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Telco System Engineer, System Analyst, DevOps, Test Manager, Senior QA Analyst

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My work experience and technical background are excellent for System Engineer , System Analyst and Test Manager roles. I have broad experience and knowledge in telecommunications and a proven track record working at large international companies.


  • Automatisierungstechnik (allg.)
  • Billing / Rating (Telekommunikation)
  • CI/CD
  • DevOps (allg.)
  • Kontinuierliche Integration (CI)
  • Qualitätsmanagement / QS / QA (IT)
  • Testautomatisierung

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Test Engineer
Publicis Sapient Group, Köln
2/2020 – 7/2020 (6 Monate)
IT & Entwicklung

2/2020 – 7/2020


• Provided entire test automatization solution for XML/REST API digital transformation based on Cucumber Framework/Karate framework, Gherkin and Xpath and JsonPath
• Maintained Test Scope, Test Strategy, Test Detail Design, Test Report and facing communication with stockholders
• Providing CI/CD solution based on git, apache maven, bitbucket and Jenkins
• Test GUI automatization solution based on page object modeling -POM using karate UI, Test-open and Selenium tools
• Test case problems identification, defect reporting and corresponding with R&D unit, solution proposing and daily reporting by JIRA tool

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Qualitätsmanagement / QS / QA (IT)

BSS System Engineer
Tango, Bernart
1/2019 – 6/2019 (6 Monate)

1/2019 – 6/2019


• BSS test team lead, maintained Test Detail Design, Test Report and facing communication with another stakeholder
• Effectively managed risk and issues against BRD/HLD/LLD following eTOM, creating additional test cases matching each of functional/ non-functional requirements
• Performed system integration tests, functional tests and end-end Angular tests with Selenium and Cucumber framework
• Test case problems identification analyzing SOAP/REST interfaces and JBoss Fuse logs; Defect reporting and corresponding with development

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Testautomatisierung, Testdesign (IT)

BSS/OCS Performance Test Manager
Ericsson Czech Republic, Prague
8/2017 – 4/2018 (9 Monate)

8/2017 – 4/2018


• Lead Performance test stream, maintained Test Detail Design, Test Report and facing communication with customer
• Developed and executed Southbound-signaling performance test focusing on Gy/Sy interface for data traffic and on Ro voice-IMS/voice-CS/sms/mms interfaces using Seagull 1.8.3 tool
• Developed set of tools for signaling analyses and for report automation
• Provisioned customer, contracts and validate subscribers ensuring requested blend of subscribers on RM using jmeter 3.2 tool, set up products, troubleshooting service tracing it on CHA CORE/ACCESS TPGs
• Validate and analyse system Revenue Manager RM- 17A35 behaviour checking CHA Karaf, CIL Cassandra, JVM and system logs, validate system utilisations using VMWare VSphere and REDHAT 7.2 tools, setting up TPGs according to DU proposals
• Designed and executed non-functional tests such as: Backup MSV/CIL/EPS/F5, Orchestration Layer High Availability – OE/OOADM/OODB

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.)

Telco System engineer
Hewlitte Packard Enterpirices, Hannover
1/2017 – 8/2017 (8 Monate)

1/2017 – 8/2017


• Provided analyses, fine tuning, system configuration and SS7 configuration of UPC-M 4.3 (Open Call) platform
• Provided solutions for test automations development and MAP v3 /SMPP 3.4 validations tools
• Performed and designed End-to-End functional and operational SMSC tests using automation framework “cucumber”
• Review test results, validate test requirements and present the system functionality in front of the customer
• Maintained functional analyses focusing on MAP signaling and LA SMPP v3.4 external interfaces having communication with third party, finding defect and resolving them
• Configured WebRule Engine using CLIPS, provision LA user on OpenLDAP and setting up LA functionality into MongoDB

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.)

