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Innovativer Denker mit breit gefächertem Know-How in der strategischen, operativen und technischen Bereitstellung von großen IT-Dienstleistungen wie Programmen und Projekten (sowohl AGILE wie Classic)

Ich biete

Management, Unternehmen, Strategie
  • Mehrprojektmanagement
  • Programm Management
  • Business Analyse
IT, Entwicklung
  • Agile Entwicklung
  • Projektleitung / Teamleitung (IT)
  • Projektmanagement (IT)
  • Release Management
  • Requirement Analyse
Sprachen, Dienstleistung, Soziales
  • Training - Coaching-Kompetenzen

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Program Manager / Senior Project Manager / Release Manager / Scrum Master
UBS Switzerland AG (Wealth Management) / UBS IB (I, Zürich
5/2014 – 8/2018 (4 Jahre, 4 Monate)

5/2014 – 8/2018


Regulatory Projects: FinfraG Article 104 / ETD
Role: Senior Project Manager / Agile
Budget: 3 MCHF, Team Size: 20 within IT / 25 Business side
• Manage various project operations in close collaboration with SCRUM based teams in Poland and based business streams over whole world parted comprising of Singapore, Hong-Kong, and Wuxi (China).
• Deliver technical leadership to a team of 20 IT project and 25 other employees and encouraged them to achieve set goals.
• Manage extensive communication with senior management and manage strong stakeholder / customer interactions.
Key Achievements:
 Assessed and modified projects as per customers’ needs, resulting in achieving maximum customer satisfaction.
 Spearheaded two challenging and complex regulatory projects for FinfraG Article 104 and ETD
 ensuring completion within given timeframe and budget.

Senior Project / Release Manager, 1/2017 – 3/2018 (UBS Wealth Management)
Projects: Regulatory MLSI70176 (Master List of significant issues) / Test Automation / Special Reporting for new Asia Platform
Role: Senior Project Manager / Program Manager / Release Manager (Agile & Classic)
Budget: > 1 MCHF / Team Size up to 10 FTES – involved program staff > 100
• Utilised IT management acumen to lead strategic initiatives and release management of securities area.
• Directed overall QA activities during release period.
• Led strategized project requirements and managed 129 applications within securities for a very huge regulatory bank wide initiative.
• Supervised project operations from inception to completion with up to a volume of 1.5M as a part for new Asia platform
• Transformed corporate image by implementing a test automation project.
• Acknowledged as an integral participant of AGILE / SCRUM initiative team leading and integration role for release management (continuous delivery)
Key Achievements:
 Devised, scheduled, and controlled operational compliance with test and release processes.
 Identified and distilled technical requirements while streamlining and synchronisation of processes and releases.
 Developed a strategic business case for the integration of release management for AGILE and classic development.
Allocare AG Altishofen - UBS Switzerland AG 4/2016 – 12/2016
Senior Project Manager, Project Manager Managed Service 4/2016 – 12/2016 (UBS Wealth Management)
• Spearheaded end-to-end activities and projects within asset link and asset wizard especially for UHNW clients
• Led overall activities associated for management of resources such as costs and staffing, time, scope, and contracts.
Key Achievements:
 Initiated a test-driven release management process through planning and devising strategies.
 Introduced and launched new projects as a subject matter expert and first entry point for business.
 Ran 3 projects parallel of sustainability reporting, increasing risk reporting and a new client reporting platform.
AMR Partner AG - UBS Switzerland AG 5/2014 – 3/2016
Senior Project Manager / Scrum Master / Program Manager / Senior Consultant, 5/2014 – 3/2016 (UBS Wealth Management)
• Leveraged broad understanding of different products within securities area such as shares, bonds, cash bonds, structured products, options, and funds.
• Steered multi project and monitored projects functions through different divisions with strong involvement of architecture and transformation.
Key Projects:

