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With over 15 years of IT experience in start-ups, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies, I help companies across industries to a more modern organizational structure. I believe in lean processes, data, clear goals (good OKRs), transparent communication


  • Agile Entwicklung
  • C-Level
  • Digitale Transformation
  • Product Owner
  • Prozesscoaching
  • Schulung / Coaching (allg.)
  • Target Operating Model
  • Training - Coaching-Kompetenzen
  • Transformation Management
  • Unternehmer-Coaching

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Senior Agile, Product & Portfolio Coach
Multinational Retail Clothing Organization, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France
9/2022 – 4/2024 (1 Jahr, 8 Monate)
IT & Entwicklung

9/2022 – 4/2024


- Coaching the Digital Leadership Team, including the Engineering, Design, and Product Lead
- Utilizing a Lean Change Management approach by using and clustering the impediments lists as the Digital Transformations journey with KPIs
- Creation and implementation of an agile and lean operating model that prioritizes user value creation, including launching pilot teams, tracking, learning/iterating, scaling in the digital domain for 150 people
- Co-creation of an End-to-End Product-Led Flow that spans from stakeholder requests vs. customer opportunities to delivery on the portfolio level for up to 4.000 people
- Adapting the Jira setup, including issue types and workflows, aligning work package durations, creating and implementing a new governance
- Shaping new roles and responsibilities, adopting feedback loops, establishing training and career paths for 400 people
- Developing blueprints and conducting workshops, such as Product Vision, Value Stream Identification, OKRs, Stakeholder Mapping, Role Model Canvas, Data Canva, and Product Maturity Check etc.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Digitale Transformation, Prozesscoaching, Training - Coaching-Kompetenzen, Transition Management, Unternehmer-Coaching

Senior Agile, Product & Portfolio Coach
Internet Service Provider & Telecommunications Org, Germany, Austria
6/2022 – 8/2023 (1 Jahr, 3 Monate)

6/2022 – 8/2023


- Collaborating closely with the CEO and CTO
- Adapting the organizational matrix into a more lean and agile operating model, including the Jira setup, to identify bottlenecks, remove long runners, and create team and cross-team dashboards for 100 – 200 people
- Co-creating with the 3 Product Managers a new Product Management process for prioritizing, steering, and delivering new ideas and initiatives at the portfolio level
- Coaching 7 Scrum Masters to improve team flow (Cycle Time)
- Coaching 20 Product Owners on Backlog Management, including prioritization and discovery
- Aligning issue types, workflows, estimations, roles, and processes across the teams
- Shaping new roles and responsibilities, adopting -feedback loops, establishing training and career paths

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Agile Entwicklung, Digitale Transformation, Prozesscoaching, Training - Coaching-Kompetenzen, Unternehmer-Coaching

Business Agility & Technology Integration Manager (Festanstellung)
Accenture GmbH, Technology Department, GSA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
2/2019 – 9/2022 (3 Jahre, 8 Monate)
IT & Entwicklung

2/2019 – 9/2022


- Coaching project leads and Product Managers in steering and executing releases
- Assessing product delivery workflows, market requirements, (potential) value streams, and their integration with technology in large-scale organizations (Fortune 500 companies)
- Enablement for agile software delivery - Dev teams and stakeholders (on- and offshore) 100 – 5.000 people
- Advisor for scaled agile product roadmaps (portfolios) and all roles attached to them depending on company size
- Implementing agile roles, tools, methods, frameworks, and metrics
- Conducting Lean Change Management and Business Agility workshops for leadership, teams, and stakeholders
- Shaping new roles and responsibilities, establishing training and career paths

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Agile Entwicklung, Digitale Transformation, Prozesscoaching, Schulung / Coaching (allg.), Transformation Management, Unternehmer-Coaching

Product Manager (Festanstellung)
Applications and Games, Karlsruhe & Stuttgart
2/2016 – 2/2019 (3 Jahre, 1 Monat)
IT & Entwicklung

2/2016 – 2/2019


- Developing user journey maps and features in collaboration with 5 clients, users, and 4 Dev teams (each 7-11 people) for native mobile applications
- Execution of client workshops and reviews (bug/defect negotiations)
- Shaping new roles and responsibilities, establishing training and career paths
- Conducting effort estimations with the Dev teams; creation of client proposals and SLAs
- Website maintenance and SEO

- Coordination of 20 stakeholders and 150 game developers from the fields of computer science, sound, graphics, and game design
- Responsible for the "Deployment in Learning" section of the EU-commission-funded project JamToday: organization and implementation of Hackathons (Game Jams), and Train the Trainer workshops, budget responsibility for Germany
- Head of the creative industries panel at the Open! Digital Innovation Conference 2016 and 2017(focus on AR and AI)

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Agile Entwicklung, Application Development, Digitale Transformation, Product Owner


Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma Institute
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Professional Agile Coaching
Professional Team Facilitation
SAFe Program Consultant 5.0 (SPC)
Scaled Agile Framework
OKRs 101: Measure What Matters | OKR Resources
What Matters
Management 3.0 & Trainer
Management 3.0
Leading SAFe 4.6, 5.1 Enablement in 2021 & Trainer
Scaled Agile Framework
Agility Health Facilitator & Trainer
Agile Health Radar
Kanban System Design & Trainer
Kanban Systems Improvement
Scrum Master & Trainer
User Experience Design
Hochschule Stuttgart
HTML and Web Design
Kingston University


Technology Entrepreneurship
Harvard University
Master of Arts in Arts
Master of Arts
Kingston University London
Bachelor of Science in Finance
Bachelor of Science in Finance
RheinMain University of Applied Science
Visual & Cultural Communication
Additional Qualification
Karlsruher Institut for Technlogy

Über mich

I am 38 years old, born and raised in Germany – mixed with four nationalities. I have worked in startups, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies for over a decade. I believe in lean processes, data, clear goals (good OKRs), transparent communication, and empowering individuals and teams.

With a B.Sc. in Finance (Frankfurt), an M.A. in Arts (London) and additional certifications in Six Sigma, Scaled Agile Framework (SPC and Leading), Professional Agile Coaching and Facilitation (ICP-ACC & ICP-ATF), Kanban (System Design and Systems Improvement), Management 3.0, International Team Development, User Experience, HTML/Web Design, etc. you get with me a versatile, but also pragmatic and honest person.

I don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions but rather in individual "in-house" process-related problems and opportunities. I work integratively, meaning I am not a Scrum or SAFE dogmatist; I draw on various approaches from "classic" coaching, lean change management, agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, Flight Levels), Portfolio Management etc.

Industries I have worked in are Automative, Arts & Culture, E-Commerce, Financial Services, Health & Public Services, IT & Telecommunication, and Pharmaceutical.

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Weitere Kenntnisse

I have worked with various clients and can provide direct contacts and references to them if you doubt my creditability.

Due to different roles such as OKR Coach, Senior Agile Coach, Product Manager, Transformation Manager, etc. I would then choose a suitable reference.

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