NGIN/PCRF/OCS System engineer
Telefonica O2 - Germany, Munchen
2/2016 – 12/2016 (11 Monate)

2/2016 – 12/2016


• Testing NgIN -Huawei services such as: EMVT, CCAC, Multi Card, VPN, Zoning, PPS, IMS-Pass, mVoLTE
• Preparation operation procedure for ngIN services including checking signaling -CAP1/CAP3/ATI/ATIS/SIP and provision interface SOAP checks and
• Preparing ENIP -ngIN platform procedure including checking check OS-Suse 11Sp4/ Volume Manager -VxVM -4.1 and LVM, checking Cluster Veritas Cluster – VCS 4.1 and Linux-HA – peacemaker / corosys , checking Oracle 11RAC
• Performing PCRF- UPCC -Huawei acceptance tests including, tracing Gx -TS 29.212 interface; subscriber/service provisioning by PGW and by UPPC client -MML interface
• OCS Altamira 12.05 -Ericsson regression testing including provision subscriber by SOAP UNICA interface and configuration services ( Numbering BoltOn and Rating plan ) and tracing analysis Gy,Rx,ASN.1,SMPP interfaces.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Testing (IT)

OCS System analyst - TWPC CCS – RedPlus/LCS, Huawei
Vodafone -Germany, Dusledorf
4/2015 – 12/2015 (9 Monate)

4/2015 – 12/2015


• Specialist for the most complex technical requirements in system architecture
• Defining the interface procedure, determining the style of the overall system including data transfer, hardware components and software integration
• Significant performance improvements and service functionalities
• Providing technical consultancy and business risk assessment to management and working with all stakeholders
• Ensuring integration toward core network elements Cisco -PGWs including specification of third party system configuration
• Analyzing of Sy interface based on TS 29.212 to toward ALU-PCRF, which controls data session bandwidth and is facing cohesive service design
• Assessment of Huawei-Smart Pricing service solution, proposing of service and hardware OCS solution change requests
• Preparation and performing acceptance test cases according to online charging and limit control functionalities focusing on Gy/Sy interfaces

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Hardware Entwicklung, SAP Beratung (allg.), Konfiguration, System Architektur, Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.), Rechnergestütztes Betriebsleitsystem (RBL), Filtertechnik, MOST-Bus (media oriented systems transport), Creo Elements/Pro (Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/E, ProE), Management (allg.), Public Relations, Design (allg.), Adobe InDesign, Schauspieler, Dienstleistung (allg.)

OCS System analyst - TWPC CCS –ALU Online Charging System
Vodafone Germany, Dusledorf
7/2013 – 11/2014 (1 Jahr, 5 Monate)

7/2013 – 11/2014


• Analysis of proposed BSS/ Online Charging System, assessing hardware solution identifying high –availability and performance requirements into the High Level Design and Low Level Design documents
• Writing OCS technical SS7-SINAP/CAP/MAP/Diameter interface specification matching desired interaction with existing core network
• Assessment of Services and functionality of OCS according to technical requirements for the following work streams: IP Data session, Cross Feature (FnF, Group Call , MwD), Subscriptions and administration management, Rating Period, Rating & Charging Switch, Event Charging, Bill Shock Prevention and Data roaming notification
• Preparation and performing acceptance and interoperability test cases –ATMN/IOT including DIAMETER DCCA 2.1/CAMEL x/SINAP 7m technical analyses

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Hardware Entwicklung, System Analyse, Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.), Rechnergestütztes Betriebsleitsystem (RBL), Filtertechnik, Computergestützte Arbeitsplanung (CAP / CAPP), Management (allg.), Public Relations, Design (allg.), Adobe InDesign, Autor / Schriftsteller, Schauspieler, Dienstleistung (allg.)

BSS/VAS Solution Architect ICM Solutions Ltd –Serbia
Telekom Serbia, Belgade
3/2012 – 6/2013 (1 Jahr, 4 Monate)

3/2012 – 6/2013


• Handling all technical aspects, delivering business values through technical expertise of additional text messaging services for EMG-5.1 VAS platform using PL/SQL and OO PERL solutions
• Writing technical papers and manuals on the VAS systems and architectural challenges to clarify and sign off the scope documents
• Interacting with counterparts from operational departments
• Ensuring the application architecture, design and implementation conforms to the business and system requirements
• Reviewing detailed design documents for TAP tool specification and SS7/MAP interface specifications
• Creating high level architecture and writing RFP/RFQ/RFI responses of GSM call simulator based on OO PERL solution and V.24 protocol
• Proposing complete system architecture for GSM call quality center
• Providing specification for SOAP provisioning interfaces , CDR call extracting and SS7/CAP/MAP/Radius verification subsystems

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Perl, PL/SQL, System Architektur, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), GSM/GPRS, Architektur (allg.), Rechnergestütztes Betriebsleitsystem (RBL), Filtertechnik, Computergestützte Arbeitsplanung (CAP / CAPP), Design (allg.), Adobe InDesign, Autor / Schriftsteller, Dienstleistung (allg.)

