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  • 18.07.2022


Senior Full-stack Engineer/Solution Architect (JavaScript, React, Redux, Node.js, GraphQL, React Native, JAM stack) with extensive experience in projects of different levels spanned for over 7 years.

Ich biete

  • Back-End Entwicklung
  • Front-End Entwicklung
  • Full-Stack
  • Software Architektur / Modellierung
  • Softwareentwicklung (allg.)
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Web Entwicklung (allg.)

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Senior Software Engineer
New Work SE, München
4/2022 – offen (5 Monate)

4/2022 – offen


Migrated platform’s People Directory app to a modern front-end stack (React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Node.js, Webpack,) and covered it with visual, unit and regression tests (Jest, internal framework based on Selenium WebDriver and Mocha, Percy). Developed new features and maintained XING’s logged-out startpage (React, TypeScript, styled-components). Supported various marketing campaign launches.

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Softwareentwicklung (allg.)

Senior Full-stack Engineer
Amcor plc, München
11/2021 – 6/2022 (8 Monate)

11/2021 – 6/2022


Re-designed corporate website (-Hyperlink entfernt-) and refactored the codebase (React, Redux, PostCSS, Webpack, Contentful). Developed, maintained and applied various scripts to transform, parse and migrate huge amounts of data from Excel files to Firestore Database. Implemented and updated different Firebase Functions. Executed a migration of a complex Contentful data structure.

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Solution Architect/Senior Full-stack Engineer
Biogen International GmbH, Hamburg
7/2020 – 7/2022 (2 Jahre, 1 Monat)

7/2020 – 7/2022


Designed and created the architecture of a complex multi-language and multi-country platform for healthcare professionals. Implemented various features such as content management flow (Contentful APIs and tools, GitLab CI/CD, Next.js), virtual event streaming (Zoom API, Brightcove CDN), custom registration and validation processes (Akamai Identity Cloud, GraphQL, DynamoDB), automatic deployments to AWS (Terraform, AWS, GitLab CI/CD), UI component library (React, TypeScript, styled-components, Storybook), URLs and content localization (Next.js, Lokalise), learning management system (React, GraphQL, SCORM). Led various processes and communication between Engineering, Product, and Stakeholder teams.

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Software Architektur / Modellierung

Founder, Hamburg
4/2020 – offen (2 Jahre, 5 Monate)
IT & Entwicklung

4/2020 – offen


Designed and created a platform called distry — a service where users can find a lot of useful information about neighborhoods of their city, including but not limited to interactive maps, user reviews, and ratings of districts, based on safety, cost of living, family-friendliness, nightlife, and other metrics. The tech stack: AWS serverless Lambda functions, Node.js, React, Redux, Auth0, FaunaDB, Gatsby, Netlify CMS, Mapbox, Facebook and Google APIs, PWA.

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Back-End Entwicklung, Front-End Entwicklung, User Experience (UX), Web Entwicklung (allg.)

Software Engineer (Festanstellung)
XING GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg
7/2018 – 5/2020 (1 Jahr, 11 Monate)

7/2018 – 5/2020


Migrated platform’s Startpage to a modern front-end stack (React, Redux, Node.js, Express, Webpack, GraphQL). Decoupled an old monolith Ruby on Rails application into BE and FE apps. Improved loading time of the page by 60% by reorganising React components tree. Increased test coverage of the product from 40% to 90% with the help of Jest, enzyme, Selenium WebDriver, and other internal tools. Developed a complex tracking system using Intersection Observer and Beacon API. Participated in Front-end and Back-end communities of practice. Improved onboarding process of new employees by creating detailed guides, how-to’s, and documentation. Mentored interns and junior developers.

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Front-End Entwicklung, Full-Stack, Web Entwicklung (allg.)

JavaScript Developer (Festanstellung)
XYRALITY GmbH, Hamburg
4/2016 – 7/2018 (2 Jahre, 4 Monate)

4/2016 – 7/2018


Built from scratch a browser version of a MMO game (-Hyperlink entfernt-) using JavaScript, React, HTML5 Canvas and CSS. Managed to automate some routine job (e.g. translations update, pre-deployment operations, sprite replacement) with Python. Increased performance of the game by 65% after refactoring the graphical engine. Designed a React components library, which is used across different projects of the company.

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Softwareentwicklung (allg.)

Front-end Developer
GTP, Kyiv
8/2015 – 4/2016 (9 Monate)

8/2015 – 4/2016


Created web pages and interfaces for sites with more than 10 million unique users each month (e.g. -Hyperlink entfernt-, -Hyperlink entfernt-, etc.) using JavaScript, PHP, CoffeeScript, jQuery, CSS and HTML. Designed and developed a special admin tool for managing and approving new articles with React and Reflux, which improved communication between managers and freelance journalists. Built an image editing tool (adding watermarks, filters, cropping) with React.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Web Entwicklung (allg.)

Front-end/PHP Developer
Saleslion Suomy Oy, Brainberry Global, Kyiv
1/2014 – 8/2015 (1 Jahr, 8 Monate)
IT & Entwicklung

1/2014 – 8/2015


Developed different landing pages, websites, e-commerce projects using WordPress, Magento, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML. Designed and maintained WordPress plugins and themes.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Web Entwicklung (allg.)


National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute', Faculty of Informatics and Co
(Bachelor's degree in Computer systems and networks)
Jahr: 2015
Ort: Kyiv, Ukraine


JavaScript, React.js, Redux, Node.js, Next.js, DynamoDB, Contentful, Terraform, GraphQL, Angular, TypeScript, React Native, Gatsby, Apollo, Webpack, HTML, CSS, CSS preprocessors, MongoDB, JAM Stack, Netlify, FaunaDB, AWS, Git, GitHub, Agile, Jest, Selenium Web Driver, Python, Auth0, Mapbox.

Über mich

I'm a Senior Full-stack Engineer/Solution Architect with extensive experience in projects of different levels spanned for over 7 years. I’m most experienced with JavaScript/TypeScript; React/Redux ecosystem (started to use it from the very first releases); Node.js/Express; GraphQL; Contentful; JAM Stack (Gatsby, Netlify, Lambda, FaunaDB); Next.js. I'm open to trying new technologies and would love to share my knowledge, potentially in a technical leadership role.

Persönliche Daten

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  • Russisch (Muttersprache)
  • Ukrainisch (Muttersprache)
  • Europäische Union
8 Jahre und 7 Monate (seit 01/2014)
2 Jahre


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