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Business Analyst, Telecoms, E-Commerce, Banking, Operations

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Years long international experience in the fields of Business Analysis (E-Commerce, Banking, Telecoms, Aviation), Operations, I.T. in big organizations (MBA master and MSc IT degree)

Dedicated, efficient, communicative, result oriented.

Ich biete

  • 24/7 Support
  • 2nd & 3rd Level Support
  • Billing / Rating (Telekommunikation)
  • Business Analyse
  • Confluence (Atlassian)
  • E-Commerce
  • Jira
  • PL/SQL
  • Testing (IT)

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Business Analyst / Product Owner
Wipro, Munich
2/2021 – 8/2021 (7 Monate)

2/2021 – 8/2021


At Wipro (a 210.000-employee Information Technology company) I worked as a business Analyst and Proxy PO
for the Assurance Tribe. The aim of the project was the integration of Telefonica with Salesforce.

As a business analyst both on the Tribe level and the Squad level, as well as a Proxy Product Owner my main responsibilities were:

 Gather requirements during workshops with Telefonica and write the relevant user stories.
 Make sure that User Stories match with Epic requirements and the process flows.
 JIRA update and maintainance of the user stories (status/fixversion/labels/components etc).
 Communicate with stakeholders and Salesforce solution architects to update user stories
 Organize separate sessions to request and get approval for every user story by Telefonica.
 Groom the stories along with the technical lead, the solution architects and the developers.
 Prioritize the user stories and decide which stories will be included in every sprint, based on business value.
 Organize story demos by developers and proceed to PO Acceptance by approving them.
 Prepare the presentation decks for every sprint demo to be presented to Telefonica.
 Communicate with stakeholders and the development squads and provide the required instructions
to the developers.

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Business Analyse, Confluence (Atlassian), Jira, Product Owner, SCRUM

Business Analyst
JR Technologies, Chania
1/2020 – 8/2020 (8 Monate)
Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie

1/2020 – 8/2020


JR Technologies is an innovative company dealing with the airline industry. It develops software within the NDC platform, aiming for the improvement of customer satisfaction in the airline sector.

 Gathering requirements and analysing the needs of each airline. New products or expansion of existing products is within the scope of this task.
 Writing Level 1 and Level 2 Business Requirement Documents (BRDs). The documents are presented to the customers, discussed, and signed to let the development begin.
 User Stories are created along with acceptance criteria and added to the BRDs.
 Work closely with the Development, Operations and Testing teams to ensure that the technical requirements and guidelines are understood and followed.
 Agree on the sprint goal with the teams and work with the them to ensure that requirements are fully understood and that the design/implementation meets the customer’s needs.
 New technologies are explored daily to satisfy the requirements of the customers, and the ones of the potential customers.

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Business Analyse

Business Analyst
Samsung SDS, Frankfurt Am Main
1/2019 – 7/2019 (7 Monate)
High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie

1/2019 – 7/2019


Working at Samsung’s headquarters in Germany I was part of the transition between Samsung’s e-commerce platform Hybris 6 to GPv2. This project had a very tight and strict deadline.

 Gather all business requirements for the new e-commerce platform in an extremely limited timeframe.
 Create all User Stories and Acceptance Criteria for the development team. User stories written very accurately and detailed, as the development and testing teams are not based in Germany.
 As this is a global Samsung project lead by the UK and US teams, I have to identify which user stories have already been described in other European countries, to avoid duplication and extra effort for the developers.
 Cooperate with partners in Korea, UK, USA and Germany to clarify the product roadmap of the project.
 Identify the technical requirements and additions in the APIs of the numerous partners.
 Document in Confluence the functional design, system integration requirements and test cases.
 Document all current processes to be inherited by the new platform.

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E-Commerce, Confluence (Atlassian), SCRUM, Jira, Business Analyse

Business Analyst
Commerzbank, Frankfurt Am Main
5/2018 – 10/2018 (6 Monate)

5/2018 – 10/2018


Working in CDP project, within a purely scrum/agile based environment, I had to:

- Centralize the deployment of the Bank’s numerous products under the newly developed CDP deployment tool.
- Identify the Bank’s internal customers’ software and business requirements and match them to the CDP project, making sure that the end result will be absolutely functional.
- Work closely with the Development, Operations and Testing teams in order to ensure that the technical requirements and guidelines are understood and followed.
- Document every phase of the Integration, Deployment, Testing and Operations processes for Commerzbank’s internal employees to take over.
- Prepare all introductive and explanatory presentations for the customers to visualize the steps needed from the creation to the final delivery.