IN TAC2 System Engineer – Online Convergent Charging System
Nokia Siemens Networks, Wolrd wide
8/2004 – 11/2011 (7 Jahre, 4 Monate)

8/2004 – 11/2011


• Providing Second Line support, integration, configuration, maintenance, trouble shouting, fault reporting, SS7 signaling analyses and hot fix deployment for Online Convergent Charging systems such as: Charge@once Unified 3.1, Charge@once Select 1.5, TopUp V1.5, Care@once V8.0, IN Classic 7b , Service Xpress 3.5, IN@vantage 7.5/7.6.2, V8.0@commander 7.x/8.4/9.0, railways@vantage 3.0

• System commission, installation, integration and SW update of entire BSS products portfolio including HW monitoring, maintained and upgrade for next platforms: Sun Microsystem ( SunFire-V440/890/6900 ) campus, Fujitsu-Siemens Computers ( RM 600 E80, PrimePower 1500/2500 ), HP DL 380 G7, EMC CX4-120 including maintenance and administration of next OEM software: OS SOLARIS 5.08/09/10, SUN CLUSTER3.1, PRIMECLUSTER 4.0, VERITAS Volume Manager 3.2, SDS 4.2; ORACLE AS R9i02, Informix 3.2 , Networker-FSC 6A20, F5 Load balancer Big-IP 1600, Telesys 3.1, Utilcom/Signalware v8.02

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Reporting, Oracle (allg.), Informix, IT-Support (allg.), Konfiguration, Systems Engineering, Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.), Rechnergestütztes Betriebsleitsystem (RBL), Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (EMV), Installation / Montage / Wartung (allg.), Management (allg.), Public Relations, Pflege (allg.), Dienstleistung (allg.)

Main IN Engineer
Telekom Srbija - Mobile Network Division, Belgrade
8/2003 – 4/2008 (4 Jahre, 9 Monate)

8/2003 – 4/2008


• Responsible for RFP/RFQ process, preparing system requirements according to marketing demands
• Pre-paid service solution analyzing and preparing technical project data and ensuring integration to the Ericsson MSC/HLR/SOG/BGW
• Responsible for definition migration process of pre-paid subscriber data including platform deploying provision interworking with BSS
• Investigating for innovations and providing technical and strategic consultancy to high level management

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

SAP Beratung (allg.), Migration, Rechnergestütztes Betriebsleitsystem (RBL), Filtertechnik, MSC (allg.), Management (allg.), Marketing (allg.), Public Relations, Dienstleistung (allg.)

BSS System Engineer - Mobile Communications division
Telekom Serbia, Belgade
1/2001 – 8/2003 (2 Jahre, 8 Monate)

1/2001 – 8/2003


• Operating, administration and maintaining pre-paid system ORGA PPS 1.0 voucher system PRESS1.1, IVR system SG5 - Shembarge Sema/LHS, mediation devices BGW 9.16/ SOG –Ericsson
• Development in-house CDR based Data-ware house and CRM and developing MML interfaces for in-house anti- fraud solution

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Hardware Entwicklung, Mobile Entwicklung (allg.), Systems Engineering, Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.), Rechnergestütztes Betriebsleitsystem (RBL), Produktionsplanung und -steuerung (PPS), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Kommunikation (allg.), Public Relations, Medien (allg.), Mediation


Major in finance
Elektortehnikal universitet

Über mich

I have broad experience and knowledge in networking and communications, and a proven track record in telecom industry. I am capable of solving challenging problems with new ideas and I have leadership skills.

Weitere Kenntnisse

MBA, Athens University of Economics & Business, Major in Finance
• Master these: Business Plan “PC proficiency”
• Focused on next courses: Project Management, Managerial Accounting -Budgeting, Leadership & Emotional intelligence, Project finance

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, emphasis Telecommunications:
• Degree: Diploma Engineer; These:”10Gb Ethernet”

Persönliche Daten

  • Englisch (Fließend)
  • Deutsch (Gut)
  • Serbisch (Muttersprache)
  • Russisch (Fließend)
  • Europäische Union
23 Jahre und 1 Monat (seit 01/2001)
18 Jahre


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