX 5L Basics
 Linux System Administration – Implementation
 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Implementation
 IBM Tivoli Infrastructure and IBM Tivoli Monitoring Installation and Administration.

2009 – present Citibank
 I was involved in many project as architect,infrastructure deployment,support – Asses the business and concert it into IT support,Plan, design,deployment,upgrade live upgrade,live migrate, configuration, administration, maintenance and troubleshooting physical and virtual clustered frameworks like Oracle Solaris Geographic cluster, Geographic cluster Veritas cluster , Disaster recovery Mc/safeguard , Geographic Redhat cluster and single servers (Oracle Solaris,HP-UX,Redhat Enterprise,Redhat,Suse,Ubuntu,Centos,debian) to meet seamlessly business needs. Analyze Disaster recovery and Failover scenarios and provide the suitable solutions. I have configured more than 200 blades,and many middle and high end servers.
 Setup large Symantec VCS frameworks(Geographic cluster),add new nodes,migration,troubleshooting. CFS,vxvm,vxfs.
 Online storage migration.
 Apache,tomcat-load balancing,virtual hosts.Hardware balanser.Haproxy.Jboss.Firewall.
 Puppet configuration,administration. Nagios installation,configuration
 Oracle support and maintenance,ORAC(Oracle Real Application Cluster).Mysql.mssql.L Server
 Oracle VM(Ldoms),zone,npar,vpar,kvm,xen,lpar,vio in cluster framework or physical servers.
 Setup EMC-Clariion,VNX,Symmetrix,Hitachi,XP and ZFS 7420 appliance(NAS).Scsi,iScsi,Fc,FcoE.NPIV.Zoning and LUN masking.
 lvm, vxvm, svm, zfs.
 Performance monitoring tools, tuning of operating system, capacity planning,OS security hardening.
 Services configuration and administration like dns,ldap&kerberos , automount, dhcp, nis,nis+,samba, mail, nfs,so on.
 Setup vmware HA with DRS into large framework. HA Vcenter.Migration of VM,configure HA ESX cluster,upgrade ESX cluster and single ESXs.SVmostion,Vmotion.
 Jumpstart,kickstart,ignite/ux,nim,pxe.Build and maintain Unix or Linux images over network.
 Deploy large windows environment.
 Netbackup, Legato .
 Written sophisticated scripts in ksh,sh,bash,perl.

 Design, Configuration, administration, troubleshooting Unix cluster in DR solution.

2008 – 2009 HP,SINGAPORE
 Plan, design, configuration, administration, maintenance and troubleshooting physical and virtual machies configured into Sun Solaris Geographic cluster, Symantec Veritas cluster, disaster recovery HP-UX cluster,DR HACMP,Redhat cluster,Suse cluster solutions to meet seamlessly business needs.
 Capacity planning.
 Day by day application support.(check lists for hardware, operation system, application in order to provide high quality support for business as usual(BAU).
 Configuration, administration, maintenance and troubleshooting Unix,RedHat production environment.
 Design,implementation a large number of virtualized frameworks experience(Ldoms,zone,npar,vpar,kvm,xen,lpar,vio).
 Configuration,testing and troubleshooting Unix(Solaris,HP-UX,Redhat,Suse,aix) in quality assurance environment(QA).
 Fresh installation,upgrade,maintenance of physical and virtual machines running Unix(Solaris,HP-UX,AIX), RedHat,Suse patch deployment, layered products installation and configuration.
 Oracle support, ORAC(Oracle Real Application Cluster).
 SRDF and BCV EMC experience.
 Logical disks configuration, administration, maintenance at host level on different Unix flavors using lvm,vxvm and sun logical volum manager.
 Performance monitoring tools, tuning of operating system.
 Determinate weak points in availability, security for every designed solution (hardware and software) in order to make business performing on robust and reliable environments.
 Services configuration dns, ldap, nis, automount, dhcp, samba, mail, nfs,so on.
 Jumpstart,ignite/ux,nim,kickstart.
 Maintain documentation.
 Written sophisticated scripts in ksh,sh,bsh,perl. (involving many servers-some of the scripts).
 I have configured from the scratch many projects. setup hardware,OS,system tuning,install and support application,tests.
 As projects:
 Oracle Solaris 4 nodes clustes with zones.EMC Clariion accessed.
 6 nodes HP-UX cluster-as database with Oracle RAC,and 30 HP blades-as applications support.EMC Symmetrix replication between sites.
 2 nodes HACMP with Vios and Lpars.San volume controller.

 Design, Configuration, administration, troubleshooting Unix cluster in DR solution.
 Effective means to troubleshoot any kind of Unix, Linux issues, to isolate fast any kind of problem.

