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For our energy client we are currently looking for full-stack web designer / UX developer
Start: 16.09.2019
End: 31.12.2019
Location: Düsseldorf
Volume: 32 onsite / 8 hrs remote
Language: English

Development of a Client customer portal front-end web application where business partners can register, select Client web applications for their usage and manage tickets. It will be hosted on Azure and have to adhere to corporate branding standards. Work will be guided by the senior architect who has done the concept and back-end integration.
The Web developer has to use JavaScript/ TypeScript, CSS3, HTML5 and GUI framework to implement web pages for a B2C Portal for Client's customers. It will be hosted on Azure and have to adhere to corporate branding standards. The portal will offer all Client Web Applications for its B2C customers. Like an App Store Client will offer their Web Applications as tiles

Info: The web applications will based on JavaScript / TypeScript, CSS3, HTML5
- interface to server-side components (ASP.NET MVC CORE or NodeJS or Java Spring)

- Strong knowledge as a full-stack web developer
- Experience managing the application access
- Experience using a GUI Frameworks (Angular2+ or React.js)
- As the web application will be based on Azure, corresponding CI /CD tools and practices (namely git,
Azure DevOps) are to be used.
- Experience in Internet security as Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top10 criteria must be met.
- Several years of experience in the development of web applications Practical knowledge in using GUI
Frameworks such as Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, React, Bootstrap, ...
- Practical knowledge in using PHP, JavaScript, CSS / SCSS, HTML(5) , ... design patterns
- Some Cloud skills

- Experience with UX


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