Project 'CDC ONO Securities CH / following strictly ERP approach
Role: Program Manager
Budget: 4.6 MCHF, 2015 & 5.3 MCHF, 2016  Team Size: over 40  Project Scope: • Lead for staffing, scope, time, budget for 3 project streams (Custody / CAIP & Settlement) on IT side
• Fostered congenial relationship and professional communication with stakeholder within business, IT and C-level.
• Performed adeptly in a dynamic, tight timeline, and challenging environment and transformation status/wave.
• Elaborate challenging architectural decisions based on the ERP approach to adapt / implement and harmonize 21 applications

Project 'UHNW ISG' dedicated CRM (ERP based solution)
Role: Agile Project Manager / Scrum Master
Budget: 1.4 M  Team Size: 7  Methodology: Project set up within SDLC with AGILE / SCRUM
• Administered all facets of new project from scratch for UHNW and utilised CRM similar project approach.
• Delivered active functional support and assistance as a project manager and scrum master.
• Responsible for the project architecture and the design and close collaboration with domain architecture

Project ‘IWM’ Integrated Work Management
Role: Senior Project Manager
Budget: 1.5 M  Team Size: 14  Project Scope: Release 1 successful introduced to production
• Tackled challenging technical project with the collaboration of stakeholders from wealth management, investment bank / international UBS, and C-level.
• Close collaboration with domain architecture and surveillance for implementation along defined architectural guidelines

Project ‘Profit & Loss' Report
Role: Senior Project Manager
Budget: 1.3 M  Team Size: 12  Project Scope: Successful Pilot approach and implementation to production, definitive GO LIVE in June 2015
• Commended by senior management and acted as an integral part of the CETUS, migrating UBS Germany on an UBS wide assimilated platform.
• Oversaw and maintained comprehensive advanced reporting project within UBS Germany.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Agile Entwicklung, Confluence (Atlassian), Projektleitung / Teamleitung (IT), Projektmanagement (IT), Release Management, SCRUM, IT-Outsourcing-Konzepte, PRINCE2, Programm Management

Senior Project Manager / Program Manager (Festanstellung)
SIX (Division Securities Services), - Olten / Zuri, Olten
8/2009 – 4/2014 (4 Jahre, 9 Monate)

8/2009 – 4/2014


Senior Project Manager, 8/2009 – 4/2014
• Initiated strong system of internal control by adhering compliance with delivery results towards stakeholders.
• Formulated and described project process.
• Increased top-management decision-making capabilities by designing PID (project initiation document).
• Developed a ground breaking, multi-channel and multi-faceted engagement strategy for product management.
• Headed and delegating work responsibilities and overseeing staff activities for seamless working of operations and in accordance with corporate standards.
• Chaired regularly project status meeting to discuss project progress (mostly on C-level)
• Arranged and conducted professional and technical workshops to augment staff skills level.
Key Projects:
Project‚ Reporting @DSS / SAP BI/BW 7.3 (ERP based Solution)
Budget: CHF 6.3M  Team Size: 12 staff (4 full-time positions matrix organisation) Project Scope: Lead project manager (lead supplier project manager and other affiliated sub-projects (project managers))
Role: Business Senior Project Manager
 Controlled, co-ordinated, and led highly skilled team of three project managers.
 Established and sustained long-term relationships with key project supplier.

Project‚ Pricing Review / SAP ERP (ERP based Solution)
Budget: CHF 2.8M  Team Size: 18 staff (4 full-time positions / matrix organisation) Project Scope: Lead project manager (lead supplier project manager and other affiliated sub-projects (project managers))
Role: Business Senior Project Manager
 Contributed to the success of project initiatives by organising and leading four project managers.