2003 – 2007(December) IBM,Czech Republic
Position: System administrator in Unix
 Configuration,administration and troubleshooting Unix(SUN,HACMP,HP-UX) cluster and single servers.
 Configuration, administration, maintenance and troubleshooting Unix(Solaris,AIX,HP-UX), RedHat,Suse at large scale.
 Configuration and troubleshooting Unix(SUN, HP-UX,AIX) systems in quality assurance environment(QA).
 Lvm.vxvm,sun volume manager.
 Tomcat, Apache, nis, ldap, dhcp, dns, samba, nfs technologies.
 Web server administration-load balancing.
 Proxy servers,load balancing,linux virtual server.
 Scripts to automate production business.
 Configuration Unix cluster.Fine QA skills. 
 Effective means to troubleshoot any kind of Unix issues quickly.

 Aug 2001 – 2003: COMPAQ Computer Corporation, Singapore
Position: VMS SPECIALIST (the highest technical position) in Business Critical Services offering support for CitiBank and other important COMPAQ` s customers.

 Offer high quality customer support in VAX/VMS and OVMS related problems. Almost all the cases were on cluster environment. Analysis of many crash dump files in order to provide high quality support for customers. This position was the highest technical position in Compaq so the responsibility of offering high quality support is highly required. The idea was to meet and exceed customer` s expectations.
 Troubleshooting on customer site and remotely providing high quality services including proactive technical advices to customers and internally for Compaq engineers and managers.
 Experience with OVMS Sustaining Engineering (USA) for special cases(the staff who is responsible for writing VAX/VMS and OVMS code).
 Experience in work with HP/Compaq engineers (field engineers who are the 1st level working at customer site).
 Customer oriented support 365x24x7.
 Write technical report at very high level.
 Crash Dump analysis. In depth understanding and experience of VAX/VMS and OVMS internals and data structures, VMS cluster internals and data structures. In depth understanding and experience in DECNET internals and data structures, TCP/IP internals and data structures.
 Effective means to troubleshoot any VAX/VMS and OVMS related problems.

VMS Specialist for Citibank (a large multinational bank), SSMC, Micron, STATS SINGAPORE Pool.
 Sep1996-Aug 2001: DACIA Automotive, Romania
Position: Chief System Administrator
 Configuration, administration and troubleshooting VMS, VAX and SUN clusters.
 Installation, configured, upgraded, administered, tuned and troubleshoots operating systems (VAX VMS, OVMS, UNIX, WINDOWS).
 Testing over 100 Unix systems from low level (hardware) to high level ( network processes –telnet,ftp,nis,dns,so on- to work properly and tuning systems for running applications to work well).
 Integration of various operating systems (as above) to work seamless over the network.
 Configured, administered cluster wide services (batch, print – over TCP/IP, LAT, NETBEUI protocols).
 Configured VMS router.
 Capacity panning.
 Configured, administrated, troubleshoot services ( E.g. FTP, WEB, NFS, MAIL, NIS, DNS) over above mentioned operating systems. Also wins, DHCP for Windows clients in trust and non trust domains. Over than 600 windows 95,98 users using windows NT, 2000 servers. Microsoft Exchange 5.5 with more than 300 users.
 Design and implement intranet and internet in company.
 Configure large number of disks in raid 0+1, 5 and hot spare. (VERITAS volume manager, Sun Store Edge Volume Manager, Logical volume manager and other software for all kind of Unix operating system).
 Set up IT infrastructure (hardware and software) and troubleshooting for Customers.
 Citrix for more than 400 users.
 Wrote many sophisticated scripts to automate the inter-connection over operating systems (DCL, Fortran, C, C++, Perl, sh, ksh, bsh) .
 Managed and directed a team of 10 system administrators.
 Successfully resolved a critical point-of-sales application problem (involving application modification and tuning operation system), enabling the sales team to continue selling without disruption to sales.
 Design and developed a mail server, web server, print server across various operating systems (OVMS, UNIX, WINDOWS, NOVELL).

 Apr 1988- Aug 1996: Dacia Automotive Romania
Position: System Administrator
 Configured VAX and VMS clusters.
 Installed VAX VMS and OVMS, UNIX and configured services over them.
 Administered VAX VMS , OVMS and UNIX
 integrated the VAX VMS, OVMS, UNIX and WINDOWS to provide reliable services for customers.
 Administered and configured the WINDOWS domains.
 Performed the troubleshooting of hardware related issues.
 Designed and developed the cluster for applications and successfully integrated the clusters with various operating systems.
 Designed and developed the network infrastructure for Dacia automotive.
 Bachelor degree in Electronics and Telecommunication , Bucharest, Romania.

 Nationality: Romanian

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