Java Entwicklung freiberuflich

Juni 2019

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Java Entwicklung freiberuflich

Extended experience:
*with Java Standard Edition 1.8
*as software engineer in the Java ecosystem >= 5 years
*with the development of IT systems of different size, complexity and architecture
*English Skills
*Java 8 Concurrency: design, implementation, optimization and bug fixing of mulithreading applications
*with identification and application of design patterns
*Clean Code principles and practices, e.g. Continous Integration, Test Automation, Boy Scout Rule, Test Driven Development, Code Reviews
*with developer tests: JUnit, mocking framework: Mockito
*with Eclipse IDE
*with Maven as build tool

Knowledge about:
*relational database principles and usage, e.g. Oracle
*continuous integration with Jenkins
*data structures formats: XML, XML Transformation, JSON and their processing, e.g. with JAXP/SAX
*frameworks such as Spring, e.g. for dependency injection, remoting and web services
*git as source code version control system
*the development of rich client UI with SWT
Extended social skills:
*working in a team as software developer
*collaboration with architects, requirement engineers, project manager
*good communication skills

Nice to have:
*Scrum, as an agile process model for software development
*the usage of Java Management Extensions (JMX)
*the usage of JAX-RS\WS: Design, implementing, consuming and maintaining
*the usage of Jira Agile as software engineer
*knowledge/experience about Eclipse RCP, Rich Client Platform based on Eclipse for creating custom applications, modularization based on OSGi (Open Services Gateway Initiative),Equinox as implementation of OSGi for Eclipse plugins, Tycho as building tool for Eclipse plugins

*Einsatzort: Hamburg
*Umfang: 5 Tage die Woche, 40h/Woche
*Zeitdauer: mind. ein Jahr

Eclipse, Java, JUnit, Mockito, test-driven development, XML

Eintrittsdatum: 28.05.2018
Dauer: 32 Wochen


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