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I have been a part of multiple projects over the past 15 years, on board as an employee as well as the lead consultant. Effective use of technology and management to increase profits, productivity, and competitive edge while delivering results.

Ich biete

  • 2nd & 3rd Level Support
  • Windows Server (allg.)

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

IT Project Consultant
UNESCO - UNEVOC (United Nations), Bonn
9/2014 – 12/2014 (4 Monate)
Öffentliche Verwaltung

9/2014 – 12/2014


- Involved in a short project to prepare for two UNESCO conferences
- Establish Network Stability within all Conference Halls & Rooms
- Crosswire network, patch from main office to conference halls to be able to access office network and to establish wired network stability
- Setup roaming folder with capabilities to synchronize all files and folders for all office staff to access all presentations and videos on the presentation PCs and Presentation Tablets during conference
- Upgrade AD with VPN tunneling capabilities
- UNEVOC Network Security upgraded to meet UNESCO standards
- Technical support was offered to staff during my contract
- Site Documentations were build
- Provide technical assistance to office staff and Participants during both UNESCO - UNEVOC conferences
- Assist in any way that is needed to insure successful conference

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Access, Netzwerk-Sicherheit, IT-Support (allg.), VPN (Virtual Private Network), Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.), IT-Beratung (allg.)

IT Consultant
Cabinet of Information Society of Macedonia, Skopje
4/2013 – 4/2014 (1 Jahr, 1 Monat)
Öffentliche Verwaltung

4/2013 – 4/2014


- Develop strategic tasks and administer to support
projects issued by the Ministry.
- Overlook and organize methods to government teams creating air-gapped mesh network.
- Setup Server Deployment with Hyper-V failover clustering – creating infrastructure for future gateways to stream and secure connectivity (with limited next to none configuration).
- Establish portable Oracle VMs to test tailored-software in local language to insure stability and security
- Developed strategic method and trained personal to be able through remote cross-platform strategic method for future support.
- Developed and pre-set (without AD migration) a MS Exchange server for future in-house email hosting

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Oracle (allg.), Virtual Memory System (VMS), Microsoft Exchange, IT-Support (allg.), Konfiguration, Hosting, Migration, Router / Gateways, Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.), Hyper-V, IT-Beratung (allg.)

IT Consultant
SHEMA LLC Consulting, Cebu & Kalibo Aklan
6/2012 – 3/2013 (10 Monate)
Hochschulen und Forschungseinrichtungen

6/2012 – 3/2013


- ERP: Implementation in 3 local owned business.
Coca-Cola Distributor and Logistic companies
- EMR: Plan & Implement in various stages.
- Full automation of digitalizing medical record to partial implementation using basic SQL Database structured environment.
- Department of Education: Launched a campaign in Western Visayas area, implement secured network for 12 schools with equipment to access from extreme remote areas that we implement and support Computers & Networks.( Ending on June 2014).

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

SQL, Access, IT-Support (allg.), Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.), IT-Beratung (allg.)

Senior IT Consultant
Glenbriar Technologies, Calgary, Alberta
11/2010 – 5/2012 (1 Jahr, 7 Monate)

11/2010 – 5/2012


- Migrated MS Windows Server environments with complete solution and building site documentations;
- Develop reports and build project plan preparations in SharePoint
- Responsibility to team-track progress with use of JIRA Atlassian
R2 migration : Exchange Server migration: SQL Server migration and database management.
Set-up and Manages the following:
a. Hyper-V with failover clustering - end to end solutions, and migrated environment
b. Backups Solutions – ie. Symantec Backup
c. Secure site solutions, Kaspersky/ Symantec Server solutions and build policies.
- Assigned and supported clients in oil & gas industry, banking industry and health care industry.
- Gained experience in implementing and supporting :
Geoscout, Mosaic, Petra
- Involved on grand scale migration, roll-out for United Way (client). Involved on a team to setup Hyper-V on Server 2008 R2 on a Terminal Server on cluster environment. Enabled all technicians to role-over users to the Updated/Upgraded to new Thin client stations.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

SQL, Symantec (allg.), Kaspersky (allg.), Windows Server (allg.), Microsoft Windows (allg.), Microsoft Terminal Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, C, Migration, Back up / Recovery, Hyper-V, Rollout, IT-Beratung (allg.), Handwerk (allg.)

IT Manager
Bell Pharmaceutical, Minneapolis, MN
10/2010 – 10/2011 (1 Jahr, 1 Monat)

10/2010 – 10/2011


- Developed from “Grounds-up” solutions
- Designed and implemented a network infrastructure on MS Windows Server 2002 R2 on managed AD
- ERP Shop solution I implemented on SQL Server with failover clustering
- ERP: capability to have backwards & forward lot traceability to meet Food & Drug Administration in US
- Implemented IP Telephony
- Upgrade EDI Server with all new settings & encryptions
- Setup an in-house email hosting – Exchange Server 2010 with IP telephony voicemail migration

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

SQL, Windows Server (allg.), Microsoft Windows (allg.), SAP CA-EDI, Hosting, Migration, Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.)

