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RAS/Tax/IFRS/GAAP (FI-GL, FlexGL, FI-AP, FI-AR, FI-SL, FI-FA, Accruals Engine, FI-FM/BCS/Budgetary Ledger), Investment management (IM) and Controlling (CCA, CEL, OM, PC, ML/Actual Costing – periodical and AVR), CO-PA, ABAP

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Freelancer, Moscow
1/2015 – offen (5 Jahre, 10 Monate)

1/2015 – offen


PSM-FA (Fund Accounting): Activation Cash Ledger, Report Painter – Segmental Indirect CF report, FlexGL cycles (Plan assessment + distribution) -> CF preparation, BADI (accounts substitution, period shifts), Budgetary Ledger activation (CB Budget transfer to FlexGL + Derivation for Stock level accounts + FI substitution: Profit centers + Segments for Stock level accounts + Distribution cycle: Copy BL posted documents to CF plan by segments)
 Derivation for auto FM MD creation
 BADI (Stock level budget): adjustment on the basis of data from MRP Long term planning
 Fit Gap and prototype customizing for currency control (Ru-Add-On - FIN_LOC_CI_40): Passport of deal (J3RFSPD01, J3RFSPD03 - list, J3RFSPD03S), CDN (J3RFIMCD01, J3RFIMCD02, J3RFIMCD03) + assignment in inbound delivery + transaction for CDN usage , CDN posting - J3RFIMOPER, Statement for currency transactions - J3RFCTS01, J3RFCTS03, J3RFCTS03S, Overall currency control - J3RFCURRCNTRL)
 Fit Gap and resolving rounding errors in VIM and for CDN – development specification: on pricing scheme level
 Development specification (applying special logic for T&E AoR on BADI level (J3RFASK) -> when FI-TV using)
 Development specification for universal ALV grid AP aging report(data collected from VIM, merge with FI-AP OI and with data about responsible persons from PO – for PO with cost assignment)
 Fit Gap and development universal standard text for T&E output payments + LSMW for updating historical data + Open FI for current payments
 Development solution for invoices in CU for VIM (exchange rate take on the payment date)
 Daily support + Approval WF control: SWI1
 ESP for copy account assignment from Purchase requisition to MM
Mar 2016 – present time
BBP, Fit GAP analysis and assessment (FM\BCS – planning process optimization):
 Activation necessary business functions (extensions)
 MBS + derivation for additional line items in BCS (LOAD_CO, LOAD) + ESP (former BADI replacement)
 Functionality enhancement
Please look other details in attached CV

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Grenoble Business School
Jahr: 2004
Ort: MBA in E-Business


Professional with 16-n years implementation experience SAP (R/3,
SAP ERP 2004/2005 and project management (SPRACC):
 Freelancer (Network of public catering establishments):
Adoption strategy maps templates for standard strategies
(SAP viewpoint), Alignment and functional scope definition with SAP Value realization Management (Value Based Management), The general model of calculation SHV, Major influence factors, Influence model, Adoption different Value Driver Tree: SVA, EP, EVA -> EP measure tree, Development strategy map aligned with solution map, Internet marketing plan for Portal, Evaluation functional scope
 iTeco Business Consulting: IS High Education &
Research adoption for Russian Universities –
Functional architecture development (Using Ledger approach for maintenance in system different FY variants: teaching year, calendar year - RAS, calendar year – IFRS, calendar year - Tax), SAP Health Care – development E2E processes, which oriented on max using standard ERP functionality
ITG Consulting: Development architecture and conceptual design in ERP part – IS High Education & Research
 SAP CIS: Bayer Rollout sales, Solution development “Budgeting across contracts”
 IDS Scheer CIS (SAP Practice Director): Achievement SAP Practice Profitability, implementation special delivery model, which oriented on the work in “turnover industries” (comprehensive approach – universal resources: knowledge of min 3-e functionality + ABAP: user exits, BADI, BAPI, ESP). This functional strategy created on the basis of analysis principles and methods work of main competitors (Bench marketing) with purpose of achievements “cost effective leaderships”. Sales and implementation Big Bang Provimi Rollout: IPR (ARIS: Conceptual and Detail design, RICEF, BBP automatic generation, uncial solution for automatic charging “PO Based accruals” (FI-FM\BCS + Budgetary Ledger), Ledger approach as form for parallel realization RAS/IFRS/Tax, verification and development project solution for easy handling difference in COGS on the basis of ML (alternatives comparison): additional cost elements and/or (+/-) methods, AVR (cumulative costing), axillary cost split component, flexible solution for charging bad debt provision (FlexGL), solution for automatic charging inventory obsolesce provision – MRN* Delta posting, development solution (BADI – account correspondence system) for confirmation local financial reporting (EHP 3 limitation – Russian Add On work only with leading ledger), ESP + BADI (derivation from document date) – delayed documents allocation into different periods (basis for asynchronous closing)
 IMG Russia (Managing Director): Opening Russian market for new partner - very successful startup in IMG history (over two years company successfully competitive with IBM and Accenture) – consulting staff 40 peoples. Sold and successfully done project program on BASF (4 Rollouts – RU and KZ) and Vnukovo (DMS, PTA (Russian Add On) for Tax accounting and RAP 18/2, Solution for Protective clothing)
 GMCS (SAP Practice Director): First full scale Green field project from functional scope viewpoint in Russia. SAP Practice organization (Body shop 20 peoples -> 60 peoples, organization across main SAP Products). On this project was implemented solution for 3 PL Budgeting (IM-Appropriated request, Easy cost planning, ERP Integrated planning, CO-OM (CEA, CCA, OPA), FI-FM\BCS (CB, PB), Active availability control, WF)
 SAB Miller (CIO, Project manager): First full scale successful project in Beverage in Russia. Solution for goods and returnable package was developed: user exit for splitting SD billing document on two logical documents (one for goods, one for returnable package), purchase ledger and sales ledger adoption for these documents, solution for automatic clearing OI for these documents (separately for goods and returnable package), solution for budgeting in FI-FM (old) – CFC – P&L by cost nature, NCFC, stock level, CAPEX, FI-SL

Über mich

Sixteen Go-Lives (16), Eleven (11) Rollouts
Implementation experience – sixteen years (16) SAP R/3 & SAP ERP 2004/2005, particularly in Financial accounting and Budgeting area – RAS/Tax/IFRS/GAAP (FI-GL, FlexGL, FI-AP, FI-AR, FI-SL, FI-FA, Accruals Engine, FI-FM/BCS/Budgetary Ledger), Investment management (IM) and Controlling (CCA, CEL, OM, PC, ML/Actual Costing – periodical and AVR), CO-PA, ABAP development: user exits, ALV grid, BADI/BAPI, ESP, LSMW

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  • Englisch (Fließend)
  • Russisch (Muttersprache)
22 Jahre und 3 Monate (seit 07/1998)
7 Jahre


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