Project Securities Centre / Host and Avaloq (ERP based Solution)
Budget: CHF 7M  Team Size: 34 staff (6 full-time positions / matrix organisation)
Role: Business Senior Project Manager

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Mehrprojektmanagement, PRINCE2, Programm Management


Cert Prep: PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®
April 2019

Excel: Mit Pivot-Tabellen Daten(Bestände) systematisch auswerten
November 2014

Transformational Leadership: Transformationsprozesse steuern
Juni 2012

Prince 2 Foundation Examination License 02283326-02-74QC
März 2010

CMMI CS Academy Switzerland
November 2005

Requirements Management (RR611ACH) UML / Use Cases License Requirements Management (RR611ACH) UML / Use Cases
März 2003

ERP Development and Architecture License Immersion Developer B7331
Dezember 1999


Project Management within SDLC | AGILE / SCRUM
Jahr: 2015
Ort: UBS Academy, Zurich

Project Controlling
Jahr: 2013
Ort: SIX Group Academy, Zurich

Negotiation Techniques, SIX Kaleidos University of Applied Sciences
Jahr: 2012
Ort: Zurich

Network Management, BWI Management Training
Jahr: 2011
Ort: ETH & University of Zurich

DB2 - SQL3 Experienced SQL and Database Design
Jahr: 2003
Ort: DIS GmbH Zurich

ERP Architect / Programmer
Jahr: 1999
Ort: JD Edwards Business Education School, Denver USA

Adabas and Natural (Programming and Database Design)
Jahr: 1996
Ort: SAG Schlieren

Jahr: 1996
Ort: IBM Education School, Zurich

Business Informatics / Business Analyst
Jahr: 1994
Ort: AKAD Zurich Oerlikon

Degree in Programming and IT-Analyst, ISSKA (Informatiker Schule SKA) Zurich Oerlikon
Jahr: 1990
Ort: ISSKA (Informatiker Schule SKA) Zurich Oerlikon

(up to Cand Jur - comparable to Bachelor – without graduation)
Jahr: 1989
Ort: University of Bern, Bern


• Full Project Life Cycle Management
• Project Management (Agile / Waterfall)
• Team Leadership & Coaching
• Strategic Planning & Execution
• Client Relationship Management
• Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
• Extensive C-level communication
• Architecture and Design
• Business Process Improvement
• Scrum Master
• Risk Assessment & Mitigation
• Stakeholder Communication
• Technical Issue Resolution
• Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
• Organization and Process Management
• Requirements Engineering
• Jira / Conflunece
• MS Office / MS Project / MS Office

Über mich

Sehr gute Planungs- und Organisationsfähigkeiten bei der Koordinierung aller wichtigen Aspekte eines Projekts vom Anfang bis zum Ende. Fokussiert den festgelegten Scope zu pushen und dabei nicht den Business Kontext ausser Acht zu lassen und immer mit Einbindung und Berücksichtigung der Standpunkte der Stakeholder. Konkrete Analyse des Geschäftsbedarfs, der Modellierung von Geschäftsprozessen und Validierung und managen der Anforderungen. Ausgeprägte Fähigkeit sowohl bei der Führung als auch bei der Durchführung von Business und technischen (IT) Projekten / Programmen diese innerhalb zeitlichen und monetären (Budget) Vorgaben umzusetzen. Große Erfahrung sowohl in der Agilen/SCRUM als auch in der klassischen Wasserfall-Projektmethodik wie auch in der Erstellung und Umsetzung konsistenter und realistischer Pläne sowie Kontrollstrukturen für Projekte. Das Profil wird abgerundet durch technische Affinität, Fachkenntnisse (Business Analyse) und umfangreicher Erfahrung im Requirements Engineering sowie in Architektur und Programmierkompetenz. Grosse Anpassungsfähigkeit und Widerstandsfähigkeit auch für schwierige Missionen sowie ausgeprägtes analytisches Denken, um den gewählten Ansatz immer wieder zu hinterfragen. Kunden und Service orientiertes Denken und sowie Empathie machen mich zu einem sehr guten Teamplayer und zu einer unverzichtbaren Person für alle Stakeholder.

Persönliche Daten

  • Deutsch (Muttersprache)
  • Englisch (Fließend)
  • Spanisch (Fließend)
  • Französisch (Gut)
  • Europäische Union
  • Schweiz
30 Jahre und 4 Monate (seit 08/1989)
19 Jahre


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