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Corporate Banking, Agile Entwicklung, Confluence (Atlassian), SCRUM, Jira, Business Analyse

PM, Business Analyst
Easygnosis, Gozo
1/2013 – 11/2017 (4 Jahre, 11 Monate)
IT and e-learning

1/2013 – 11/2017


Easygnosis is a global IT, e-learning company, targeting more than 25 countries worldwide, in 4 continents.

Initially as a Business Analyst and later as a Project Manager my main tasks were to:

• Present on all the phases of the project Life Cycle, from planning to production.
• Delegate tasks and make sure that the daily procedures are followed and updated.
• Analyse competition, define project requirements and approve the optimal business Strategy.
• Responsible for the final site planning and development, the technology used and the graphical interface.
• Decide on the business partners and look for new technologies.
• Budget planning and R&D management.
• Create User Stories including acceptance criteria, writing these criteria for automated tests and conducting exploratory tests on User Stories when required
• Analyze and document the current offerings, analyze and document new business requirements and assess the existing software for functionality.
• Take responsibility about the final decision on marketing strategy and decide monthly on the target countries, customers are changing, taking into consideration the changing political, financial, touristic etc. factors.

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Confluence (Atlassian), SCRUM, Jira, Projektmanagement, Analyse der Markt- / Wettbewerbsposition, Business Analyse

Business Analyst – Strategy analyst - IT
FanFlo, London
9/2010 – 12/2012 (2 Jahre, 4 Monate)
IT and Media

9/2010 – 12/2012


Fan Flo is a pioneer company in the sector of media, live broadcasting and data collection & analysis. During my time at FanFlo my main tasks were to

• Analyze the business possibilities of the new-coming media product.
• Responsible to finalize the Alpha phase of FanFlo and make sure it is ready to hit the markets as a final product.
• Prepare and present business potentials of the product to investors and customers.
• Schedule and co-design the Beta phase of Fan-Flo, taking into consideration the business needs, the customers’ demands and the technological possibilities.
• Lead the process of employment of the qualified persons to assist the progress of the project
• Interact with all parties (users, customers, software houses, artists etc) to improve the efficiency of the final product.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Confluence (Atlassian), Business Analyse, Strategische Unternehmensplanung, Business-to-business (B2B), Strategisches Marketing

Telecoms consultant - Operations Analyst - Production Support
Telia - Netcom, Oslo
6/2006 – 7/2010 (4 Jahre, 2 Monate)

6/2006 – 7/2010


Telia - NetCom is a leading telecommunications company in Norway. My duties included:

• Third line support for all production problems of the PrePaid division (working in a PL/SQL environment). This support was entirely my responsibility for customers all over Norway, answering all major issues arriving by mail, assigned tickets or calls.
• Participating in the decision making regarding the PrePaid system, its future plans for growth and the new strategies.
• Being the intermediate between Marketing Department, Call Center and the Prepaid System, improving it according to their needs and demands.
• Correcting, amending and debugging the existing code, written in PL/SQL and Unix.
• Testing all new code in the test system before applying it into Production.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Testing (IT), PL/SQL, IT-Support (allg.), Billing / Rating (Telekommunikation), Change Management, Business Analyse

Telecoms consultant - Operations team leader - Production Support
Talkline (Mobilcom - Debitel), Hamburg
3/2000 – 12/2005 (5 Jahre, 10 Monate)

3/2000 – 12/2005


Talkline (now Mobilkom-Debitel) was a leading Service Provider in Germany for wireless and fixnet communications. Working under a Unix platform my main duties included:

