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  • 10.04.2024


Hands-On Führungskraft mit mehr als 9 Jahren Managementerfahrung und mehr als 20 Jahren Erfahrung in der Softwareentwicklung im stark regulierten Umfeld.


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • React (JavaScript library)
  • Ruby on rails
  • DIN EN ISO 13485
  • Projektleitung / Teamleitung (IT)
  • Ruby
  • Software Architektur / Modellierung
  • Software as a Medical Device
  • Teamentwicklung

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Engineering Manager - Privacy and InfoSec as a Service SaaS Platform (Festanstellung)
Kundenname anonymisiert, München
9/2022 – 7/2023 (11 Monate)
Legal Tech

9/2022 – 7/2023


In the role of EM I was leading two cross functional software delivery teams working on the core public facing products. I was responsible for delivery on time, staffing, improving agile processes, technology improvements like transitioning to TypeScript as well as keeping the quality high. Along leadership responsibilities like personal development of individual engineers, I conducted code reviews and drove architectural improvements as well as contributed code.

* Transitioned two Software Engineering Teams from virtually not delivering to high performing
* Successfully introduced Scrum in two Software Engineering Teams - enabling management to reliably predict deliveries
* Introduced DORA metrics to measure key data points, established these as part of the teams’ culture
* Wrote a service in Ruby to pull and process DORA metrics from GitLab and to be delivered to corporate reporting
* Introduced low code and integrations tooling like AppSmith and n8n
* Contributed to transition from bare metal to Kubernetes

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

PostgreSQL, Confluence (Atlassian), Projektleitung / Teamleitung (IT), SCRUM, Jira, Ruby, TypeScript, Cloud Computing, JavaScript, Kubernetes, Ruby on rails, Vue.js

Head of Technology - Software as a Medical Device Mobile Apps (Festanstellung)
Kundenname anonymisiert, München
1/2022 – 8/2022 (8 Monate)
Life Sciences

1/2022 – 8/2022


As Head of Technology I was responsible for the entire engineering organization - encompassing ownership of relevant processes within the ISO 13485 QMS, managing change from native to cross platform, leading multiple external teams and internal engineers as well as a cloud stack transition from ECS to Kubernetes.

* Re-staffed software engineering team to meet capacity requirements
* Successfully oversaw external near shore development of two mobile products from initial concept to running in production
* Successfully simplified Software Development Process within the ISO 13485 QMS
* Initiated infrastructure transition from ECS to Kubernetes
* Initiated and successfully accomplished transition from native iOS and Android setup to React Native

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Agile Entwicklung, Confluence (Atlassian), Projektleitung / Teamleitung (IT), SCRUM, iOS Entwicklung, Jira, Ruby, Amazon Web Services (AWS), React Native, Ruby on rails, DIN EN ISO 13485

Engineering Manager - Digital Voucher Marketing Platform (Festanstellung)
Kundenname anonymisiert, Berlin
8/2021 – 12/2021 (5 Monate)

8/2021 – 12/2021


In the role of EM, I was leading two cross functional software delivery teams working on internal systems - a customer satisfaction aggregation tool as well as a global system for coupon / voucher management that replaced an open-source library.

* Introduced Scrum in two cross functional software delivery teams
* Staffed teams to meet future capacity requirements
* Introduced and successfully established Elixir to replace Ruby in parts of the system
* Supported transition from monolithic Rails apps to a message driven micro service architecture
* Successfully drove a build / buy decision for a global coupon system
* Introduced React Context API, refactor and Dark Mode as an Individual Contributor

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Confluence (Atlassian), Projektleitung / Teamleitung (IT), SCRUM, Jira, Ruby, TypeScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS), JavaScript, Kubernetes, React (JavaScript library), Ruby on rails

Engineering Manager - Software as Medical Devices Engineering Organization (Festanstellung)
Kundenname anonymisiert, München
1/2020 – 7/2021 (1 Jahr, 7 Monate)
Life Sciences

1/2020 – 7/2021


I started out as Lead Engineer - being the first permanent engineering hire - mostly focusing on writing code, delivering features and maintain RoR applications and Vue.js frontends. Secondly - together with the CTO - I was responsible to structure and plan out the product engineering organization to be fit for a hyper growth phase post an A Series funding

* Structured and built up the product engineering organization Achievements - Staffed engineering teams from 1 to 16 engineers
* Transitioned mobile applications from app-shell web apps to React Native
* Drove initiative to migrate backends from bare metal to a multi public cloud setup leveraging Kubernetes
* Drove initiative to migrate from monolithic RoR apps to a service oriented architecture using Ruby and introducing NestJS as a complimentary backend technology
* Established constant improvement in Scrum teams - enabling them to own their individual processes and be high performing
* Established strong engineering culture, engineering excellency and high performance environment
* Supported the introduction of a ISO 13485 certified QMS and owning relevant processes
* Co-created and established a methodology to release medical device grade applications within weeks instead of months

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Agile Entwicklung, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud Computing, DIN EN ISO 13485, JavaScript, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Projektleitung / Teamleitung (IT), React Native, Ruby, Ruby on rails, SCRUM, TypeScript, Vue.js

Supervisor Software Development - Patient Reported Outcomes SaaS Product (Festanstellung)
Kundenname anonymisiert, München
10/2015 – 12/2019 (4 Jahre, 3 Monate)
Life Sciences

10/2015 – 12/2019


Together with a US based engineering team, I was responsible for a SaaS solution providing clinical trial data capturing functionality to orthopedic surgeons to collect patient reported outcomes. I accompanied the team and product over several years and through many technical iterations - most importantly moving towards cloud native and a service-oriented architecture following an iterative approach - servicing parts out while keeping the monolith.

* Remotely leading a Software Engineering Team based in the US and enabled them to deliver on time and get high performing
* Enabled the team to adopt a DevOps culture environment and a youbuild-it, you-run-it mindset
* Built an internal iPad OS prototype providing AR for products in showrooms using Tensorflow mobile and consuming several REST interfaces
* Built a service to anonymize clinical trial data in Golang
* Built a charting service using express and D3
* Migrated applications from EC2 into Kubernetes

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Confluence (Atlassian), Go (GoLang), JavaScript, Jira, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Projektleitung / Teamleitung (IT), Ruby, Ruby on rails, TypeScript


AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate


Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruge

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19 Jahre und 3 Monate (seit 01/2005)
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