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Tieto zählt zu den führenden Dienstleistern für IT-Services und Product Engineering in Europa. Mehr als 18.000 Experten in 30 Ländern weltweit beraten namhafte Unternehmen und realisieren gemeinsam mit ihnen individuelle Lösungen.


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Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

IMS subject matter of expert and Test Lead
International Telecommunications Equipment Provide, Raum Stuttgart
8/2010 – 12/2011 (1 Jahr, 5 Monate)

8/2010 – 12/2011


Next Generation Service and System Management

A Next Generation Operational Support System (NGOSS) is a platform architecture for the management of Next Generation Networks (NGN). It provides seamless integration of Operational Support Systems (OSS) by providing a single interface for the customer systems interaction. It provides services for Fulfillment, Operational Support and Readiness (OS&R) and Mediation.
The Element Abstraction Layer provides seamless access to the Operational Support System to perform Provisioning, Discovery, Backup and Restore operations on IMS Platform through a standard Multi-Technology Operational Support Interface (MTOSI) interface agreed between the vendors.

Each IMS network element can be accessed via some specific protocol e.g LDAP, NETCONF, SSH, SNMP etc. To keep the transparent communication between the vendors applications, the MTOSI requests are standardized and agreed between the vendors for different Network Elements of IMS system.

The EAL gets the MTOSI requests on its north bound interface; a specific adapter translates the MTOSI request into the format supported by the specific network element and sends the formatted request to the network element connected to its south bound interface. The response from the network element is translated back to the corresponding MTOSI format and sent back to the client via north bound interface of EAL.


Test Lead for OSS EAL

Subject matter expert for technical issues, problems and Interface Agreement related matters (Fulfillment and OS&R)

Tasks as Test Lead:
Preparation of test environment, test-plan and test documents for fulfillment and OS&R adapters

Testing of the functionality of all fulfillment and OS&R related adapters for under the light of Interface agreement

Trouble shooting and error analysis
Comparison of network elements behavior with the request sent by the adapters and manually sending the direct request by using the corresponding protocol

Installation, deployment and trouble shooting in the customer premises

Dealing with customer queries and trouble shooting regarding fulfillment and OS&R issues in Live and Test Networks

Tasks as subject matter expert:
Involved in the planning and preparation of NBI and SBI Interface Agreement for fulfillment part of OSS between the vendors
Development and enhancement of the fulfillment related adapters
Technologies and Tools:
Apache, Spring, J2EE, JMS, Active MQ, SVN, MTOSI, WSDL, JAXB, Soap, LDAP, NETCONF, Eclipse, SopUi

Software Entwickler
International Fixed and Mobile Telecommunication O, Raum Frankfurt
4/2010 – 7/2010 (4 Monate)

4/2010 – 7/2010


ATF - Automated Speech Quality Measurement

The Automatic Testing Framework provides a test platform for telecommunication networks, which supports tests on a functional level. The aim of this system is to automate system tests with a very high test coverage, which are capable of mitigating the combinatorical explosion. The tonetest sub-system is an ATF module responsible for automated verification of speech quality.

Development of the application for recording and playback of audio data, as well as volume control on the given audio channel. The raw audio data can be recorded in any of the given WAV formats (sample-rate, bit-rate, mono/stereo). Furthermore this application also provides the volume control on the corresponding audio chanel for playback and recording of WAV data.

Solution Details:
The Tonetest is in charge of playback and recording of audio data on the given audio channel. The recorded WAV file is compared with the original WAV file by using Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ-Algorithm) and the calculated speech quality of the recorded wave file is reported.

Technologies and Methods:
Visual Studio 2003, C++, Windows multimedia library(winmm.dll), PESQ

International Mobile Phone Manufacturer, Raum Berlin
3/2009 – 4/2010 (1 Jahr, 2 Monate)

3/2009 – 4/2010


Test Automation of Maps Plug-in

The Map's platform plays an important role for supporting the web-based and embedded maps by providing static maps, routing and voice navigation on Embedded and PC platforms.

The Reports Center provides an interface to collect test results from automated and manual tests. The manul test results are collected by a Data Collector Agent (ruby script), which collects the data from different client machines, parses the data and sends the data to the Web Service of Report Center.
The results of Automated test are sent directly by the the Test Automation System to the Report Center through the same interface. Test-Reports for each System Under Test are provided in a numerical and a graphical format which helps the top management see the status of the product and it helps testers to compare the errors, error rate and error description with previous releases as well as with different browsers for the error reporting.
Furthermore a Database-Backup agent was developed to maintain the backups on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. A proxy server was developed to perform a "Man in the middle attack". This proxy interrupts the communication between the client and the server, it manipulates the response from the server and sends it to the client, in order to check the behaviour of the Plug-in.


