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Senior Software Engineer

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  • 05.11.2018


I am a problem solver. I have 24 years of programming experience. 16 years in professional scientific and industrial software development.

Ich biete

  • AngularJS
  • C#
  • C++
  • Java (allg.)
  • OpenSuse
  • Python
  • Qt
  • Ubuntu
  • Visual C++

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Senior Software Engineer
Virtual Fort Knox and Fraunhofer IPA, Berlin
6/2016 – 7/2017 (1 Jahr, 2 Monate)
Maschinen-, Geräte- und Komponentenbau

6/2016 – 7/2017


In collaboration with Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart
Cloud-based Federative Manufacturing Platform
 Exclusively responsible for VFK’s Monitoring System
 Implemented RESTful and Java API for Zabbix
 Ubuntu Docker containers to deploy Zabbix server, agent, trapper and sender
 Bash scripts to build and maintain VFK – Springboot and Maven
 Automated configuration and services-deployment using bash and supervisor

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Entwicklung / hardwarenahe Entwicklung, Windows 10, Ubuntu, Java (allg.), Python, Node.js, React (JavaScript library), AngularJS, Embedded Software Engineering

Senior Software Engineer
ubimake GmbH, Berlin
8/2015 – 5/2016 (10 Monate)
High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie

8/2015 – 5/2016


A Simens Novel Business
Web-based 3D-Printing Platform
 Cutting-edge tool to convert CGAL, boost, mpfr, gmp C++ libraries to Javascript
 Browser-based 3D object control – translation, rotation, deletion and fusion
 Event History Stack for all 3D operations
 Unique Wall Thickness calculation using Shape Diameter Function

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Windows 10, OpenSuse, C++, Python, Visual C++, Visual Studio, Git, Node.js, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), AngularJS

Senior Core Developer
TDispatch GmbH, Berlin
1/2015 – 7/2015 (7 Monate)

1/2015 – 7/2015


Cloud-based Fleet Management System
 Implemented Auto Metering System using multivariable differential calculus
 Seamless migration and automated plot generation for pricing version changes
 Developed simplified solution exploting geomatics to determine nearest drivers
 Team implementation of Auto Dispatch System using Apache Kafka and Samza
 Tools – Python, Jython, Java, Go, Ember JS, Node JS, Php, Google Maps API,
Git, Vagrant, Docker, Kafka, Samza

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Ubuntu, OpenSuse, C, Python, Git, Node.js, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), AngularJS, JavaScript, PHP

Co-Founder/Chief Technical Officer
G-Drome Technologies OY, Amsterdam
6/2014 – 7/2015 (1 Jahr, 2 Monate)
Maschinen-, Geräte- und Komponentenbau

6/2014 – 7/2015


Virtual Reality Sensor Technology
 Developed G-Drome Head Tracking Software and Controller in C++
 Achieved Motion-To-Photon Latency of less than 25 milliseconds

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Visual C++

Senior Programming
YAGER Development GmbH, Berlin
8/2013 – 1/2015 (1 Jahr, 6 Monate)

8/2013 – 1/2015


Game Engine Development
 Unreal Game Engine 4.4 – C++11
 Single-handedly developed an innovative Foliage Collections System
 Lets artists create random environment like forests with few brush strokes
 An interactive Unreal Slate UI offering selective painting and effacing
 Universal Reload that applies changes in individual meshes to all maps
 Audio Programming
 Developed Ambient Sound System
 3D/2D ambient sounds with randomized spatial/time-based parameters
 3D characteristic sounds for foliages
 Reengineering and Maintenance of Audio Exporter and Music Editor tools
 Made the audio unit functional in Windows, XboxOne and PS4
 Other feature requests from audio designers on both systems and tools
 Troubleshooting a frequently updated game engine and constantly changed game

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Visual C++, Computerspielentwicklung, Game design

Senior Software Engineer
OpenLimit SignCubes GmbH, Berlin
8/2012 – 2/2013 (7 Monate)
High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie

8/2012 – 2/2013


Electronic Signature, Security and Certification
 Made OpenLimit SDK Bundle
 Language-independent – C++, C#, C and Java
 Platform-independent – Windows .NET 2.0 to 4.5, Linux and Mac OS X
 Converted SDK Bundle source from C++ to C
 Worked extensively on System.Data.SQLite adapter library for the same
 Migrated OpenLimit Electronic Signature Software Plugin for Adobe from
Visual Studio 6.0 to 2005 and made it compatible with Adobe Reader X
 Developed a plugin using 3-Heights PDF Tools C++ library to validate and
determine the Reader-Enabled status of a PDF document

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

.Net Framework (Mircosoft), C#, C++, Java (allg.), Visual C++, Visual Studio

Technical Leader
RapidEye AG, Brandenburg an der Havel
10/2007 – 10/2011 (4 Jahre, 1 Monat)
Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie

