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Embedded Software Engineer

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  • 23.10.2018


Embedded Software Engineer, C, with experience in several areas:
- close to the hardware (drivers on bare-metal, platform bring-up)
- protocols (drivers for networking related hardware, bus controllers)
- Linux user-space, minimal kernel

Ich biete

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Software Engineer, Platform Services team
Nokia Solutions and Networks, Neu-Ulm
5/2013 – offen (8 Jahre, 8 Monate)

5/2013 – offen


Tasks included:
• Maintenance (improving and bug fixing) and developing of features in a middle-ware layer providing uniform user-space APIs over multiple OS-es (Linux, OSE, OSEck), related to file-system operations and TFTP/FTP (server and client side) support.
• Analyzing system integration and in-field issues based on trace-logs and/or Wireshark captures
• Developing helper tools (scripts) for easing up development and analyzing activities (handling SCM related tasks, handling binaries, remotely running test-cases, parsing and analyzing logs and packet-captures).
• Debugging on multiple platforms

SCM related:

• Using SVN for version control
• Using JIRA for tracking
• Using Jenkins for Continuous Integration related activities
• Using Klockwork for static analysis
• Using gcov for code coverage analysis
• Using python, ruby, bash for tools development
• Using valgrind and gdb for run-time analysis and debugging

Software Engineer, MAC Packet Scheduler, System Components Testing team
Nokia Siemens Networks, Ulm
1/2013 – 4/2013 (4 Monate)

1/2013 – 4/2013


Tasks included:

• Maintenance (updating and debugging) of test-cases related to LTE L2 features, according to design specs

SCM related:

• Using SVN for version control
• Using Eclipse for development
• Using DOORS for requirements management

Software Engineer, LightRadio project, targeting small low-power cells
Alcatel-Lucent, Stuttgart
11/2011 – 11/2012 (1 Jahr, 1 Monat)

11/2011 – 11/2012


Tasks included:

• Linux user-space development and testing of PDCP layer processing (data-path, control-path, security related procedures)
• Development of software emulation of specific hardware, to provide a base for developing PDCP functionality
• Development of software stubs of surrounding layers, prior to system integration
• System integration (testing, debugging and adapting software to run on multiple platforms)
• Linux user-space development of specific testing environment and tools (including basic scripting)
• Participated in APIs definition
• Debugging on multiple platforms (gdb, mtrace, etc.)
SCM related:

• Working in Agile environment (SCRUM)
• Using Clearcase/UCM for version control
• Using Coverity for static analysis

Software Engineer, Networking and Multimedia Group
Freescale Semiconductor, Bucharest
5/2006 – 10/2011 (5 Jahre, 6 Monate)

5/2006 – 10/2011


Tasks included:

• Development of requirements, test plans, drivers and tests in a bare-board environment for:
- various firmware-implemented features involving several networking-related Freescale QuiccEngine platforms (interworking features related to QoS, parsing, classification and manipulation of packets)
- various hardware controllers found on the Freescale platforms (serial bus controllers, physical line interface controllers, DMA, etc.)
• Development of drivers and applications under Linux (kernel and user-space) for Freescale QUICC Engine and DPAA-enabled devices, PowerPC enabled.
• Platforms' bring-up
• Providing presentations and training sessions for internal and external customers
• Providing support for debugging customer's issues
• Coordinating small teams during specific projects' development

SCM related:

• Sparx Enterprise Architect for UML design
• Telelogic DOORS for requirements management
• TestTrack Pro for issues' recording and tracking
• CVS, GIT for version control
• Codestriker for reviews
• Klocwork for code analysis


Expert C knowledge, in an object-oriented fashion (I can write C++ or Java if required).
Python/Ruby/Bash knowledge enough to accomplish specific tasks.

Über mich

I enjoy challenging projects, which require knowledge and involvement in multiple phases of the development process (design, implementation, testing, customer training and feedback gathering).

I have a contract-based approach, i.e. I always try to have a clear image on what was requested, what is delivered and how requirements can/should be improved, when such a case is noticed: my deliverable has to be high quality.

I am open to projects in Deutschland, Austria or Switzerland.

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  • Europäische Union
15 Jahre und 7 Monate (seit 05/2006)


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