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Web Developer, Graphics Designer. Website siehe Kontaktdaten

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IT, Entwicklung


Oracle Certified Professional
Jahr: 2012
Ort: USA


I have ready project on:
■ Software (Develop in Oracle, C#.Net)
■ Web Development (PhP, Java, Wordpress)
■ Graphics Design
WORDPRESS: freelancer work link here
> PSD to WP:
> Simple WP:
> Professional WP:
> Professional WP:
and many more

Facebook Cover & Logo :
and many more

Über mich

Exams taken by smbdintelligent [take exam]
Freelancer Orientation75%9%Top
UK English 175%27%Top
US English Level 378%37%Top
Numeracy 1

smbdintelligent Badges
US English Expert
Earned on Jan 7th, 2014Pass the US English Exam (Level 3)
Deck the Halls
Earned on Dec 25th, 2013Participated in the 2013 twelve days of Freelancer Festivities
King of the Hill
Earned on Sep 19th, 2013Sponsor 50 bids.
Millenium Proposal
Earned on Sep 12th, 2013Bid on 1000 projects.
Mover and Shaker
The Cap-tain!
Earned on Feb 26th, 2014Reach the level 20 level cap!
The Multi-tasker
Earned on Feb 23rd, 2014Complete 40 projects.
The Achiever
Earned on Dec 2nd, 2013Accept 50 projects.
US English Pro
Earned on Jul 1st, 2013Pass the US English Exam (Level 2)
The Influencer
Earned on Jun 28th, 2013Get 10 friends who successfully sign up to
The Economist
Earned on Jun 16th, 2013Complete 10 projects on budget.
Smooth Operator
Earned on Jun 12th, 2013Complete 10 projects on time.
The Rocketeer
Earned on May 17th, 2013Sponsor 20 bids.
The Spartan
Earned on May 14th, 2013Bid on 300 projects.
Smart Money
Earned on May 11th, 2013Create 10 Milestones.
Earned on Apr 27th, 2013Pass a freelancer orientation exam
All Star
Earned on Apr 25th, 2013Receive a 5-star rating for a project.
Grand Tourer
Earned on Jan 26th, 2013
UK English Qualified
Earned on Dec 27th, 2013Pass the UK English Exam (Level 1)
The Regular
Earned on Dec 7th, 2013Log in every day for 1 week.
The Biller
Earned on Sep 21st, 2013Create an hourly invoice.
The Inspired
Earned on Aug 2nd, 2013Submit 10 designs to one or more contests.
Feedback Guru
Earned on Jun 20th, 2013Receive 10 reviews
The Critic
Earned on May 23rd, 2013Post 10 Reviews.
Down but Not Out!
Earned on May 17th, 2013Re-sponsor your bid after being outbid.
Quick Pick
Earned on May 16th, 2013Award your project within 24 hours of posting
The Giver
Earned on May 16th, 2013Award your project to a Freelancer.
Proven Identity
Earned on May 16th, 2013Complete your Email, Phone and Payment verifications.
Earned on May 1st, 2013Win a project and accept the offer.
Essential Credentials
Earned on Apr 27th, 2013Update your account details 100%
The Enforcer
Earned on Apr 24th, 2013Reporting a project or contest that violates our terms of service.
The Adventurer
Earned on Apr 23rd, 2013Complete your first project.
Earned on Apr 22nd, 2013Highlight 1 bid.
The Speculator
Earned on Apr 20th, 2013Sponsor 1 bid.
Fast Responder
Earned on Apr 16th, 2013Bid within 2 minutes of a project being listed.
US English Qualified
Earned on Apr 12th, 2013Pass the US English Exam (Level 1)
US English Qualified
Earned on Apr 12th, 2013Pass the US English Exam (Level 1)
The Seeker
Earned on Feb 1st, 2013Bid on 20 projects.
The Prospector
Earned on Jan 26th, 2013Post your first project.
Earned on Jan 26th, 2013Complete your Profile 100%.
The Perfectionist
Earned on Jan 13th, 2013Edited a bid.
Spread the News
Earned on Dec 23rd, 2012Invite 10 friends to join
The Verified
Earned on Dec 23rd, 2012

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37 Jahre und 3 Monate (seit 01/1982)
12 Jahre


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