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Sourcemanagement & Supply Chain Management:
- Category Management
- Contract Management
- Contracting
- Negotiations
- (Out)sourcing
- Procurement,Purchasing
- Service Level Agreement & Delivery
- Supply Chain Management
- Vendor Supplier Management

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Management, Unternehmen, Strategie
  • Outsourcing
  • Programm Management
  • Management (allg.)
IT, Entwicklung
  • Projektmanagement (IT)
  • IT-Outsourcing-Konzepte
Einkauf, Handel, Logistik
  • Einkaufsstrategie
  • Lieferantenmanagement (allg.)
  • Konzerneinkauf

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Sr. Change & Sourcing Advisor
Kuijpers Installation, Helmond
4/2017 – 8/2018 (1 Jahr, 5 Monate)
Maschinen-, Geräte- und Komponentenbau

4/2017 – 8/2018


ERP Sourcing and Changemanagement

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(Out)Sourcing Advisor
University Medical Center (UMCG hospital, Groningen
1/2017 – 5/2017 (5 Monate)

1/2017 – 5/2017


Outsourcing IT

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Manager IT Operations / Transition Manager Outsourcing
NICB Bank, The Hague
8/2016 – 10/2016 (3 Monate)

8/2016 – 10/2016


NIBC Bank started up earlier this year an ambitious program “IT Forward” and a RFX for outsourcing TAM, FAM, Client Support and Infrastructure. At this moment, they are working on the Agreements with a Vendor.

- Support the Outsourcing team with reviewing the Schedule Transition & Transformation;
- Review all other Agreement Schedules and contract details.
- Preparing a transition plan to start with the outsourcing program.

• Transition scheduled at the 1st November is be on hold because the company has to review internal the impact of outsourcing.
• My assignment will end at 10th October2016.

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Senior Porocess & Chain Manager
KPN Telecom, The Hague
1/2016 – 8/2016 (8 Monate)

1/2016 – 8/2016


Transition Management

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Senior Commercial % Contract Advisor
RealNext, Amsterdam
6/2015 – 11/2015 (6 Monate)

6/2015 – 11/2015


RealNext has decided to choose for a new Cloud solution for her IT services & platform and to develop new software with new features and products.

Responsibilities & Deliverables:
- Vendor selection RFX, including market research;
- Guide commercial meetings with Vendors and be a trusted Advisor for RealNext;
- Lead negotiations with Vendors;
- Select the Contract strategy, the Contracting process;
- Drafting of an Master Agreement, SLA, DAP, Security Policies and a Contract Management Plan;
- Preparing a project agreement for software development with Agile/Scrum conditions.

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Senior Outsourcing Contract Manager
Friesland Campina, Amersfoort
6/2014 – 6/2015 (1 Jahr, 1 Monat)

6/2014 – 6/2015


FrieslandCampina (FC) decided in Q2-2014 to outsource SAP TAM (Technical Application Management) and FAM (Functional Application Management). The Metri Group selected by “Fast Track” and “Best Value Procurement” the Vendors. Capgemini India is selected as the new Outsourcing Partner until 2018.

Responsibilities & Deliverables of the Outsourcing Agreement RightSourcing – Application Management:
- Selection & evaluating process between Infosys & Capgemini as future Partner.
- Lead the last part of the negotiations of the Umbrella Agreement and existing Schedules.
- Finalize the SLA’s, KPI’s and Service Credit Mechanism conditions and implement the plans with stakeholders and work out the Contract obligations.
- Implement OLA’s between Capgemini, T-Systems and Fujitsu.
- HR Staff Transfer FC employees Malaysia & The Netherlands: negotiations, finalize the Agreements.
- Implement the Governance structure for the Transition period and the retained FC organization.
- Track & trace and solve all contractual and commercial issues during the Transition and Transformation.
- Managing several tracks of the transition activities during the Due Diligence, Transition and Transformation period.
- Implement a roadmap with all contractual obligations for tactical and strategic Contract- & Vendor Partner Management.
- Implement a Finance control mechanism for Contract Life Cycle Management.
- As Single Point of Contact during the Transition: implement improvements related to the Outsourcing Agreement.

Consultancy & advisory to the Manager Contract & Supplier Management:
- Support the department to define a strategy and plans to improve Contract Management.
- Define the roadmap Contract Management 2015-2016: standards, cost & value drivers, portfolio reductions, Contract Life Cycle improvements.