10/2007 – 10/2011


Geospatial Products Development Division
Technical Leader in Geoinformatics Research and Application Development
 Solely responsible for the development and maintenance of the core framework
comprising of software modules which form the basis of the company’s services
 Managed the team of 8 responsible for the development of service modules
 Was an integral part of the company’s agro-scientific team
 Researched, designed and implemented intricate and fully automated modules in
C++ for agricultural, forestry and image processing services
 Developed C++ application for the maintenance of core databases
 Worked closely in Database handling and manipulation using SQL/C++
 Developed customized web server pages using JSP and JavaScript for Order
Handling Systems for internal and external purposes
 Worked on Qt, GDAL, Grass, Ossim, PCI Geomatics EASI and GIS libraries

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

PostgreSQL, OpenSuse, C++, Eclipse, Python, Qt, XML, Geomatik / Geodäsie / Vermessung, Geotechnik, Geowissenschaft

Software Engineer
Lucid Software Limited, Chennai
9/2006 – 4/2007 (8 Monate)
High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie

9/2006 – 4/2007


Non-Destructive Testing and Imaging Division
Image Processing and Visualization
 Augmentation and Enhancement of software modules
 2D and 3D Data Modeling, Imaging and Visualization
 Embedded several Scientific Modules in an NDT Imaging software
 Feature Extraction of abstract DICOM Images using C++, C#, VTK and ITK

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

.Net Framework (Mircosoft), C#, Qt, Visual C++

Chief Technical Officer
Interactica Systems, Bangalore
3/2004 – 12/2006 (2 Jahre, 10 Monate)
High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie

3/2004 – 12/2006


Software Engineering Startup Company
 Co-founded a software engineering Startup on WAP programming
 Coordinated a team of 45 software engineers in software development

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

jboss, Java (allg.), EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans), WAP

Medical Informatics Engineer (Festanstellung)
Charité, Humboldt-Universität and Circle Institute, Berlin
9/2003 – 3/2004 (7 Monate)
Life Sciences

9/2003 – 3/2004


Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging Unit
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
 Implementation of imaging and visualization software toolkit for the
Cardiovascular MRI Division of Franz Volhard Klinik
 Free contouring on MRI images, calculating contour area and average signal
intensity, interpolation of images using B-spline cubic methodologies
 Researchship funded and certified by Charite, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

C, C++

Surgical Simulation Engineer (Festanstellung)
Center of Advanced European Studies and Research (, Bonn
3/2002 – 9/2002 (7 Monate)
Life Sciences

3/2002 – 9/2002


Surgical Systems Laboratory
Surgical Simulation and Image Processing
 Developed software for Surgical Planning and Image-Guided Navigation
 Employed VC++/Qt/VTK for developing Import/Export plug-ins for VTK and
RAW formatted medical images obtained from CT and MRI

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Qt, Visual C++

Flight Simulation Engineer (Festanstellung)
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt (DLR), Oberpfaffenhofen
5/2001 – 8/2001 (4 Monate)
Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie

5/2001 – 8/2001


Department of Vehicle System Dynamics
Flight Simulation
 Contributed in the German National Research programme
“Flexible Aircraft - Integrated Landing Gear Design”
 Data Research for Fairchild Dornier 728 Jet aircraft
 3D Simulation of Ground Maneuvers of the Landing Gear System using the
Multi-body Simulator - SIMPACK

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen


Software Engineering Internship (Festanstellung)
Fraunhofer Institut Graphische und Datenverarbeitu, Darmstadt
5/2000 – 8/2000 (4 Monate)
Computer Graphics Research

5/2000 – 8/2000


Department of Cooperative Hypermedia Systems
Knowledge Management and Topic Maps
 Contributed in a pan-European research project - “CORONET”
 Developed a data model for Topic Maps: “Goblet Theory”
 Mapping of the data model in a 2D Topic Map Editor using Java

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Java (allg.)


Aerospace Engineering
(Bachelor of Technology)
Jahr: 2002
Ort: Kanpur, India


C++, C, C#, python, Java and JS in Linux, Windows and MacOS

Über mich

Summary of Experience

 Graduated from India’s Rank 1 institute for engineering and technology – IIT Kanpur
 24 years of experience in challenging software programming and fully automated system development
 17 years in professional scientific and industrial software development
 12 years of cumulative Team Management experience
 Advanced development knowledge in C, C++, C#, Java, python, JS in Linux, Windows and Mac
 Worked in Germany in Four research centers on aerospace/medical/software based research
 Software development experience in Eleven different research/industrial fields
 Exposure to a wide range of problems in scientific programming and resolving techniques
 Excellent fluency in written and spoken expression with public addressing and pedagogical skills

Team Management Experience
 Cofounded a Startup and managed a team of 45 engineers for three years as Chief Technical Officer
 Managed a team of 8 agro-scientists and software developers for four years as Technical Leader
 Managed a team of 25 secretaries as Coordinator for IIT Kanpur’s Annual Technical Symposium
 Founded IIT Kanpur’s first Dance Club and conducted dance lessons for about 30 students for three years
 Worked as Assistant Cultural Secretary for IIT Kanpur’s cultural events for two years

Persönliche Daten

  • Englisch (Muttersprache)
  • Deutsch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Tamil (Muttersprache)
  • Hindi (Fließend)
  • Europäische Union
22 Jahre und 1 Monat (seit 05/2000)
8 Jahre


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