Development of a Report Center to collect manual and automated Testing results
Development of a Data Collector Agent
Development of a Database Backup Agent
Development of a Proxy Server
Administration of Database, Web and Application Servers

Tools and Technologies:
Netbeans 6.7.1, Ruby on Rails, Ajax (Prototype), REST, Capistrano deployment for rails applications, MySQL database server, Phusion Passenger (application server), Apache2 web server, Ubuntu and Windows xp, Scrum, JIRA, Green Hopper

Entwicker und Tester
International Fixed and Mobile Telecommunication O, Raum Frankfurt
9/2008 – 3/2009 (7 Monate)

9/2008 – 3/2009


ATF - Generic Human Interface Adaptation

GHIA is developed as an extension to Tieto's Automated Testing Framework. GHIA provides a new way of integration with the terminal equipment that does not provide a communication interface from where a test automation can take place, e.g terminal equipment which does not provide a COM or USB port.

GHIA enables ATF to communicate with the terminal equipment by using its standard user interface, for example a key board for a telephone. The realization of this project involved the creation of the platform and the integration of the keyboard and the protocol analyser interface (SIP) using Snom IP phones as terminal equipment.

Development and testing

Writing of testcases and Test specifications for GHIA
Preparation of test environment for GHIA
Installation of ATF and GHIA components
Configuration and intercomponent communication
Blackbox and Whitebox testing of GHIA

Tools and Technologies:
Testlink 1.7.4, Wireshark 1.0.4 , Visual Studio .Net 2005, Mobile Remote System (MRS), CVS, Asterisk 1.4.18

International Fixed and Mobile Telecommunication O, Raum Frankfurt
2/2008 – 8/2008 (7 Monate)

2/2008 – 8/2008


ATF - TeSip Client

The TeSip client is developed as a component of Tieto's Automated Testing Framework in order to provide the test automation facility for SIP based client.
ATF targets to automate functional regression tests for Mobile, ISDN, Analog and VoIP Network infrastructure configurations. It provides a powerful platform to perform end-to-end system verification.

The TeSip client is an application which works as a middleware between TeSip API and TeSip Test execution driver called TED. The TeSip client receives control instructions from TeSip TED in the form of AT commands and calls relevant function from TeSip API to execute received AT commands and sends back the results received from TeSip API to the TED in the form of AT commands via a TCP socket connection.


Tools and Technologies:
C++, ACE library, eXtended osip library, Visual 2005, Wireshark 1.0.4, CVS, Asterisk 1.4.18


Information and Communication Engineering (Nachrichtentechnik)
FH Gießen-Friedberg, Deutschland
Information and Communication Engineering
University of Central Punjab Lahore (Pakistan)

Weitere Kenntnisse

Prog. Languages:
- C++ (A)
- Java (A)
- ruby(A)
- C# (A)
- CSS (A)
- HTML (A)
- JavaScript (A)
- MS VB Script
- MS Visual Basic (A)
- PHP (A)
- Shell Scripting (A)

- Apache (A)
- ASP (E)
- Crystal reports (A)
- Eclipse (A)
- J2EE (A)
- MS Internet Information Server (A)
- SOAP (A)
- Tomcat (A)
- UML 2.0

Technologies and Protocols:
- IP Multimedia SubSystems (A),
- SIP(A)
- Long Term Evolution, Evolved Packet Core (Very good theoritical knowledge)
- VoIP(A)
- Wireshark(A)
- TestLink(A)
- Java Messaging Services(A)
- Next Generation Networks(A)
- SSH(A)
- SSL(A)

- MS SQL Server (A)
- mySQL (A)

- Application Server (A)
- DNS (A)
- GSM (good knowledge)
- HTTP (A)
- ISDN (good knowledge)
- IP Addressing and Apps services(A)
- RS232 (good knowledge)
- Sockets (A)
- TCP/IP (A)
- WAN (A)

- AT Commands(A)
- Hibernate(Good knowledge)
- VoIP(A)
- Wireshark(A)
- WLAN 802.11 analysis (A)

Operating Systems:

Windows Desktop and Server(A), Linux (Ubuntu, Debian) (A)

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