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D. ist ein extremst effizienter Android-Entwickler mit über 8 Jahren praktischer Programmiererfahrung, die er sich seit dem 12. Lebensjahr aneignet. Mit seinen herausstechenden Fähigkeiten unterstützt er Sie bei Ihrem nächsten Android Projekt.


  • Android Entwicklung
  • Firebase
  • Hilt
  • Java (allg.)
  • Jetpack Compose
  • JUnit
  • Kotlin
  • MVVM
  • Room/DataStore
  • UI/Instrumentation Tests

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Whitelabel Design System
Kundenname anonymisiert, Remote
6/2022 – 9/2022 (4 Monate)

6/2022 – 9/2022


Development of a white label design system including consulting services to enable the integration of features in differently branded production applications. The Kotlin API is developed using Jetpack Compose. Code reviews ensure utmost code quality while a Github Actions CI is responsible for validating the build and publishing the release artifact. Additionally tracking of implementation progress and API documentation was introduced. Also support for the crossfunctional team has been provided to switch from kanban to a scrum based team workflow.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Android Entwicklung

Car Retail Application GmbH, Remote
12/2021 – 6/2022 (7 Monate)

12/2021 – 6/2022


Development of a large scale car retail app in a cross functional team that makes use of the scrum methodology. The native and multi module Kotlin application utilizes an extended MVVM architecture combined with Dagger for dependency injection. RxJava makes the app reactive, while Shared Preferences is used for local data storage. The UI is created using Android Views combined with Data Binding, supported by custom Binding Adapters. Unit tests, built with Truth and BDD Mockito, ensure highest code quality. Restful API’s are realizing the backend communication. All developers took the responsibilities of Pull Request reviews and release management. The project is checked by a comprehensive CI.

Team of 2 Android - 2 Web - 1 iOS - 2 BE - 1 UX - 1 EM - 1 PM/PO

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Android Entwicklung

Zero Based Budgeting App (ZBBA)
Personal Project, At Home
12/2020 – 7/2021 (8 Monate)
Finanz Management

12/2020 – 7/2021


ZBBA is a native money management app written in Kotlin. This from scratch designed and implemented project is largely inspired by YNAB. An MVVM architecture and Hilt for dependency injection build the foundation. Room is used to persist transactional data, while DataStore is responsible for saving simple session information. The application is highly reactive using Kotlin Flows API combined with LiveData. The UI consists of a View based layout combined with Jetpack Compose. A full range of unit tests using JUnit 4 and Mockito ensure highest code quality. This is additionally reinforced with UI Tests written in Espresso and Jetpack Compose testing framework. The GitHub repository includes a basic CI built with GitHub Actions.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Android Entwicklung

2048 - The Clean One
Personal Project, At Home
8/2018 – 9/2018 (2 Monate)

8/2018 – 9/2018


2048 is a classical number game originally created by Gabriele Cirulli. This version represents the game in a minimalistic look with modern animations. The self directed native project is designed with Adobe XD and implemented from scratch with Java in a View based UI. The game board itself is as a custom View. Games are automatically locally persisted using Shared Preferences and can be resumed at any time. The game includes monetization with Admob and shows rewarded ads to fill up the undo count. Also Play Game Services SDK is used for achievements. This app is published on Google Play and includes Firebase tracking.

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Android Entwicklung

BvC Vertretungsplan App
Bernhard-von-Cotta-Gymnasium (School Project), At Home
8/2017 – 6/2018 (11 Monate)

8/2017 – 6/2018


The BvC Vertretungsplan App gives students the ability to view their substitution plan on their smartphone. The self directed Java project was conceptualized, designed and implemented from scratch as a high school project. The app includes login data validation and parses xml files from the school server to get the substitution plan. The project was designed with Adobe XD and implemented as a View based native Android app. Firebase is added for tracking installs and usage. After the app received the highest possible grade it was published on Google Play and officially introduced as a substitution plan app in the school.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Android Entwicklung

MyMusic (Music Visualizer)
Personal Project, At Home
4/2017 – 7/2017 (4 Monate)
Music Player

4/2017 – 7/2017


MyMusic plays and visualizes locally stored music in real time. The Java app provides a View based UI for choosing songs grouped by Playlists, Albums, Genres and Artists. The native project created from scratch is self directed and motivated by passion for trap music and seeing it visualized. Songs and their metadata are queried with Androids ContentResolver. To realize a high resolution visualization via FFT, low level Android Media APIs like MediaCodec and AudioTrack are used to get access to raw audio data. The FFT data is processed in realtime and rendered via Androids TextureView with the use of low level canvas drawing APIs. The application includes 5 different visualizations with special focus to visualize lower frequencies in an entertaining manner.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Android Entwicklung

Über mich

D. ist ein hocheffizienter Android-Ingenieur mit über 9 Jahren praktischer Programmiererfahrung. Bereits im Alter von 12 Jahren begann er mit der Entwicklung seiner ersten Programme. Angetrieben von seiner Leidenschaft für das Programmieren und Probleme zu lösen, liebt er es, für hochkomplexe Probleme möglichst einfache Lösungen zu finden. Dies führt nicht nur zu sauberem und effektivem Code, sondern macht seinen Code auch leicht lesbar und verständlich für andere Entwickler. Durch seine herausragende Fähigkeit, den Code von bestehenden Projekten schnell zu verstehen, kann er in kurzer Zeit den Code anderer analysieren und erstaunliche neue Funktionen implementieren.

Weitere Kenntnisse

Kotlin, Java

Scrum, Release Manager, PR Reviews

Admob-/Firebase SDK, Samsung Accessory SDK, Billing Library 4, Gson

RxJava, Dagger, Hilt, WorkManager, Coroutines, DataStore, Room, Flows, LiveData, ViewModel

Jetpack Compose, Views, Data Binding, Binding Adapters, Material Components

JUnit, (BDD) Mockito, Espresso, Compose Tests, Unit Tests, Truth, UI/Instrumentation Tests

Android Studio, Git, GitHub, BitBucket, Jenkins, Jira

Other Tools
Figma, Zeplin, Play-/Firebase Console, Optimizely, Swagger

Persönliche Daten

  • Deutsch (Muttersprache)
  • Englisch (Fließend)
  • Europäische Union
4 Jahre und 6 Monate (seit 10/2019)


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