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IT, Entwicklung
Technik, Ingenieurwesen
  • Elektronik
  • Fertigungstechnik (allg.)
  • Produktionstechnik (allg.)
  • Automatisierungstechnik (allg.)
  • Elektrotechnik


IT & Entwicklung
- IT-Projektleitung / -management
- IT-Projektleitung / -management
- Embedded Systems
- IT-Architektur
- Konzeption
- Softwareentwicklung

Über mich

Project Manager Intelligent House Lighting and Security Systems Feb 2010 to date

Project management of both software and hardware solutions for Intelligent House development of low cost platform with modular options including lighting, power supply, automated systems for garden, security, indoor and outdoor accessories including touch sensors, remote control internet and GSM application.
Support with pre-sales and customer presentations, as well as driving technical teams to resolve key issues.
Partner with the end users, work with project sponsors and other management to establish the good progress and right direction of the project by achieving goals, reaching targets, solving problems, mitigating risks.
Define and review the business case and requirements by regular reviews and controls to ensure that the client receives the system
that he or she wants and needs.

Project Manager Design and Production of Vertical (Savonius) Wind Turbine Mar 2010 to date

Project manager - design, production and customer support for Vertical (Savonius) Wind Turbine.
Develop of a hardware platform for energy metering of wind turbines.
Motivate, drive and challenge development teams to ensure that customers focused on green energy are fully satisfied with a new product in the fast developing market of wind turbines.
Cultivate strong relationships with existing customers to understand their needs, to build confidence and to maximise chances of repeat business by honouring delivery commitments.

Software Project /Program Manager - Laser measurement system for high precision
and optical spectrum analyzer using CCD technology Apr 2009 Jan 2010

Manage the hardware and software activities on a new platform for reading Linear SONY CCD and processing the information for both applications using embedded systems. The final information is communicated on a desktop and is displayed using our software.
Manage the technology and people in order to achieve goals, reach targets, and deliver the project on time and within budget.

Project Manager Wireless communication with error correction
code using microprocessors Jun 2008 Feb 2009

Leader of the team assigned to develop a new wireless protocol with code correction and developing a new low cost communication platform.
Manage the project staff by creating an environment conducive to the delivery of the new application in the most cost-effective manner.

Team Leader / Project Manager - Upgrade of CNC machines, Mazak
and Rofin Sinar lasers Mar 2006 Apr 2008

Managed and coached a team of four engineers to upgrade several industrial machines.

Project Manager - Position project communicator - GPS-GSM (GPRS)
- Hardware and software Sep 2005 Feb 2006

Develop a new product using GPS-GSM technology; develop an embedded system with real-time software.

Team leader - Encryption algorithm system (AES 128/256) modular real-time device Feb 2005 Aug 2005

Drive the project by leading by example, and motivating all concerned until the project accomplished its goal.

Senior Software Engineer - Small Laser cutting machines and average milling machine
CNC Engraving - mechanical part, hardware and software. Jun 2003 Sep 2004

Design and production of several CNC machines, develop a new software for real-time command of our machines using a Gcode file. Specialized in linear actuators, pneumatic systems, vacuum systems.
Manage the client relationship by using an adequate direct yet complete and formal reporting format that compliments a respected and productive relationship.

Project Manager - ERP project Aug 2002 May 2003

Team manager successfully managed the upgrade of the national press distribution system (IT solutions).
Develop central software for real-time monitoring the sales of newspapers and estimating future sales for short and medium periods, serving stock departments in reducing extra costs for shipping and extra stock costs and minimising fraud.
Development of a new POS (hardware and software) with several specialized functions local database, communication with a bar-code reader, communication with a magnetic card reader and a special module for GSM communication using TCP/IP stack, peripheries keyboard and LCD.
Acting for one of the major national company, deliver customer satisfaction was very important, exceeding their expectation with in time, high quality and no errors solutions.
Initiate and plan the project by establishing its format, direction, and base lines that allow for any variance measurements and change control.
Be able to manage uncertainty, rapid change, ambiguity, surprises, and a less defined environment.
Budget 1 million Euros.

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18 Jahre (seit 2001)
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