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Very experienced analyst in the pre-phace of automationprojects. Focussed on analysing correct in the first attempt. My projects are within the borders of Business change, process improvement, new legislation or technical transformation (new ERP etc.

Ich biete

  • Agile Entwicklung
  • System Analyse

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Business Process Analyst
Alliance Healthcare, Den Bosch
1/2015 – 3/2015 (3 Monate)

1/2015 – 3/2015


Assess and adjust the retil process and design ICT-change to facilitatie the retail process.

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Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Prozess- / Workflow, Design (allg.), Einzelhandel (Retail)


Jahr: 1989
Ort: Rotterdam


• Certified Professional Requirements Engineer (IREB)
• Prince II (certificate)
• Compliance / Legislation
• Sparx Enterprise Architect
• Requirements engineering
• IBM Requisite Pro
• Program of Requirements
• Information analysis
• Business analysis
• Proces analysis
• Functional design
• Technical design
• Logical testcases
• AS-IS procesdescriptions
• Risk-analysis
• Outputmanagement
• Define goals
• Business Need
• ICT Consulting
• Systems analysis
• SDW / BWise
• Agile/ Scrum
• C.S.
• Coaching
• Prototypes / wireframes
• Data modelling
• Request for information
• Request for proposal
• BaBok
• Quick scan
• (Data-)conversion/Modelling
• Mainframe (Unisys, IBM)
• Migration
• Reverse Engineering
• Business Intelligence
• Mindmapping
• Workshop
• Document Analysis
• Interviewing
• AWBZ (healthcare law)
• Pensionlaw
• Brainstorm
• Change of Perspective
• Systemarcheology
• Requirements Reuse
• Observation
• Apprenticing

• Establish requirements wishes and expectations
• Requirements Engineering
• Scrum
• New Construction maintenance and replacement of software systems
• Compliancy / legislation
• Productmanagement
• Processdesign
• Preliminary studies /
• Impactanalysis
• Electronic banking
• Product Development
• Legal Affairs
• Coach
• Life insurance
• Healthcare insurance
• Indemnity insurances
• Banks
• Small business
• Paramedic
• Healthcare (hospital)
• Medical devices
• Logistics (wholesale and retail)
• Corporate insurance (liability, property and fleet)
• Investment insurance

Über mich

Broad based ICT / Business consultant specialised in the integration of business processes in the right performing ict. Guiding clients with the question behind the question, needs-assessment and the correct translation of those to ICT. My mission is to make ICT projects working right in one time. I do this by determining clients real question, personal expectations and the demands to the
ICT and work this out. I am usually very active in the organization / workplace. Distinguished activities there are for me identifying, analyzing, "building bridges" and translating business to ICT. Thereby interested in Who, What, Where, When, Why, What and How. Thinking ánd acting inside ánd outside the box. Positively cocky, checking, critical, troubleshooter.

Result driven translator of businessdemands into businessprocess and ict who helps already for over 20 years his clients with change where business processes and ict are at stake, aligment of business and ict. Long term experience in Business consultancy, Advice, Tailormade systems, Information-analysis and Requirements Engineering.
Hereby I take the lead in collecting actively the needed information throughout the organization / workplace. I spend special attention to the joint effort (with the business) in the thinkingprocess about the
new to be developed ict. Do not start building your new system too fast, but thorough thinking on the blueprint of your ict first with the aid of detailed requirements. Your solution will be developed tailor-made and will result in what you need and expect.
Real consulting-mentality. Specialist in requirements, generalist in the remaining area of business and ict. Someone who simply solves the clients problem or question. My style of leadersship is coaching and cooperate foreman. I am living together with my partner and two kids.

The future is not so easy to predict and model. Keep it so simple. Einstein said it: "Make things as simple as Possible but not Simpler." No more or less.

A project or activity starts with a question. A question formulated as a Business- or Project Purpose. As a result of a wish or the world around us that demands for change. The question of what the business wants to do and want to achieve. Everything else the business is doing is secondary. Your project goal requires a solution. With this solution I can help you. Do not decide what the solution will be, but feel free to have some probable solutions in mind. Remind, however, what you want. Really want. And what your business really needs. Goals. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to do with the soltion after it is deliverd to you? And if you know: stop here. Breathe deeply in and out three times. Solutions are as many as roads to Rome.
Remind the time-honored theory, with all respect for you and your business, not always remains theory: man finds it very difficult to describe well defined what he wants and needs. I certainly can help you. Together with you, I investigate various solutions. Options, pros and contras, impacts. Eventually a picture emerges: The Solution. How do we get there? Step by step. Those steps, they are called requirements! The requirements, wishes and expectations to achieve your Business Goals and Project support. They describe a path:
• From business to bits
• From global to specific
• From boardroom to practical implementation
• From large to small
• From unconscious to conscious
• Differentiate between goals and means
• Listen, listen and listen. Then respond.

Persönliche Daten

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  • Europäische Union
31 Jahre (seit 1990)
2 Jahre


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