IT Corporate Support / Level 3 Support
Accenture - Best Buy Corporate, Minneapolis, MN
8/2009 – 10/2010 (1 Jahr, 3 Monate)

8/2009 – 10/2010


- Level 3 support to 1,100 nationwide and stores in India, China and across United States & Canada and developing status reports.
- Experience gained with IMPACT and JIRA Atlassian - ticket generating database, assigning detailed responsibilities
- Remapping and maintaining server and network stability within all stores
- Remotely troubleshoot servers, workstations, printers and POS systems
- Remotely implemented and tested equipment/devices and software, relay debugging issues
- Supported and troubleshooted UNIX (Ubuntu) interactive custom workstations KIOSKS – remote to all Stores worldwide
- Coached and managed agents province wide, assisted in all advanced technical matters.
- Consulted and implemented computer/network servers with Level 5 tech support –Win.& MAC
- Supported VPN, Exchange Server, created wireless network with guest tunneling
- Created a surveillance system with remote access
- Over the phone troubleshooting with remote support on software and hardware issues
- Generated PL reports, maintained daily goals, warehousing, inventory control, generate business plans, time manage and maintained reports to meet daily and monthly expenses to budget
Tätigkeiten: - Maintained highest revenue Agent in all of Canada for 6 weeks
- Promoted and given the title as a Special Agent / District Support Manager (1 of 7 country wide)

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Access, Ubuntu, UNIX, IT-Support (allg.), VPN (Virtual Private Network), Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.)

Inspector / Team Leader
Magna International - Integram Windsor Seatting, Windsor, ON
10/1994 – 10/2007 (13 Jahre, 1 Monat)

10/1994 – 10/2007


- Managed crew of 70 to carry out production objectives at the lowest cost while meeting quality control standards all in a safe working environment.
- Ascertained profit and loss analysis for assigned work and submitted quarterly analysis
- Responsible for purchasing raw materials and manufacturing supplies; controlled raw material variances, especially through usage, scrap and waste
- Established and maintained an accident free work environment through training, monthly safety meetings and inspections under OSHA and EPA policies
- Trained crews on an effective quality control program that was in place and regulated daily to ensure plant compliance - logs and production reports
- Trained to regulated and oversee ISO 2001 / 9000 working environment

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Projektleitung / Teamleitung (IT), Schulung / Training (IT), Risikomanagement, Schulung / Coaching (allg.), Compliance management


MSCSE – MSBS 70-282
April 2011
Microsoft Silver Partner
August 2008


Electrical Eectronics Enginer - University of Windsor
(Batchelor of Science)
Jahr: 05/2
Ort: Windsor, ON, Kanada
Electronic Engineer Technologist - St. Clair College
Jahr: 05/2
Ort: Windsor, ON, Kanada


Technische Fähigkeiten Jahre Erfahrung Tätigkeit
MS Windows Server 2008-2012 R2 - 6 Implementierung/Support
MS Exchange Server 2010 / 2012 - 6 Implementierung/Support
Network Infrastructure - 10+ Implementierung/Support
Network Security (SB Server / Enterprise Server):
Hardware/Software Baracuda/Kaspersky /Norton - 8 Implementierung/Support
UNIX – Ubuntu custom software for (KIOSKS) / support interactive workstations:
UNIX mini-workstations (kiosks) - 3 Implementierung/Support
Hardware / Software Troubleshoot - 10+ Implementierung/Support
Hyper-V Virtual Environment - 4 Implementierung/Support
VPN Virtual Private Network - 6 Implementierung/Support
ERP Server & EDI Server - 3 Implementierung/Support
MS SQL Server - Database - 3 Implementierung/Support
MS Windows XP / 7 / 8 / MS Office - 10+ Implementierung/Support
Macintosh Leopard / Snowleprd - 10+ Implementierung/Support
MS Sharepoint & JIRA Atlasian - 3+ Projektverfolgung und Entwicklung
Consult: Design Network/Server Infrastructure - 6 Implementierung/Support
Client Relations & Management - 10+ Implementierung/Support

Über mich

Die von Ihnen geforderten Qualifikationen für Ihre Firma bringe ich mit und ich glaube, mit meiner eigenverantwortlichen, strukturierten und sorgfältigen Arbeitsweise eine gute Bereicherung in Ihrem Team zu sein.
Während der letzten 15 Jahre habe ich an verschiedenen Projekten in unterschiedlichen Funktionen mitgewirkt, sowohl als Angestellter wie auch als führender Berater. Gemeinsam mit meinen Teams habe ich zahlreiche Projekte mit großem Erfolg und innovativen Lösungen fristgerecht und immer unter Beibehaltung des Budgets abgeschlossen. Durch die effektive Nutzung von Technologie und Management gelang es mir, den Gewinn, die Produktivität und die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit zu erhöhen und somit zu einer signifikanten Kostensenkung in einem Betrieb beizutragen.
In der Vergangenheit habe ich eine Beziehung zu den Klienten aufgebaut, um den Service zu verbessern und nach besseren Lösungen zu suchen, mit dem Ziel, sowohl den Klienten als auch meine Firma zufrieden zu stellen.
Ich bin ein Absolvent der Elektrotechnik und der Elektronik, mit Abschluss Ingenieur und Bachelor of Science, an der Universität von Windsor, Ontario, Kanada. Für ein Jahr studierte ich Business Administration und Entwicklung an der Universität von Minnesota in Minneapolis, USA.
Mein letzter Auftrag war ein Jahresprojekt als Senior IT Consultant für das UNESCO-UNEVOC in Unted Nationen. Davor war ich auf den Philippinen, in den USA und in Kanada tätig.
Aus familiären Gründen lebe ich nun in Deutschland.
Ich spreche fließend Englisch, Mazedonisch, Serbokroatisch, Bulgarisch.
Ausserdem spreche ich etwas Russisch und ich lerne gerade Deutsch.
Für eine persönliche Vorstellung oder für ein Interview stehe ich Ihnen jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung und ich würde mich freuen, Ihnen dabei weitere Fragen zu meiner Person, die Sie interessieren, zu beantworten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Persönliche Daten

  • Englisch (Muttersprache)
  • Deutsch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Mazedonisch (Fließend)
  • Serbisch (Fließend)
  • Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
21 Jahre und 2 Monate (seit 09/2000)
5 Jahre


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