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I a WebMaster for over 13 years, I have experience in a variation of different roles: Web Programming, Design, Tech Lead, IT Project Management, IT BA, Tech Architect. I have currently moved to Stuttgart and am looking for freelancing opportunities.

Ich biete

IT, Entwicklung


Computer Science
Jahr: 4
Ort: Union, N.J.


Main Roles: Web Master / Web Developer/ Web Programmer / Business Analyst / Tech Writer /
Architecture and Strategy / Tech Lead / IT Project Manager / Web Designer

Technical Summary:

Tech Languages: HTML, CSS, Java Script, XML, XSLT, ASP, VBScript, Asp.Net, Asp.net MVC

Design Tools: Adobe Photo Shop, Illustrator, Freehand, Fireworks, Flash, Swish,
Sound Forge

Management Tools: Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe, Microsoft Project, Presenter, Sharepoint

Architecture Tools: Visio

Skills: Created, designed, and maintained a flow chart process in a web form, created with ASP.Net, Created a web service output view of possible decommissioning of legacy servers on the current architecture of the firm using MVC. Created custom websites using master pages (html,css,javascript). Maintained and modified MVC applications used to deliver employee profiles data. designed and maintained sites using our custom Content Management System. Created and maintained XML and XSLT template pages for CMS use. Managed and controlled key team projects using Team FoundationServer, Project Managed developers for client support, Designing and building HTML pages with forms standard HTML Controls, Tables, Frames, cascading style sheets, DIVs, and Images with Hyper Links, Visual Inter Dev Tools, and Project Development, Developing Active Server Pages (ASP) with VBScript, Designing and creating .GIF and .SWF images by using Adobe Photo Shop, Flash, Swish, Creating SQL Server DataBase, tables, stored procedures, and retrieving data from multiple tables with Inner Joins statement, Active X Data Objects (ADO) or files System Object to manipulate Data either from SQL Server 7.0 Database or OS files, ADO Object model that includes connection, command, and recordset objects, ASP built-in objects such as: Request Object, response Object, Session Object, Application Object, and server Object, Browser Objects such as: Navigator Object, Window Object, Location Objects, History Object, and Document Object, Java Script Built in Objects such as string objects, Math Object, and date object. Using tools, libraries, references such as KnockoutJs, RequireJs, and backbone.js. to accommodate for cross browser compatibility as well as development of UI's, consolidation of event handlers, also for code optimization, and scaling.

Über mich

I'm focused on securing a position that will utilize my training, while contributing to the growth of the company. I would like to be as reputable as I am in the U.S. for creating web solutions both in programming and design work.

My Merrill Lynch web group has won an award in 2005 for best financial website. http://www.webaward.org/winner.asp?eid=3261

Here is my online portfolio showcasing most of my work experience.

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21 Jahre (seit 06/1998)
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