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Temenos GLOBUS/T24 Technical Consultant/Specialist/Architect - 8+ yrs, 9 clients till date. All GLOBUS/T24 releases - G13 till R14.


  • IT-Beratung (allg.)

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Temenos GLOBUS/T24 Technical Specialist
Kundenname anonymisiert, Chennai
4/2012 – offen (11 Jahre, 11 Monate)

4/2012 – offen


T24 Implementation – R14 - Banco Azul El Salvador – Local developments (Offshore)

• R14 implementation
• Arrangement Architecture(AA) module
• AA module setup and parameterization
• Analyze functional specifications and prepare technical specification documents
• Customization/local developments for AA

Skills used: T24 release R14, TAFJ (includes setup configuration), Arrangement Architecture(AA)

T24 R14 upgrades – Union National Bank (Offshore)

• R09 to R14 upgrade
• Code conversion for local routines
• Upgrade of environment, upgrade testing
• Post upgrade support

Skills used: T24 release R09, R14, TAFC

T24 R13 upgrade – Credit Suisse, Singapore (Offshore)

• R08 to R13 code conversion for local developments
• Extended multi-company setup
• Retrofit local development for the T24 R13 release
• Performance tuning
• Mentor the team technically(Technical training) in GLOBUS/T24
• GLOBUS/T24 production support and CR management
• Introduce inexperienced consultants into the product, train them into T24 local development/customization
• Securities migration to AA(Arrangement Architecture)
• Acquire knowledge in recent Temenos technologies like IF(Temenos Integration Framework)
• Business Continuity Planning
• MPP – Microsoft Project Plan design/updates, Visio diagrams for flow control
• CoB performance tuning
• T24 interface maintenance, jBASE administration

Skills used: T24 release R08, R13, TAFC (includes setup configuration)

GLOBUS/T24 Applications Lead Technical Architect/Test Manager – Private Banking Client

GLOBUS/T24 Data Migration

• Securities data migration from external system
• Automation script for data migration
• Migration of external data for securities module implementation
• Migration specification documents, action plan, migration script preparation
• Security price feed data upload
• Security position data transfer to external system
• Real time report generation

T24 Technical Specialist/Lead Technical Architect

• T24 technical activities specialist – Client discussions, Analysis, Local development, Application support(Level 3), Testing – Private Banking, Private Wealth Management
• Technical lead for the T24 team
• Design, code and develop complex local developments
• Local development planning for estimation and delivery
• Accountable for all technical deliveries of the team
• Liaise with business/client in test case preparation based on BRD/FSD
• Test scenario designing, Test execution and monitoring
• Verify/validate test scenarios provided by client
• Create additional test scripts wherever possible to ensure the functionality is achieved
• Create test plan, test case/test scripts assign it to the team for SIT
• Liaise with user for UAT testing/QA testing
• Monitor the test case execution/tasks completed on a daily basis
• Test reports/status reports/defect reports for individual test projects
• Prepare project management reports and report the status to the top management on a weekly basis.
• Identify and classify test scripts for online, CoB execution
• Estimation of work, delivery management
• CR(Change Request/Change Management), Issue tracker management
• Status review meetings with business/client and prepare status reports for senior management review
• Liaise with business/client to ensure timely delivery
• Guide the team on the technical pre-requisites for testing
• Monitor the team work, guide the team on any technical hiccups, if necessary, bring in expert consultancy available to the team to ensure delivery
• Document test results

GLOBUS/T24 Application Support

• Analyze/handle complex local development issues from end users, troubleshoot issues
• Analyze FSD and prepare TSD(Technical Specification Document)
• Configure T24 browser, application server, middleware like Websphere, MQ
• Delivery management in accordance with SLA for T24 applications and external interfaces
• Plan and maintain T24 and jBASE database
• Service delivery, Production Support, T24 upgrade specialist
• CoB performance improvement
• Local developments(enquiries, versions, reports, deal slips, OFS, other routines)

• Engage in client discussions, technical workshops as required
• Ensure implementation of best practices and standard procedures – CMMi, SDLC
• Document interface flow process
• Interface T24 with external systems and integration through channels like TCP/IP port, web services etc.,
• Ensure the right solutions are provided to the client needs
• Analyze/review functional specifications and prepare technical specifications for technical design
• Review team member’s technical specifications
• System testing, Acceptance testing & documentation
• Incident management, Periodic data/environment backup procedure
• Create technical design documents(Technical Specifications)
• Prepare user guide, installation manuals
• Client workshops for interfacing T24 with external systems
• Get involved in multiple parallel projects performing different roles

Skills used: GLOBUS release G14, T24 release R08, Universe/jBASE

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

IT-Beratung (allg.)