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SAP CRM, Projektmanagement (IT), Programm Management

New Business Development Consultant
Kundenname anonymisiert, Rijswijk
11/2013 – 3/2014 (5 Monate)

11/2013 – 3/2014


• Working together with a partner of a IT Enterprise IT Cloud company to develop a software solution for Vendor Management.
• Develop new contract terms & conditions related to Cloud software vendors.

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Transition Manager & Delivery Manager
ASML, Velddhoven
6/2013 – 10/2013 (5 Monate)
High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie

6/2013 – 10/2013


• Knowledge transfer between ASML & Dimension Data including people.
• Brake Fix Support: Service Desk Integration, Service & Incidents Manual.
• Implementation ASML governance processes.
• Service Level Agreements for DC LAN and WAN.
• Change Management (Processes & Procedures).
• Service Reporting Dashboard: Incidents, Invoicing, Analyses and Quotes.
• The Business Request process: QuotationEvaluationApprovalInvoicing.
• Managing the Connectivity Transition Project Roadmap.
• Approving Project Purchasing Requests, evaluation & approval.
• Budget & Invoicing Control Datacenters & Networks.
• Progress meetings department DC & Networks with Dimension Data.
• Problem-solving and Demand & Supply for the outsourcing program.
• Communication plan worldwide ASML shareholders.
• Vendor Management.

Senior Consultant | Contract Manager
Shell Global Solutions, Rijswijk
2/2013 – 5/2013 (4 Monate)

2/2013 – 5/2013


• Identifying the required services ICT and Cloud systems for NAM in a temporary project team with focus on the Contract scope for the existing Agreement between Shell Global Solutions and T-Systems.
• Interview the stakeholders, local IT support department and end users to define the Contract scope.
• Identifying contract critical issues: internal survey, analyses, risk assessments and define KPI’s.
• Prepare the contract strategy documents for the local Tender Board of NAM.
• Define a Contract Management Plan and implement the Life Cycle Plan.

Senior Business Consultant Contracts IT Services
Statoil, London
8/2012 – 1/2013 (6 Monate)

8/2012 – 1/2013


• Review and analyses of Global Agreement, Tier 1 Service Provider, to make a proposal with commercial improvements.
• Targets: define strategic direction, defining quality points, opportunities for cost savings, defining Key Performance Indicators, remove non-contract related matters, contract improvements to measure performance,
• Establishment of an advisory for the MT; the report will be a guidance for the IT department to define the sourcing strategy for the next 3 years.

Transition Manager Procurement
British Telecom, Brussels
11/2011 – 7/2012 (9 Monate)

11/2011 – 7/2012


Scope: Outsouring Agreement € 120 mln. with the European Parliament
• Roadmap Procurement Transition, including targets, milestones, deliverables.
• Select and contract 25 Suppliers for the Installed Base Maintenance: networks, communication, security, internet-web access, licensers and servicing tools.
• Commercial improvements, cost savings, improve internal processes and purchasing, Vendor and Supplier strategies, Spend Management, Category & Commodity Management.
• Implement Post Award Contract Management.
• Implement Supplier and Vendor Operational Management.
• All negotiations with the Suppliers and Vendors.

New Business Development Manager
GlobeX Data Group Switserland, Benelux
9/2010 – 9/2011 (1 Jahr, 1 Monat)

9/2010 – 9/2011


• Sales & marketing activities in the Benelux.
• Develop sales and marketing plan ‘Cloud Storage Solutions’ in the Benelux.
• Target the top 3 Telecom and internet providers.
• Set up pricing / selling strategies for the Cloud Products.

Program Manager Contract Management
Local Governmenet, Zwolle
12/2009 – 5/2010 (6 Monate)
Soziale Einrichtungen

12/2009 – 5/2010


• Improve and optimize the Tender and Procurement Process.
• Set up a spend and risk procurement business plan related to the Contracts portfolio, and execute improvement plans.
• Further, developed sourcing business plan, implement a general Contract Management plan, developed Key Performance Indicators, develop standard contract review plan for services & maintenance agreements.

Supply Chain Manager
Shell EPE Europe, Assen
12/2008 – 11/2009 (1 Jahr)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

12/2008 – 11/2009


• Outsourcing of projects, tenders, engineering, maintenance services and modifications.
• Managing the departments for all daily (out)sourcing and procurement activities (offshore related) on behalf of the ONEGas department at Shell.
• Responsible for the total contract value (€ 700 mln.) of the EPCM Integrated Service Contractor AJS (Amec-Jacobs-Stork).
• Improvements: policies, processes, performance, HSSE, SAP Datamanagement
• SCM plan: cost reductions, Contract Management, reporting tools, Sub-contracting,

Senior Contract & Vendor Manager
KPN Telecom, Amersfoort
11/2007 – 11/2008 (1 Jahr, 1 Monat)

11/2007 – 11/2008


• Managing the Outsourcing Partner Trilink for Telecom Infrastructure.
• Implement a rescission strategy to end the Agreement with Trilink BV.
• Setup a transition plan to outsource scope to VolkerWessel Telecom.
• Cost reduction program: savings € 7,5 mln. (2008), € 5,0 mln. (2010).
• Implement Contract Management & Vendor Performance.
• Responsible for: finance, performance, claims, disputes, negotiations, relationship.
• Draw up a part of the position paper with the joint venture Reggefiber.

