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Experienced Enterprise and Solution Architect/Team Lead in the Financial Services Industry, with more than 12 years of Client/Server Applications around the Java and Murex ecosystem.

Ich biete

  • Enterprise Architect (EA)
  • Java (allg.)
  • SOA (Serviceorientierte Architektur)

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Senior Solution Architect
Private EQ Fund, Zurich
11/2014 – 12/2017 (3 Jahre, 2 Monate)

11/2014 – 12/2017


Senior Solution Architect for a Private Equity Fund Management System in Zürich, Switzerland leading a greenfield project over a team of Business Analysts and Developers/Testers in requirement analysis, designing, implementing, testing and supporting a customized end to end web based client/server solution.

Project details
• Gathered and created high level initial requirements and priorities from all Stakeholders
• Designed high level business, data, application and technology architecture, separating modules and functionality
• Directed and managed the Business Analysts over the specifications to be put together, organizing iterations for enhancing and detailing the design documents together with the domain experts
• Interviewed and recruited developers, searching for skills and experience to overlap over certain areas but also to include specific knowledge in new areas we need to approach in the project
• Chosen in detail the technological stack and solutions as to correspond with the team knowledge and to reduce the amount of effort and complexity needed to deliver the solution
• Gathered requirement points, cleared blocking issues, validated and ensured commitment and signature from Business Owners and all Key Persons
• Defined migration details, clearing any outstanding issues
• Planned and managed using Agile Sprints weekly and milestone deliverables, including Planning Poker, daily Stand Up and Governance meetings
• Weekly synchronization meetings between Developers and Business Analysts
• Monthly and on delivery milestone meetings with Business Owners
• Post delivery changes and support management

Solution details
• Client/Server Multi User Application written in a mix of technologies and languages:
◦ Server application: a mix of Java Object Oriented code for infrastructure and Clojure Functional Programming for implementing business logic
◦ Database persistence: Lambda Architecture with Historical database records based on an abstraction query layer modeled after Datalog and Datomic over a Postgres SQL Server
◦ Client/Server communication based on Compojure and Ring http server
◦ Client application based on a mix of JavaScript and ClojureScript so as to better leverage the Client GUI library – Facebook’s React wrapped in a Reagent layer together with Bootstrap CSS
◦ Logging based on log4j and timbre
◦ Battery of tests covering the technical and functional modules
• Modules and functionality
◦ User and Role definition
◦ Granular access rights at entity and user action level
◦ Multiple Asset classes
▪ Currencies
▪ Equities
▪ Bonds
◦ Marketdata Symbol and Price definition and import
◦ Financial indicator analysis charts for computing various data for an Asset Price like:
▪ Simple Moving Average (SMA)
▪ Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
▪ Money Flow Index
▪ Moving Average Converge Divergence (MACD)
▪ Relative Strength Index
▪ Bollinger Bands
▪ Stochastic Oscillator
◦ Configurable UI for data aggregation and chart generation
◦ Multi Currency/Multi Entity Hierarchical Accounting
◦ Portfolio and Position tracking and history
◦ Order management
◦ Complete audit capacities over the data in the system
◦ Business Rules for automatically creating business related data upon events that include Order execution, Transaction insertion, etc
◦ Scheduled tasks to trigger predefined processing steps at regular intervals
◦ Configurable reports based on templates, writeable to Word/Pdf/Excel/HTML

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Software Design

Assistant Vice President - Team Lead and Line Manager Deputy/Senior Application
Credit Suisse, Zurich
8/2011 – 10/2014 (3 Jahre, 3 Monate)

8/2011 – 10/2014


Assistant Vice President - Team Lead and Line Manager Deputy/Senior Application Architect at Credit Suisse Zürich, Switzerland for a team of 12 people in the Cross Asset Structured Products Enterprise Reengineering (CASPER) project, which represents the Murex MX.3 platform implementation for the Credit Suisse OTC business.

