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Januar 2019

Juni 2019

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TIBCO Technical Consultant. The successful candidate will be working on a large SOA program on a long term project alongside client development teams in a rather Agile project delivery environment with multiple suppliers and near shore teams.

A Technical Consultant is actively involved in a broad spectrum of activities including practice development, support operation, team participation, and relationship building. He or she possesses a strong service orientation and finds challenge in problem-solving complex situations. Customer success is a motivating goal
He or she is knowledgeable about a specific set of TIBCO products and their supporting technologies and often functions as the primary technology contact
A Technical Consultant requires little or no supervision to act on assigned tasks on even difficult project engagements
A Technical Consultant assist in development of project standards and ensures their use. He or she will perform complex SOA infrastructure implementations and will identify and apply appropriate tools and techniques in support of system development life cycle
A Technical Consultant will assist in identifying project requirements, strategies and schedules in support of project/initiatives analysis and priorisation
He or she will efficiently and correctly implement project deliverables using but not limited to TIBCO technologies

Necessary skills:

Proven 5 years of IT Projects experience
Strong software development and design skills using integration technology
Demonstrated proficiency in TIBCO integration products like BusinessWorks 5.x and 6.x, ActiveMatrix ServiceGrid, Enterprise Message Service
Demonstrated proficiency with all programming languages “built into” TIBCO products, including, but not limited to XPATH and XML
Familiarity with Web Services Concepts
Demonstrated proficiency in JMS , SQL, JAVA, XML and HTML
Strong working knowledge of UNIX/Linux operating systems
Analysis and design skills of moderate to complex scope
Familiarity with iterative development life-cycle and methodology
Understanding of Network design and operation and performance tuning
Background in system performance analysis and capacity planning
Successful deployment of complex, high volume, SOA TIBCO infrastructure solutions
Solid understanding of operational aspects of TIBCO solutions and the correct handling of operational issues or migration challenges
Demonstrated proficiency in the Windows platform

Technical Skills Preferred
Background in Telecommunication vertical industry
Knowledge about TIBCO event processing products like BusinessEvents
Familiarity with application servers, JSF and Servlets
Front-end design and development using UI frameworks including but not limited to Primefaces, JFreeChart, jQuery

Experience and knowledge
Able to assist in risk assessment and mitigation on projects
Successfully collaborating with co-workers and customer on tasks with 2 or more consultants assigned
Can provide accurate effort estimations for the assigned tasks AND delivers on time and within budget
Demonstrable analytical and problem-solving skills
Provides successful solutions to company business/ technical issues
Strong client-facing skills and interacts well at all levels (internally & externally)
Demonstrates good morale
Develops clear and concise written documents
Articulates ideas and thoughts easily and clearly (written and verbal)
Demonstrates active listening and comprehension skills


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