Sabatical, Home Office
1/2007 – 10/2007 (10 Monate)

1/2007 – 10/2007


Travelling in the USA

Senior Outsourcig Consultant
ING Bank Operations & IT Banking, Amsterdam
2/2006 – 12/2006 (11 Monate)

2/2006 – 12/2006


• Domain: Business Applications Solutions.
• Developed Partnership ING with IBM, develop Category & Commodity plans,.
• Set Up Contract Management for Facility Management.
• Planning and implementation outsourcing to India.
• Develop the Manual Contract Management Operations & IT Banking.

Senior Vendor Manager
ING Bank Operations & IT Banking, Amsterdam
4/2003 – 1/2006 (2 Jahre, 10 Monate)

4/2003 – 1/2006


• Leading a project team: develop a uniform Procurement Process and handbook.
• Develop & implement a Procurement Business Model.
• Start up a program for a new department Vendor Management: activity plan, handbook, templates. Managing top 100 tactical-strategic Vendors.
• Draw up a manual Portfolio Analysis (Procurement Targeting) and Risk Management to locate strategic & tactical vendors.
• Execute Vendor Management for cash-dispenser in Europe.
• Define and draw category and commodity plans: IT Infrastructure hardware-software-business applications, telecommunication.
• Temporary Transition Consultant: reorganization IS Alignment, application development & management, services and agreements to a centralized organization.

Business & IT Strategy Consultant
ING Operations & IT Banking, Amsterdam
9/2001 – 3/2003 (1 Jahr, 7 Monate)

9/2001 – 3/2003


• Leading a project team: develop a uniform Procurement Process and handbook. • Develop & implement a Procurement Business Model.
• Start up a program for a new department Vendor Management: activity plan, handbook, templates. Managing top 100 tactical-strategic Vendors.
• Draw up a manual Portfolio Analysis (Procurement Targeting) and Risk Management to locate strategic & tactical vendors.
• Execute Vendor Management for cash-dispenser in Europe. • Define and draw category and commodity plans: IT Infrastructure hardware-software-business applications, telecommunication.
• Temporary Transition Consultant: reorganization IS Alignment, application development & management, services and agreements to a centralized organization.

• Transition Consultant Procurement & Contracts in the reorganization - transition team SourcING: is a methodical integration and centralization program of IT Infrastructure and activities of all ING Group companies in The Netherlands.
• Started with the foundation of a new Procurement department ICT Netherlands. Responsible as project team member for the set up and execute of this program.
• Sourcing & Contracting strategies, RFI-RFP-Contracts for several projects, hardware, software, services and licenses. Total value +/- € 75 mln.

Senior Consultant Procurement
Emeritor Consultancy, Nieuwkoop
1/2001 – 9/2001 (9 Monate)

1/2001 – 9/2001


• Support the Emeritor organization to build the Procurement Maturity Model.
• Set up and execute a Contract Management training for candidates in Belgium.
• Sourcing & Contracting strategies at Client ING, RFI-RFP-Contracts for several projects, hardware, software, services and licenses.
• Total value +/- € 40 mln.

Contract & Procurement Engineer
Shell Group, Assen
7/1999 – 12/2000 (1 Jahr, 6 Monate)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

7/1999 – 12/2000


• Project Leader integration Contracting & Procurement IT workgroup: responsible for all IT business issues during the transformation.
• Building C&P website, C&P process, guidelines, work instructions, templates, tender and contract information, responsibilities and client information.
• Set up Market Intelligence system.
• Contract & sourcing strategies for Scada, safeguarding and telemetric, safety valves, electrical and instrumentation and cool compressors.
• Renew contracts for maintenance, electrical and instrumentation (tender projects) with GTI, Imtech and Veenstra Services.
• Contract Management for the Agreements: Foxboro & Yokogawa DCS systems.
• Contract portfolio strategy for contractors with low spend: decrease the contractor portfolio from 110 to 30 contractors. (high risk / low spend).
• Implementation and functionality of the SAP R3 Contracting & Procurement module.