Temenos GLOBUS/T24 Technical Specialist
Credit Suisse, Nassau
6/2011 – 3/2012 (10 Monate)

6/2011 – 3/2012


GLOBUS/T24 Technical Specialist

Application support/development/testing

 Responsible for analyzing and fixing issues logged in UAT
 Application support for end users
 Improve performance of the local development
 Recommend best procedures to implement T24 technical scenarios
 Involved in lot of new local developments for the bank – Enquiries, reports, versions, deal slips. Co-ordinate with business users and implement all local developments in production.
 Voluntarily created new local tools to ease the process of external data import to T24
 Support users in deploying the fix/CR
 STP Order management – SWIFT 515 message straight through processing development and testing (SP product customization for the client) including 502 messages
 Technical unit testing
 T24 file management, File resizing
 Post-implementation support
 Multiple server configuration setup

Straight Through Processing for Trade Matching/Auto-authorization (SWIFT 515 STP Order management)

 A buy/sell order will be placed in SEC.OPEN.ORDER and executed to place the trade in hold or in INAU status
 A matching 515 SWIFT message with all details matching the unauthorized trade will be processed using tSS
 The SWIFT.IN service will process this message
 Local development to capture any possible errors and log them in a local table for easier identification
 Match performed by local development to verify certain factors like nominal, price, security, portfolio, etc., Once match is confirmed to be same in all factors, the trade is authorized using OFS
 Modify SWIFT messages for optional parameters and test it for perfect execution
 Setup of 515 message in DE.MESSAGE, DE.I.HEADER and local templates

R10 upgrade

 Temenos T24 upgrade from release R06 to R10

T24 updates installation

 Installation of T24 updates for fixes from Temenos

Data Migration/Integration - Clariden Leu to Credit Suisse

 Clariden Leu was integrated to Credit Suisse
 Data integration for private banking modules

Production support

 Post-live support for local developments

Skills used: T24 release R06, R10, jBASE 5/TAFC, SWIFT
Tools used: Track IT

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IT-Beratung (allg.)

Temenos GLOBUS/T24 Technical Specialist
Tata Consultancy Services, Bengaluru
10/2010 – 6/2011 (9 Monate)

10/2010 – 6/2011


GLOBUS/T24 Technical Lead

 Lending GLOBUS/T24 technical application support and involved in technical analysis of the requirements.
 Co-ordinate with the onsite team for requirement analysis.
 Handled the GLOBUS/T24 technical team efficiently and co-ordinated with the project management/client.

Leadership qualities

 Self-development, Knowledge transfer
 Inspire the team through casual chats/individual meeting
 Establish strategies for goals to be achieved
 Fix goals for the team in-line with the organizational need
 Attended leadership and efficient business communication - skill trainings

Skills used: T24 release R08, R10, jBASE 5/TAFC

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Software Analyse

GLOBUS/T24 Technical Consultant
Temenos India Pvt Ltd, Chennai
6/2007 – 10/2010 (3 Jahre, 5 Monate)

6/2007 – 10/2010


GLOBUS/T24 Technical Consultant

Client Name: Marfin Popular Bank, Cyprus (Work at site)
Duration: May 2009 till Oct 2010

Description of work:

Functional analysis and technical specification development

 Involved in discussions with the client on the functional specification documents and presenting them to the client in technical manners to prove the ability of the team in the pilot phase. The client was happy to sign the project off to Temenos due to the presentations.
 Involved in analyzing the functional specification documents for Marfin Popular Bank, Cyprus and develop the technical specification document so as to develop in T24.
 Involved in technical specification review meetings and discussed with the client on any CRs and signed off the documents after the agreement/payment on CRs.
 Implementation of local developments in T24 with respect to Teller, CRM, Facilities (Collaterals/Limits) and other areas.