• Played a key role in the migration to the new billing system, and prepare the entire operational part of it.
• Lead the operational set up of the PET system (production alike environment, where all new versions were tested). Prepare operational data-base, environment, configuration files, maestro set-up. Prepare and run the End of day schedule (daily batch jobs) and approve the new versions.
• Lead the set up and the operational test and the run of the new ‘market’ for Talkline in the Netherlands. Describe the needs and prepare the system for ‘going-live’, as well as assist the production support since its beginning (Netherlands - since June 2001)
• Test of the Operational set-up and the functionality of the Amdocs Billing System (Maestro, Data Bases, Operational screens and configuration etc)
• Participate intensively in the User Acceptance Test, by checking test cases and the functionality of the End of Day batch jobs
• Support Production in a 24-hour on-call basis.
• Be responsible for all the Talkline operators (a team of 12 persons working on shifts of 2).
• Prepare the Operational procedures and design the official forms that will be needed for the correct function of Talkline Production Services.
• Train the Talkline employees on the Operational area of the new billing system (GUI operation and functionality, Operational tables configuration, Maestro use etc)
• Responsible for the whole letter production process of the company, the debugging, the transferring of letters to print-shop and the problem solving on the letter server.
• Introduce new letter templates, change the old ones according to needs, test and place them into production.
• Support and problem solving regarding electronic billing issues (Ebill).
• Support and running of the banking process, Payments and Direct Debit.

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Testing (IT), Shell (CSH), 2nd & 3rd Level Support, Billing / Rating (Telekommunikation)

Telecoms consultant - Operations Analyst – Production support
Vodafone UK, Newbury
9/1998 – 2/2000 (1 Jahr, 6 Monate)

9/1998 – 2/2000


As an Operations Analyst supporting Vodafone’s customer care and billing systems, I had to:
• Responsible for the overnight run of all Vodafone’s batch jobs:
More specifically, I had to:
- Prepare jobs and create overnight schedule using MAESTRO (Unisys)
- Identify, analyze and solve the errors of the non-critical overnight jobs, to avoid repetition (debugging software, recognizing system problems, fixing data base inconsistencies etc).
- Solve on the spot the critical errors of the overnight jobs, to allow the successful completion of the overnight schedule.
- Help the Operators and answer any possible questions.
The latter two tasks included a 24-hour-on-call duty in an everyday basis.
• Organize, prepare and run the Production Acceptance Tests for every new version of software that Vodafone receives, and report to VCSL’s management regarding its quality. This task combines tests on both operational and applicational software.
• Be responsible for Vodafone’s On-Line Production Services viability.
This includes:
- Keep the on-line services up and running, by using and configuring appropriately the TUXEDO (BEA) software for all the production machines.
- Respond to the requirements of all Vodafone’s Channels regarding on-line changes, and answer their inquiries for any operational aspect.
• Develop new UNIX software, designed to simplify the multiple and complex operational functions, impose the use of standard operating procedures and reduce manual tasks.
• Ensure that the new software matches the changing requirements of Vodafone’s channels but is still compatible to the currently used version.
• Design of ‘Hand Over into Production’ (system implementation) procedures.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Testdesign (IT), AWK/SED, Shell (CSH), 2nd & 3rd Level Support, Billing / Rating (Telekommunikation)

Operations Analyst and Programmer
Amdocs, Tel Aviv
10/1997 – 8/1998 (11 Monate)

10/1997 – 8/1998


Amdocs specializes in customer care and billing systems for telecommunication providers, including local, cellular, paging, long distance, international and cable.
As an Amdocs employee supporting VCSL’s interests, I was:

• Supporting conversion and migration tests, as well as operational tests for all new versions.
• Analyzing software performance and suggest improvements in order to eliminate possible bottle-necks in Production, and optimize software efficiency according to system limitations.
• Supporting and helping Amdocs sites all over the world (Australia, Holland, Israel, Ireland etc).
• Training new Amdocs employees on the ‘on-site’ environment.
• Preparing and submitting the documentation of operating procedures.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Testing (IT), PL/SQL, 2nd & 3rd Level Support, 24/7 Support, Billing / Rating (Telekommunikation)


MBA - Master of Business Administration
Jahr: 1996
Ort: Cardiff Business School
Applied Informatics (I.T. and Business)
Jahr: 1995
Ort: Athens University of Economics and Business


Excellent communication skills / Analytical skills / Business Analysis and User stories / Scrum / Function under high pressure / Team leader / Problem identifying & solving / Strict deadlines / International experience / Team player

Über mich

More than 17 years of experience working in big companies and international environments, both in technical and business issues. Successful in identifying problems at projects and finding permanent solutions.

Persönliche Daten

  • Deutsch (Gut)
  • Englisch (Fließend)
  • Griechisch (Muttersprache)
  • Spanisch (Grundkenntnisse)
  • Europäische Union
  • Schweiz
24 Jahre und 3 Monate (seit 10/1997)
3 Jahre


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