Contract Service Coordinator
Shell Group, Assen
1/1998 – 6/1999 (1 Jahr, 6 Monate)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

1/1998 – 6/1999


• Contracting-out, commercial and tender activities of the chemical desulphurization GZI plant the Emmen. (goods & services, maintenance E-I-M, new projects); preferred outsourcing partner EPC MEGL Contractor .
• Contract focal point for the EPC MEGL Contract (Maintenance Engineering Gas Land) and NAM/Shell frame Agreements.
• Contracting & Procurement integration project: set up Contracting & Procurement Council structure for Market Intelligence.

Contract Advisor | Specialist
Shell Group, Assen
3/1996 – 12/1997 (1 Jahr, 10 Monate)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

3/1996 – 12/1997


• Contracting strategies, tender and negotiation programs for Well Services
(gas and oil) and Geology.
• Contract Management for Contracts Gas Onshore: Maintenance Agreements (electrical, instrumentation, mechanical), national Agreements Siemens & Foxboro and Professional Services Agreements.
• Focal Point for Specialist Services / Professional Services (engage contractor professionals).

Production Technician Pprocess Operations Gasfields
Shell Group, Assen
4/1989 – 2/1996 (6 Jahre, 11 Monate)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

4/1989 – 2/1996


• Supervision and guide shutdowns and plant stops for maintenance, electrical and instrumentation programs and inspections.
• the gas production, operations and start-ups of several standard & king size clusters.

Driller Workover & Drilling Operations
Shell Group, The Netherlands
10/1979 – 3/1989 (9 Jahre, 6 Monate)
Öl- und Gasindustrie

10/1979 – 3/1989


• Daily rig operations on gas & oil wells: direction drilling & side-tracks, well repairing, well completions, running casing and tubing strings, blowout prevention and first line maintenance. Included rig moving, mob/demob, logging, cementing, well stimulation, coiled-tubing, snubbing units and wireline-activities.
• Supervision and guide Service Contractors a.o. Schlumberger, Halliburton, Otis, BJ, Nowsco, Sperry Sun and Wagenborg.


Contract Law
(Contract Law (lectures))
Jahr: 2012
Ort: Amsterdam

(Commercial Economicc)
Jahr: 1999
Ort: Emmen

(Higher Business Economics & Administration)
Jahr: 1997
Ort: Emmen

Secondart Education Mechanical Engineering
Jahr: 1985
Ort: Arnhem


Additional courses and training:

Contracting & Procurement courses (Supply Chain Academy & E-learning Shell/Accenture)
Supply Chain Management - PMMS Consultancy Group
Contract Management TK 81 - Shell
Contract Management - Mitopics
Commercial Awareness & Negotiation Skills - Shell
SAP/3 for Contracting & Procurement - SAP
Negotiations internal & external - Krauthammer
Market research - NEVI
Conflict training - NCATB
Basic skills for communication - NCATB
Customer orientation / services - NCATB
Interactive personal skills - NS Education
Time management - Boertien & Partners
Leadership Development - Boertien & Partners

Über mich

It is generally my intension to develop my talents and use my competency there where the possibilities occur. Ambition and personnel growth are characteristic for my personality.
I like to develop my further, with regarding to my specialism, experience and knowledge, in the area of special interest for IT, Telecom, Engineering, Energy domains

It is a challenge in order to my constructed expertise to expand my career in another function how rather have interfaces with my experience and education, on the other hand opening up new horizons, oriented towards a broadly portfolio of tasks and accept more responsibilities and competences.
I have a wide and lively interests for organizations how like to growth, change and improve them self in relation to her services.
At the same time I like to work together with people how have a positive motivation to add value to their organization or company.
I like to stimulate and encourage people to deliver qualitatively and quantitatively results for the team and the organisation. What’s more important to me is that people can use their talents for collective dialogues how contribute added value in relation to the business objectives of their company.
I am a bell-balanced person with a flexible attitude, conceptual and analytical mindset:
in addition to which pragmatics an essential element is. Beside I have positive listening skills, influence capacity and conviction strength.

I am a pur sang communicator how think and act in solutions and cooperation sees as a primary foundation to realize goals.
I’m a sensible person by character and stay under pressure in balance, working conscientious,
well-organized and systematic to the objects in view.

Persönliche Daten

  • Deutsch (Gut)
  • Englisch (Fließend)
  • Niederländisch (Muttersprache)
  • Europäische Union
  • Schweiz
39 Jahre und 11 Monate (seit 03/1979)
10 Jahre


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