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Wind Energy Specialist Senior Consultant Wind & Site

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More than 25 years of experience with Wind and with more than 20 years in Wind & Site. Experience from all kind of Wind and Terrain Conditions
Site Hunt & Site Development, Data Analysis, WindFarm Climatic Condition, Wind Energy Resource Assessment

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Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Chief Specialist, Wind & Site
K2 Management A/S, Denmark, Aarhus
5/2015 – 6/2016 (1 Jahr, 2 Monate)
WindEnergy Consultant

5/2015 – 6/2016


Areas of responsibility (May 2015 – June 2016):
• Responsible for the technical quality within the Wind & Site competence in general and areas such as:
o Site Hunt & Site Development
o Wind measurement campaigns
o Data analysis
o Micro Siting
o Prediction of Site Climatic Condition
o Energy Yield calculations
o Technical Wind & Site Due Diligence
o Technical part of Proposals
o Documentation for sales in general and project specific
o Report Template
o Wind & Site tools

Results achieved:
• Only top quality has left the Wind & Site department – all calculation re-checked, most sites are visited by experts
• In many cases, our Due Diligence saved money for the client, e.g. change in wind climate condition, turbine types, relocation of turbines and more.

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Windkraft / Windenergie

Senior Consultant, Wind & Site Specialist
K2 Management A/S, Denmark, Aarhus
8/2011 – 5/2015 (3 Jahre, 10 Monate)
Wind Energy Consulting

8/2011 – 5/2015


Areas of responsibility (August 2011 – May 2015):
Project and Performance
• Site Hunts & Site Development
• Design of Measurement Campaign
• Wind Farm Suitability
• Wind farm Micro Siting
• Wind Energy Resource Assessment
• Energy Yield Calculation
• Loss and Uncertainty prediction
• Technical Wind Farm Due Diligence
• Information Package for Commercial use

Results achieved:
• High performance solutions for clients
• Financial value for K2 Management and client

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Windkraft / Windenergie

Senior Wind Research, Group Wind-Site and Performance
Vestas Northern Europe, Videbaek
4/2004 – 7/2011 (7 Jahre, 4 Monate)
WindKraftAnlagen Hersteller

4/2004 – 7/2011


Areas of responsibility
With focus on wind turbine performance and site suitability for the turbines following the type design parameters.
• Identifying both the normal and extreme Wind Climatic- and local Wind and Terrain Condition such as:
o Wind speeds
o Wind flows
o Turbulence
o Shears
• 3rd part sparring partner for Power Curve Performance tests
• Define Turbine Curtailments
• Wind Farm Micro Siting - best turbine on best locations regarding loads, production, OPEX, laws and requirements, noise and shadow studies, etc.
• Advising in Measurement Campaigns
• Introduced and started up a research project “wind turbines in Forest” (identifying the factual parameters facing the wind turbines)
• Project cases with Vestas Performance and Diagnostic Centre (CIM)
• Education of new Wind & Site colleagues

Results achieved:
• Low / none extra warranty costs for Vestas
• Additional knowledge regarding wind farms in forested areas – initiator for a science forest research project
• New competent Wind & Site colleagues
• Satisfied clients

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Windkraft / Windenergie

Wind Research Engineer
NEG Micon, Randers
4/1997 – 3/2004 (7 Jahre)
WindKraftAnlagen Hersteller

4/1997 – 3/2004


The Wind & Site at NEG Micon – was the classical concept, with focus on identifying wind farm areas and development of these, identifying the wind potential, micro siting and calculating Energy Yields. This job offered tasks concerning terrain complexities ranking from low to very high and wind conditions from offshore, cost, mountain, dessert, monsoon, forest, jungle, island and typhoon. I have experience on both onshore and offshore.