Team lead and Line Manager Deputy tasks:
◦ Defined deliverables and planned team activity according to the release timeline. Ensured that the process and defined steps are followed and that the deadlines can be reached. Contingency plan definition when the situation required it.
◦ Weekly reporting for the management committee, including deliverables tracking, general status. Leaded regular defect planning meetings, first and second level support meetings. Organized conference calls with external providers in order to discuss open issues.
◦ Regular meetings with the project architect in order to define the target architecture and the implementation guidelines for the entire Build team in accordance to the architectural best practices
◦ Organized daily standup meetings according to the lean project setup
◦ Coached team members on the technologies used: Murex application architecture, module and service usage, general application design and implementation best practices, Enterprise Integration Patterns, build tools, etc.
◦ Organized bi-weekly Build Sessions that offered the possibility of the team members to present various aspects of the application or of their work to their colleagues, in order to facilitate understanding, to offer a broader view over the application landscape and to facilitate knowledge transfer
◦ Organized recruitment interviews and recruited 5 new members for the on site build team and 4 members for the offshore team, designed and validated written tests for the candidates
◦ Participated to the offshoring effort by defining the areas that can be handled outside Switzerland, according to the compliance policies that have to be respected regarding client sensitive data
◦ Managed and contributed to the team wiki, encouraged content publication in order to facilitate handover and knowledge sharing
◦ Acted as Product Owner for the RECON inter-system Reconcilliation Engine

Project contributions:
◦ Leaded a group of 4 developers in implementing a new Java/SQL/FreeMarker/Oracle based application called MxTib (Murex – Trade Information Bus), application that interfaced the Murex platform with downstream Credit Suisse systems via IBM Websphere MQ. This task involved planning, assigning work items and tracking the development process in all its phases: design, implementation, test, support. The application extracted the entire trade population from Datamart to a proprietary XML format and then published it to various risk management and reporting systems. Products implemented:
▪ Equity derivatives:
• Asset Swaps
• Variance Swaps
▪ Interest rate derivatives:
• Cap/Floor
• Forward rate agreements
• Swaps
◦ Basis swaps
◦ Compounded interest
◦ Extendable swaps
◦ Range swaps
◦ With Break Clause
◦ Vanilla swaps
• Overnight indexed swaps
• Interest rate swaptions
▪ FX and Precious Metals options
• Barriers
• Knock In/Knock Out
• European/American/Asian
Rigorous constraints were imposed due to high data volume as regarding the execution time that has to be guaranteed during Intra Day, End of Day and End of Month processing.
◦ At the head of a 2-developer sub team, I have led the redesign of the Accounting interface. The task required careful attention to be given to design issues due to the long history the module had, the huge codebase and fragmentation. After the target design was defined, I have coached the team members on the new technology we adopted – Apache Camel – an industry standard for Enterprise Integration Patterns solutions. The development was once again made following the plan, with daily tracking in an Agile manner.
◦ Enhanced dependency management and the application delivery process in the project by introducing industry standard solutions for building, deploying and testing applications based on Apache Maven.
◦ Designed and supervised the implementation of the Trade Valuation Import interface from TACS (Credit Suisse internal application), based on Apache Camel.
◦ Developed, redesigned and optimized for speed and for easier maintainability the Financial Reports, implemented using SQL based Datamart extractions.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Software Design, Java (allg.)


TOGAF Certified Architect
Januar 2016


Computer Science
(Master in Artificial Intelligence)
Jahr: 2006
Ort: Paris, France


Enterprise/Solution Architecture, Java, Murex

Über mich

Experienced Enterprise and Solution Architect/Team Lead in the Financial Services Industry, with more than 12 years of Client/Server Applications around the Java ecosystem. Passion for driving and coaching teams, organizing and planning deliverables, designing and implementing large Enterprise Applications that handle massive data volumes over various Middleware, with delivery and client orientation at the core. Knowledge of Structured Financial Products and Financial Market related software. Exposure to international environments and working with offshoring teams.

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