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Electronics Engineer with solid knowledge in the space sector, looking for a project in electronic design automation/digital logic design. Handled handful of projects in FPGA development with VHDL for commercial and space sectors.

Ich biete

  • Digitaltechnik / Digitalelektronik
  • Embedded Entwicklung / hardwarenahe Entwicklung

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

Airbus Defence and Space, Muncih
11/2013 – 7/2014 (9 Monate)
Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie

11/2013 – 7/2014


Topic: Evaluation of SpaceFibre Communication

• Studied the new high-speed serial communication protocol for space environment.
• Responsible for designing the test bed for the SpaceFibre IP demonstration board.
• Developed the test environment and analyzed for possible failure cases and data rates.
• Worked closely with members from the team for the successful delivery in time.

Topic: Development and Analysis of a SpaceWire Concentrator

• Designed the concentrator module according to the requirements from the system engineers.
• Module can be used for on-board data acquisition for satellites and other systems in space environment.
• Module will allow multiple instruments supporting the former SpaceWire protocol to communicate with a single instrument supporting newer SpaceFibre protocol and vice versa, with routing capabilities.
• Integrated a LEON2-FT based SoC called MDPA, for controlling the module via RMAP protocol.
• Analyzed for possible failures, data rates, buffer size, fault tolerance and number of instruments.
• Built a synthesizable test bed and verified the design in CHIPit - FPGA prototyping system from Synopsys.
• Worked closely with other teams and proposed solutions for hardware area reduction for the prototype.
• Module is soon to be presented to the European Space Agency for funding of further product development.
• Presenting this module in an International Conference, gained high appreciation from the attendees.

Tools and Languages : VHDL, TCL, Modelsim, Xilinx ISE, HDL Designer, Synplify

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Entwicklung / hardwarenahe Entwicklung, Hardware Entwicklung, Digitaltechnik / Digitalelektronik

Research Assistant
Technical University of Chemnitz, Chemnitz
5/2013 – 10/2013 (6 Monate)
High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie

5/2013 – 10/2013


Topic: Realizing a VHDL model of JTAG interface
• Design of a synthesizable VHDL model of the JTAG controller according to the IEEE 1149.1 standard.
• This JTAG interface can be used for testing complex PCBs, ICs and for programming other user programmable devices.
• This design is being used in the university for education purposes.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Entwicklung / hardwarenahe Entwicklung, Hardware Entwicklung, Digitaltechnik / Digitalelektronik

Analog and Digital Labs, Coimbatore
4/2010 – 9/2010 (6 Monate)
High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie

4/2010 – 9/2010


• Integration of an intelligent touch screen module with Atmega8 microcontroller. This prototype was designed to sense single and multi touch gestures.

Tools and Languages : C and AVR studio

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Entwicklung / hardwarenahe Entwicklung, Mikrocontroller

Research Assistant
Sri Rama Krishna Engineering College, Coimbatore
6/2009 – 11/2009 (6 Monate)

6/2009 – 11/2009


Topic: FPGA Implementation of a Car Black Box System
• Designed a Car black box to record vital information like position, status and visual data of the car during a crash.
• The module can also communicate with a remote computer and call for emergency services for the injured.
• The recorded data can be useful for insurance claims and solving other legal issues.
• Developed a prototype with Spartan 3 FPGA and replicated car parts with electronic circuits.
• Played a vital role in a team of 3 and led the team towards the triumphant completion in short period of time.
• Being an innovative public interest project this was also shortlisted for government funding for further development.
• The topic also acquired third place in a national level technical symposium.

Tools and Languages : Verilog, TCL, Modelsim, Xilinx ISE

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Embedded Entwicklung / hardwarenahe Entwicklung, Hardware Entwicklung, Digitaltechnik / Digitalelektronik


Micro and Nano Systems
(Master of Science)
Jahr: 2014
Ort: Chemnitz
Diploma in VLSI
Jahr: 2010
Ort: Chennai, India
Electronics and Communication Engineering
(Bachelor of Engineering)
Jahr: 2009
Ort: Coimbatore, India


Programming Skills VHDL, Verilog, System Verilog, Embedded C, C++, TCL
Tools ModelSim, Xilinx, Synplify, HDL-Designer, AVR Studio, Matlab, Altium
Protocols SpaceFibre, SpaceWire, MIL-Bus, AMBA, JTAG, SPI, I2C, CAN, RS232, Ethernet
Others Windows, Linux, MS-Office

Über mich

As an electronics engineer with prior knowledge of FPGA development for the space industry and being an avid aerospace enthusiast, this job position stimulates me very much to be a part of it. Having complete product development background, I can put my young and dynamic mind in your team for victorious product delivery before the deadline and achieve client satisfaction. As a digital design engineer specialized in communication protocols, I wish to bring about mixed platform, faster and rugged embedded systems for the company and be constructive for the industry.

Previous position as an Intern in Airbus Defence and Space got me a chance to work with the newest serial communication technology for on-board instruments of satellites and other systems – the SpaceFibre. Have designed and developed a first of the kind concentrator module during my internship term, which will minimize total mass and expenditures for box-to-box communication in a satellite. Presenting the same work in International SpaceWire Conference has received high appreciation from the brightest minds of the world in that field. The paper can be read in this link whole exposure has given me an insight into the space industry and widened my spectrum of technical proficiency in drastic proportions.

Have been following every detail of semiconductor industry for years now that thirst for innovation and expertise in the field of digital circuit design seeded me ingenious project ideas. Have designed a combined event data recorder and emergency communication system with a team. This module is vital for the rash traffic conditions in India to control the problems arising after a car crash. This project not only gained my good grades but also gave me an opportunity to reinforce my leadership, teamwork and problem solving abilities. Additionally have done a handful of hobby projects with microcontrollers and FPGA development boards.

Persönliche Daten

  • Europäische Union
8 Jahre und 6 Monate (seit 05/2013)
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