Areas of responsibility:
• Wind Turbine performance
• Site Hunt and Site development – projects from the Greenfield
• Wind Data Analysis
• Wind Resource Analysis
• Site Assessments regarding Wind Farm Suitability
• Normal- and Extreme Climatic Wind Condition calculations (gust, turbulence intensity, wind flow, shear, etc.) using WAsP, WAsPEngineering, WAT (Risoe), WindPro (EMD) and other software.
• Micro siting (optimal wind farm layout based on terrain, wind condition, wind turbine type approval conditions, production, noise & shadow, turbine life time, OPEX).
• Annual Energy Production calculation (using WAsP (Risø, Denmark) and WindPro (EMD, Denmark) software).
• Loss and Uncertainty calculation (P50, P75, P95, Pxx)
• Responsible for design and handling of On-site Wind Measurement Campaigns (identifying mast locations, define met mast equipment, ordering equipment, erecting and installing mast(s), data analysis, quality check, reporting, etc.).
• Education of “wind people” in house and subsidiary companies (NEG Micon).
• Participation in Wind & Site research projects and frequent contact with different relevant institutes such as Risø (Denmark), EMD (Denmark), Danish Maritime Institute (Denmark), DEWI (Germany), G&H (UK and Australia).

Results achieved:
• Received very positive feedback from clients
• Financial value for NEG Micon and for the clients

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Windkraft / Windenergie

Project Manager
NEG Micon, Randers
4/1995 – 3/1997 (2 Jahre)
WindKraftAnlagen Hersteller

4/1995 – 3/1997


Project manager in the wind farm project tender/proposal group with responsibility for the technical part and related wind farm production estimates.

Areas of responsibility:
• Wind Turbine Documentation
• Wind Turbine Certificates
• Wind Turbine component sub-contractor quality documentation
• Wind Farm Energy Production estimates

Results achieved:
• Created information system in order to communicate my areas of responsibility to sub-contractors and others

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Windkraft / Windenergie

Project Engineer & Project Manager
Micon A/S, Randers
4/1994 – 3/1995 (1 Jahr)
WindKraftAnlagen Hersteller

4/1994 – 3/1995


Areas of responsibility:
• Project Manager – delivering, erection and start up for projects in Germany and Peru
• Link between R&D and sales
• Project Engineer – responsible for the technical part in project tenders, drawing up technical handbooks and sale materials, supporting sales persons
Results achieved:
• Project management within contract terms
• Winning projects
• Project finalizing within schedule

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Windkraft / Windenergie

Manager O&M
Micon A/S, Randers
3/1992 – 3/1994 (2 Jahre, 1 Monat)
Maschinen-, Geräte- und Komponentenbau

3/1992 – 3/1994


Areas of responsibility:
- O&M in Germany
- Responsibility for service, maintenance and turbine performance in Germany
- Coordinator for transport, installations and turbine start-up of Wind Farms in Germany

Result achieved:
• Establishing Trouble Shouter system in Germany
• Cooperation with the German authorities concerning all aspects of the German approval of Micon A/S’ WTG`s

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R&D Engineer
Micon A/S, Randers
10/1990 – 3/1992 (1 Jahr, 6 Monate)
Maschinen-, Geräte- und Komponentenbau

10/1990 – 3/1992


Areas of responsibility:
• Wind Turbine design approval in Germany (tower, nacelle)
• Participation in drawing up sales handbooks, manuals and service books for the German market

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Engineering data management (EDM)


Prince2 Foundation Certificate in Project Management
September 2016


Maschienenbau, Energie
(Maschienenbau, Energie)
Jahr: 1990
Ort: Odense, Dänemeark


Core Competencies:
• Experience from all kind of Wind and Terrain Conditions
• Site Hunt & Site Development
• Design of Wind Measurement Campaign
• Data analysis
• Prediction of Site Climatic Condition
• Micro Siting
• Wind Energy Resource Assessment
• Wind Energy Yield predictions
• Technical Wind Farm Due Diligence
• Noise, Shadow & Flicker modelling
• Wind Turbine Technology

Über mich

Key words:
• Strong Wind & Site competencies, many GW of installed wind capacity as track record and very large experience from the wind power industry
• Extremely motivated team player and creative problem solver
• Target-oriented and deep technical understanding
• Highly organized, always looking for process efficiency and improvements
• Can maintain a positive and upbeat attitude in high-stress situations and roles

My personal strength is based on my international work and ability to lead the entire Wind & Site condition process in a dynamic and demanding environment. I am capable of handling many complex tasks at one time and to prioritize without compromising on quality in the end result.

My professional strength is based on my ability to keep, develop and maintain my technical knowledge.

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31 Jahre und 8 Monate (seit 10/1990)
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