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IT Consultant taking architectural or leading technical roles. I do help startups build up their engineering teams and setting up their product, from mobile applications to cloud-hosted server backends.


  • Android
  • Android Entwicklung
  • Continuous Delivery (CDE)
  • DevOps (allg.)
  • Java (allg.)
  • Kanban (Softwareentwicklung)
  • Kotlin
  • Kubernetes
  • Linux Entwicklung
  • mySQL

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Principal Mobil Architect
Deutsche Post IT Services GmbH, Berlin
12/2019 – 6/2020 (7 Monate)

12/2019 – 6/2020



Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Software Architektur / Modellierung, Android Entwicklung, iOS Entwicklung, React (JavaScript library)

Interim CTO
timum GmbH, Berlin
9/2019 – 11/2019 (3 Monate)
IT & Entwicklung

9/2019 – 11/2019


My client is an established Berlin-based startup for which I am working
as their CTO. The project is based on a Java / Scala stack (Play Framework)
using MySQL and AWS + Heroku. My tasks range from product planning
and strategy to team mentoring and development down to debugging SQL
stored procedures and 3rd-party API integrations.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Datenbankentwicklung, JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), mySQL, Back-End Entwicklung, Docker, Hibernate (Java), J2SE (Java SE), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Backbone.js, HTML5, JavaScript, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), Representational State Transfer (REST)

Chief Technology Officer
Myosotis GmbH, Berlin
2/2019 – 4/2019 (3 Monate)

2/2019 – 4/2019


Building up the company strategy and mission with the company founders,
hiring multi-national talent to grow the product development team as well
as applying for government funding programmes in Berlin. Worked towards
industry certifications such as ISO 27001 and the ePrivacy seal in
collaboration with external agencies. Participated in investor meetings to set
near term goals and key performance indicators. Setting goals for
employees as well as providing internal trainings and mentorship for
working students and trainees.
Established systematic mobile and web analytics to support marketing and
sales with a meaningful sales funnel and conversion indicators as well as
the development team for performance and usability insights. Provided
system architecture down to aiding the engineering team in day to day
software development activities, building up a cloud-based continuous
integration infrastructure for mobile apps, as well as a single-page web
frontend and a range of backend services. Transforming the monolithic
backends into a microservice-oriented architecture that is continuously
deployed to a Kubernetes cluster. Sourcing of software development tools
and vendors as well as handing out work to outsourcing suppliers and

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

DevOps (allg.), Android Entwicklung, Hibernate (Java), Spring, Fördermittelberatung, Projektmanagement - Personalmanagement, Projektmanagement - Softwaretool-Beratung

R&D Manager / System Architect Automotive Mobile
HERE, Berlin
7/2017 – 1/2019 (1 Jahr, 7 Monate)

7/2017 – 1/2019


Building the next generation of automotive mobile SDK for car companion
application use-cases for German premium car brands. Managing a team of
mobile maniacs while having an eye on the system architecture feeding two
additional external teams across two sites.
Integrating a mobile solution stack based on technology across HERE’s
automotive division for a product that features first mile / last mile
use-cases, synchronization between car and mobile, pedestrian and public
transport routing and electronic vehicle routing with predictive traffic on top
of streamed map data based on the NDS industry standard. Building
code-generation tools for Swift and Kotlin to generate lean mobile SDKs on
top of a shared C++ / Embedded code-base. Providing technical leadership
and mentoring for on-site and outsourced teams with a heavy focus on
DevOps and operational efficiency.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Linux, Android, C, C++, Jenkins, JNI (Java Native Interface), Qt, Swift (Apple), XML, Kotlin

Development Lead Automotive Mobile
HERE, Berlin
4/2016 – 6/2017 (1 Jahr, 3 Monate)

4/2016 – 6/2017


Led a multi-national team of mobile and embedded developers to build
Android-based car companion application project for a British luxury vehicle
brand that later served as a white-label solution to other automotive
customers. Similar in focus to my current role but including more
customer-specific features such as voice-guided navigation and car parking

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Android, J2SE (Java SE), Personalentwicklung

Development Lead Mobile (Android and iOS) AG, Nürnberg
8/2014 – 3/2016 (1 Jahr, 8 Monate)

8/2014 – 3/2016


Served as the development lead of a mixed team of both Android and iOS
software engineers producing mobile native applications to realize the
brand's mobile bookings vision. Focused on an entirely new Android app
based on Material Design principles that is set for imminent release.
Embedded in an agile workflow in close collaboration with product
management and UX. Heavily focused on fully automated testing and
deployment workflows. Introduced and managed the company's
Continuous Integration infrastructure based on Jenkins as well as
web-based developer code collaboration and road-map planning tools.
Spearheaded the usage of Linux based container virtualization for auxiliary
services. Introduces Open Source technology and methodologies whenever

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Continuous Delivery (CDE), Android Entwicklung, C#, iOS Entwicklung, J2SE (Java SE), XML, RPC (Remote Procedure Call), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), ASP.NET

Cloud Software Engineer
SUSE Linux Products GmbH, Nürnberg
10/2010 – 7/2014 (3 Jahre, 10 Monate)
IT & Entwicklung

10/2010 – 7/2014


Primarily responsible for driving the product maintenance and security
update process of the SUSE Cloud product based on OpenStack. Focused
on the enablement of SUSE technologies (SLES) and security aspects inside
the OpenStack project. As such, being an active code contributor and
occasional reviewer. Frequently representing our engineering team at
customer sites and assisting our Sales Engineers / Pre-Sales in setting up
OpenStack pilots with SUSE Cloud in Germany. This includes collecting
customer feedback and requirements and feeding that back to Product
Management and Engineering.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets (Sass), OpenSuse, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Bash (Shell), C++, Linux Entwicklung, Python, Ruby, KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), Ruby on rails


Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Magdeburg

Über mich

Freelancer, experienced CTO and Engineering Lead. Passionate software
craftsman, Open Source advocate and occasional speaker. Interested in
user-interface design, travelling, (astro) photography and furniture crafting.

Persönliche Daten

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