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IT, Entwicklung


IT & Entwicklung
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Key qualifications:

+ solid knowledge in SAP technology
- Specializing on rapid technical analyses like
-- Impact analysis of transports like SPs, LCPs, EHPs, or custom transports:
--- Which active transactions and custom programs will be impacted?
--- Where (in which SAP-objects, at which line of code, etc.) will the changes be?
-- Upgrade support (when e.g. upgrading from 4.7 to ERP 6.0)
--- Which standard functionality and which custom programs are in use (usage analysis)?
--- Which standard transactions will change? At which places?
--- Which transactions marked as obsolete in the target system are still in use?
--- Which User Exits will change? What will the changes be?
--- Which ABAPs will be affected by introducing unicode? Which lines of code will this be?
--- etc. - a wealth of such questions can be answered by using the IntelliCorp tool suite.

See my profile for additional details on the following qualifications:

+ solid knowledge in semantic web, ontology engineering, terminology engineering, knowledge engineering and management
+ solid knowledge in software engineering and in object oriented design
+ solid knowledge in management of research and development projects
+ solid knowledge in logistics and foreign trade
+ solid knowledge of the insurance business
+ many publications in software and knowledge engineering

Currently working on:

+ tool supported in depth analyses of SAP systems with respect to impact analyses and upgrade support e.g. from 4.7 to ERP 6.0
+ semi automated generation of context ontologies (also in the context of SAP systems and hybrid data sources)
+ fully automated generation of ad hoc documents on demand using e.g. OWL ontologies as data source
+ development of dot Net based web applications

Lecturing at the University of Applied Sciences at Darmstadt on:

+ Software Engineering (MA Computer Science Courses)
+ Reverse Software Engineering (MA Computer Science Courses)
+ Object Oriented Design (MBA Business Informatics Courses)
+ Change Management for ERP systems (MBA Business Informatics Courses)

Persönliche Daten

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48 Jahre (seit 1971)
35 Jahre


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