R10 upgrades

 Willingly took up the initiative to learn the new R10 upgrades process, performed R10 upgrades for the local environments, and trained the team on the upgrade process.
 TAFC, TAFJ configurations/setup

T24 updates

 T24 updates installation for fixes from core team

Post-Implementation, Issue support

 Involved in supporting the client on SIT issues logged on application support. Swift and apt response was appreciated by the client.
 Provide post-implementation support

Change request management

 Manage and validate bugs logged by client to identify any new changes(CRs), this way improving the billing for Temenos
 Maintain a log of the CR using CR tracker for each local development

CRM and Process Workflow

 Involved in designing complex process workflow(PW) for Information workflow and sales process workflow

AA (Arrangement Architecture)

 Involved in analyzing AA(Arrangement Architecture) module related local enhancements. Also involved in making presentations to the client, detailing the implementation procedure.
 AA product setup
 AA loans


 Was made the technical lead of the team involving developers, analysts, testers and support engineers. Was the sole point of contact for the team for T24 upgrades.
 Central point of contact for the T24 technical team
 Responsible for code review for the entire team’s development work
 Managed the junior technical team including distributing the work among the team members, clarifying the queries posted by team members, training the team and ensuring that the team excels the best under all circumstances.
 Involved in supporting the client on SIT issues logged on application support. Swift and apt response was appreciated by the client.

Skills used: T24 release R08, R10, jBASE 5/TAFC
Tools used: Lotus Notes

Client Name: Honda Bank, Germany (Offshore)
Duration: Mar 2009 till May 2009

Description of work:

Functional analysis and technical specification development

 Involved in analyzing the functional specification documents for Honda Bank, Germany and develop the technical specification document so as to develop in T24.
 Also used to various CMM level 3 procedures as a part of it.

AA (Arrangement Architecture)

 Involved in analyzing AA(Arrangement Architecture) module related local enhancement/designing for loans
 AA product customized setup

Local development

 Involved in designing/developing interfaces which could format the data in T24 to be sent to an external system in the specified format.

SCHUFA Interface

SCHUFA is a German credit reporting agency which needed a loan contact interface to T24. The main modules were SCHUFA.CUSTOMER, SCHUFA.ACCOUNT, SCHUFA.GET.PAYMENT which recorded the fund related information in T24. The data was fed to T24 from the external system in Oracle. Loans/deposits made for SCHUFA was handled using AA module.

Clients were scored before any loan was provided. Major information considered for client scoring include:
• Personal Data
• Income
• Marital Status
• Existing liabilities
• Bank
• Employment
• Occupational group
• Tenure
• Experience from a previous relationship
• Contractual repayment to/of those loans

SOFT Interface

SOFT is an interface to maintain the AA payments made to the bank via external funds management system. A replica of the loans/payment done in the external system was maintained in T24 via AA, FT modules and the relevant accounting entries were generated to ensure the statements are in sync.

R07 to R09 upgrade

 Upgraded the T24 system from R07 to R09 with the new TAFC R09 framework

Skills used: T24 release R07, R09, jBASE 5/TAFC

Client Name: Credit Suisse Private Bank, UK(Guernsey/London – One Globus) (Offshore from Credit Suisse, Pune)
Duration: Feb 2008 till Mar 2009

Description of work:

Data Migration/Integration/Upgrade

 Migration of data/routines between London, Guernsey and Gibraltar
 Took extra efforts to design tools for code conversions (to overcome compatibility standards/other programmatic features between R05 and G14) for the client, which was used by the client during migration.
 Validation scripts, Data cleanup scripts, Data mapping
 Prepare Migration Specification Documents(MSD – Technical) for all the interfaces
 Clear any issues in data migration by testing
 Data migration from DB to XML format
 Dress rehearsals
 Prepare Migration Spec Documents for future reference
 Integration of data from London and Gibraltar to Guernsey
 Migration of interfaces
 Tuning up the system for better performance
 Once this is done, the area was upgraded to T24 R09

Local developments & Interface developments

 Involved in interfaces management, Securities module related local developments in T24, in addition to enquiries/report designing.
 Involved in issue support for client. Issues logged were responded with the correct solution and most of the issue responses have been hailed by the client for quick and apt solutions.

