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As a Consultant for Marketing and CRM with more than 15 years of relevant experience in retail, technology companies and agencies, I show you to how to optimize your Business and Marketing Processes and your Customer Experience Management.

Ich biete

Marketing, Vertrieb, Kommunikation
  • Marketing (allg.)
  • Dialogmarketing
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Werbung
  • Strategisches Marketing
  • Online Marketing (allg.)
  • Direkt Marketing
IT, Entwicklung
  • CRM Beratung (allg.)

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Beraterin und Projektleiterin für Marketing, CRM und Kommunikation
selbstständig, Kernen
6/2011 – offen (9 Jahre, 6 Monate)

6/2011 – offen


Business und Marketing Beratung mit Spezialisierung auf Digital Marketing, eBusiness, CRM, Customer Experience und Kampagnen-Management, Interim-Management, omni-channel Marketing- und Vertriebs-Konzepte

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

CRM Beratung (allg.), Prozessoptimierung, Projektmanagement, Business Development, Dialogmarketing, E-Mail Marketing, Handelsmarketing, Kommunikations-Konzepte, Marketing (allg.)


Dialogmarketing-Fachwirt BAW
(Dialogmarketing-Fachwirt BAW)
Ort: München


Manager und Berater für digitales Marketing, CRM und eBusiness

 Strategische Marketing- und Werbeplanung (langfristig und kurzfristig)
 Projektmanagement
 Dialogmarketing, CRM
 eBusiness, eCommerce
 Konzeption von Marketing- und Vertriebsstrategien
 Digitales Marketing, Online Marketing, eCommerce, mCommerce, Videos
 Prozess-Analyse und -Optimierung
 Führung interner und externer Marketing-/Online-/Graphik-Teams, Agenturen etc.
 Marketing-Controlling

Über mich

As a Manager and Consultant for Marketing and CRM with more than 15 years of relevant experience in retail, technology companies and agencies, I turn your business development and transformation project into action.

I am a hands-on and data-driven marketer - and at the same time a strategic thinking planner - with a passion to develop customer-centric marketing strategies and campaigns.

My CRM approach is to make use of all touchpoints along the Customer Journey to identify best practices and to maximize sales conversion and customer satisfaction. For this, I place high importance on data analysis and the definition of a target-group specific approach. My aim is to track and trace all customer activities – from generation of leads to the actual purchase and ongoing customer retention.

I involve stakeholders of other departments such as IT or Service to verify together how customers can best be served, from a technical point of view and from a service perspective. In close collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, I improve processes and link tools and interfaces so that they support the various customer touchpoints and enable a single customer view (360° customer view).

This includes all steps, from the first digital (or offline) touchpoint, the tracking of online/purchasing behavior and re-targeting via triggered campaigns to the definition of retention and after-sales programs. All of these steps are tracked and measured according to their performance for the individual customer groups. By doing this, I can define customer value, relevant incentives and best working practices.

Due to my international working experience, I am business fluent in English and French, German is my mother tongue.

Persönliche Daten

  • Deutsch (Muttersprache)
  • Englisch (Fließend)
  • Französisch (Fließend)
  • Europäische Union
  • Schweiz
24 Jahre und 3 Monate (seit 08/1996)
15 Jahre


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