Few of those interfaces dealt are listed below:
• PEOPLESOFT – HR management system
• MANTAS – Oracle product MANTAS interface to provide insight into security trading activities
• CRISK – Credit risk management software interface
• MIS – Management Information System
• Fees & Commissions (Safe custody, Advisory & Securities)
• Security transfers processed during day – Report to external system in a flat file
• Security trades processed during day – Report to external system in a flat file
• Open orders made during day – Report to external system in a flat file

Support for data migration

 Provide issue support for data migration and resolve all issues logged by client
 Ensure data migration process is handled efficiently to minimize the issues logged by client
 Designed tools for migration of routines between London, Guernsey and Gibraltar
 Check on mismatches in accounting entries for CS Singapore and resolve them
 Data migration from external systems – SAP, PEOPLESOFT, Oracle database to jBASE


Recognized by the client, for my work performed as a part of the project.

Skills used: Globus release G14, T24 release R05, R09, jBASE 5
Tools used: Mercury Quality Center 9.2, Rational Clear Case

SMS setup

• Configured the Security Management System(SMS) using USER.SMS.GROUP for the client
• Held SMS presentations to users and other stakeholders in the bank as part of knowledge transfer

Client Name: Egnatia Bank of Greece, Greece (Offshore)
Duration: Dec 2007 till Feb 2008

Description of work:

Upgrade/local development/compatibility testing

 Responsible to upgrade the environment from Globus version G13 to T24 version R08.
 Responsible to check the compatibility of local developments in Globus version G13 to the upgraded version R08. Incompatible code will be redesigned and tested for their functionality.

Performance tuning of local code – For CoB/EoD and Online

 CoB performance management – Ensure the local routines are tuned to improve performance while invoked during CoB
 Certain no file enquiries were analyzed for proper select statements to eliminate selection on obsolete files and to use concat files as necessary.

Skills used: Globus release G13, T24 release R08, jBASE 5

Client Name: Kenya Commercial Bank, Kenya (Offshore)
Duration: Aug 2007 till Dec 2007

Description of work:

Local developments

 Local developments in T24 for KCB involving Version routines, Enquiry routines(File enquiries/nofile enquiries)
 Local developments involving fees and charges for loans, deposits and mortgages

Java e-mail interface for T24

 Designed a java interface for T24 to process the bank statements from the database and convert them into JPG/PDF format. Once the files are converted, they would be sent as an attachment over secure mail transfer to the client.

Skills used: T24 release R09, jBASE 5, JAVA
Tools used: Eclipse

Client Name: Deutshce Bank, Geneva (Offshore)
Duration: Jul 2007 till Aug 2007

Description of work:

Data Migration, SEAT testing

Handled data migration process using DM tool

SEAT(System Engineered Automated Testing) scripts execution and SEAT.TEST verification for developments done for Deutsche Bank Geneva. SEAT is an automated testing tool for Temenos T24. This project involved a team to analyze the development and test them against any issues using the SEAT tool and fixing them if required. Involved in a few local developments involving interfaces and some core modules.

Skills used: T24 release R09, jBASE 5, SEAT product, DM tool

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Software Architektur / Modellierung

Software Engineer
Jiffy Solutions, Chennai
5/2006 – 6/2007 (1 Jahr, 2 Monate)
High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie

5/2006 – 6/2007


 Design of - User profile maintenance, direct information retrieval, Tweet message posting
 Design of - Employer/Jobseeker module, Admin Module, Social networking/discussions, Skillset rating, Friends invitation
 Design of - Fresher/experienced professional profiles maintenance, interview/placement papers, RSS feeds,sample video.

Skills used: .NET 2003, ASP.NET, SQL Server 2000

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen



Temenos Certified Consultant Programme(TCCP)

Über mich

Specialist GLOBUS/T24 technical consultant/architect with over 8 years of experience available ASAP.

Weitere Kenntnisse

Temenos GLOBUS/T24
jBASE, Infobasic programming
Technical Consultancy in Temenos GLOBUS/T24 all releases - starting GLOBUS G13 till T24 R14

• Temenos GLOBUS/T24 Expert Lead Technical Consultant/Technical Architect – Technical Analysis, Development, Production support, Application Support, Data Migration, GLOBUS/T24 Architecture/Data structure expert, Data Integration from multiple systems
• Prepare technical specification documents/review team’s documents – Technical Solution design
• Manage development team and guide junior technical consultants
• Excellent GLOBUS/T24 design/development skills
• Involved in complete project lifecycle of GLOBUS/T24 implementation – From kick off to go-live + post-live support
• Securities Trading in GLOBUS/T24, Private Banking
• Retail (TELLER, FUNDS.TRANSFER), Accounting, Reporting in GLOBUS/T24
• Customer, Accounts in GLOBUS/T24, T24 Standard Tables
• Arrangement Architecture (AA) module
• Limits, Collaterals
• GLOBUS/T24 QA/Testing, System testing
• Multi-book, multi-company, EMC(Extended multi-company), Company creation
• Security Management Systems(SMS) in GLOBUS/T24, Override, User SMS, Company SMS
• Temenos GLOBUS/T24 customization expert
• Parameterization of GLOBUS/T24
• Temenos GLOBUS/T24 upgrades – Installation of new release/setup GLOBUS/T24 product, Multi-server installation/configuration
• Temenos GLOBUS/T24 Data Migration, External Interface developments, production support, testing
• Interfacing Temenos T24 with external systems – Includes TCServer setup
• Temenos Web Services(TWS) and relevant configuration
• Temenos GLOBUS/T24 Implementations
• DM(Data Migration) tool, Validation Scripts, Data cleanup scripts
• CoB (Close of Business)/EoD (End of Day) processing(tSA and tSM processing, Monitoring, Job times, Job performance improvement), Multi-threading
• Build control(BCON, BUILD.CONTROL), Data libraries(DL.DEFINE, DL.PARAMETER), T24 pack creation/installation
• Component based upgrade(Since release R09) with TAFC/TAFJ, T24 updates
• Working knowledge on all core modules
• OFS(Open Financial Service) & Interface development
• CRM, PW- Process Workflow, Loans and deposits
• T24 Rule manager
• INFOBASIC(jBC) jBASE programming, local development(Versions[Includes all routine types], enquiries[Includes FILE and NOFILE enquiries+Conversion routines], deal slips[Includes deal slip conversion routines], CoB routines)
• Code review, Performance Improvement, Composite Screens, Tabbed Screens
• GLOBUS/T24 Desktop, T24 Browser, TCServer(Temenos Connector - TCS), Listener/Adapter config, OFS Expert, OFSML, TOCF-EE(Temenos Open Connectivity Framework- Enterprise Edition)
• Hands-on expertise on releases starting GLOBUS G13 till T24 R14
• jBASE level administration, backup, restore, file resizing, performance management
• jRLA(jBASE Record Locking Arbiter), jDLS(jBASE Distributed Locking Service)
• Ability to handle/mentor technical teams, Conduct technical training as needed
• Test strategy planning, script design and execution(Testing expert in GLOBUS/T24)
• Delivery(PRINT/SWIFT)
• Temenos T24 Model Bank – All releases
• T24 Web services
• jBoss, jAgent – T24 Browser setup SQL Queries/RDBMS, Oracle
• TAFC/TAFJ setup, configuration and administration
• Ability to liaise with third party contractors/teams and with the senior management
• SDLC compliance, CMMi standards
• Client communication
• Positive approach, Self-starter, Self-motivated, Ability to work independently or as a part of a team as required by the organization
• Drive team/motivate the team towards the organizational goals
• Agile model, Waterfall model
• Java, .NET
• Defect resolution, Change management
• Visio diagrams

Persönliche Daten

  • Englisch (Muttersprache)
  • Tamil (Fließend)
17 Jahre und 9 Monate (seit 05/2006)
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