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C++ Embedded Software Engineer

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  • 22.11.2018


Experience with cross-platform software using C++ ,QT, QTCreator , GLStudio, OpenGl-freeglut. C++/UNIX embedded systems, programming drivers embedded systems (infrared cameras, sensors, radars. Test Automation in C++ and Python using Google Test.

Ich biete

  • C++
  • Embedded Systems
  • Testautomatisierung
  • UNIX

Projekt‐ & Berufserfahrung

C++ Test Automation
Zodiac Inflight Innovations, München
9/2016 – 12/2017 (1 Jahr, 4 Monate)
Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie

9/2016 – 12/2017


Test automation of systems providing backhauling of 2G/3G networks over IP links, for mobile telecommunications networks on aircrafts, ships and land vehicles and geo Information system data bases

• Analyze system requirements.
• Development and extension of a test controller to implement the design of automated Google tests in C++ ensuring that the software meets functionality/acceptance requirements.
C++,STL, CentOS, GoogleTests, log analysis and parsing automation.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

UNIX, Testautomatisierung, C++

Research, development and integration Software Engineer.
Avionics Design Service GmbH, Munich
11/2015 – 9/2016 (11 Monate)

11/2015 – 9/2016


Develop, sustain and integration of simulated multi-functional displays (MFDs) and Cockpit panels for the EC145 T2 ADAC Helicopter cockpit procedure Trainer/Full Flight Simulator, developing using GLStudio on Windows and QT/C++ (cross-platform software) mainly in Linux (OpenSuse).
Build scripts automation in bash.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

C++, OpenGL, Qt

R&D Software Engineer
Rohde & Schwarz, Muenchen
8/2014 – 8/2015 (1 Jahr, 1 Monat)

8/2014 – 8/2015


Develop and sustain the eMBMS audio-video test cases for CMW500.
eMBMS = evolved multimedia broadcast multicast service (LTE).

- Integration, utilization and extension of an existing C++ codebase, modules and set of libraries for the eMBMS project creation, adding new modules conforming a specification.
- Project management: daily basis tracking the whole project (design, integration, development, tests) using Trello – Scrum.
- Drivers development for the R&S instrumental equipment in C/C++ and Python.
- Audio/Video throughput test cases development and maintenance for android devices.
- Android automation scripts performing ADB and AT commands for automate the test cases execution.

Technical skills applied: Windows, C++, Python, LTE, eMBMS, Rohde & Schwarz : CMW500, Contest, VTE, Jenkins.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

SCRUM, Testing (IT), C++, Python, Software engineering / -technik, LTE (Long Term Evolution), Embedded Software Engineering, Design (allg.)

Software developer. Employee
HOB GmbH & Co KG, Nürnberg, Germany, Nürnberg
11/2012 – 7/2014 (1 Jahr, 9 Monate)

11/2012 – 7/2014


Develop and sustain of remote connectivity and VPN secure solutions programming in C/C++ and Java:

- Project management: Leading a trainee group of four people, mentoring and tracking their tasks, in C/C++, Java and Web technologies frameworks.
- Client-server web application development using a browser development tool.
- Analysis of network connections (Wireshark) and development of programs processing HTML and JavaScript code.
- Development of HTTP Parsers for different environments, related to both client and server sides, within a Web Server environment.

Technical skills applied: Windows, C/C++, TCP/IP, Java, JavaScript, Mozilla, Chrome, IE (web development tools).

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

C, C++, Java (allg.), Softwareentwicklung (allg.), Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.), VPN (Virtual Private Network), HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, Schulung / Training (IT), Filtertechnik, Management (allg.)

Embedded software engineer. Contractor
Centum Solutions S.L. , Madrid, Spain, Madrid
4/2012 – 10/2012 (7 Monate)

4/2012 – 10/2012


Analysis, sustaining and testing firmware certification solutions for commercial routers in C:

- Maintenance and bug fixing of routers embedded firmware in C.
- Testing of specifications and improvement of the performance for commercial routers (TCP/IP, FTP, SMTP, Ipv6, PPPoE, DHCP...).
- Analysis and debugging of the router input-output behavior according to the certification.
Firmware development, Linux, Networking, Wireshark, tcpdump.

Technical skills applied : Firmware development, Linux, Networking, Wireshark, tcpdump.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

Linux (Kernel), Testing (IT), Software engineering / -technik, Firmware, C++, C, Router / Gateways, SMTP, TCP/IP, Router, Telekommunikation / Netzwerke (allg.), DHCP, FTP

Embedded Software engineer. Trainee
FLIR Networked systems S.L. , Madrid, Spain, Madrid
5/2010 – 3/2012 (1 Jahr, 11 Monate)
High-Tech- und Elektroindustrie

5/2010 – 3/2012


Entwicklung von integrierten Lösungen für militärische und maritime Sicherheitssysteme in C ++ und C #.

- Entwicklung von Embedded Software für GPS, Radar, Infrarotkameras, Kameras Plattformen und Multisensorsysteme, in C ++.
- Entwicklung und Pflege von MFC Desktop-Anwendungen und WPF in C # mit .NET-Framework.

Technische angewendet Fähigkeiten : Windows, Linux, C/C++, C# (.NET), TCP/IP, Shell Scripting, Multi-Threading.

Eingesetzte Qualifikationen

IT Sicherheit (allg.), Software engineering / -technik, C, C#, C++, Schulung / Training (IT), Global Positioning System (GPS), Installation / Montage / Wartung (allg.), Sensorik, Embedded Software Engineering, Videoüberwachungssysteme / Kameraüberwachung


Bachellor Degree in Telecommunications engineering 2008 - 2012 in Madrid
Jahr: 2012
Ort: Madrid


Bachellor degree in Telecommunications engineering and electronic systems development.
Embedded Software Engineer.

Über mich

• Simulators: experience programming cross-platform software simulated multi-functional displays (MFDs) and panels, within the aerospace and military fields, essentially cockpit interfaces for helicopters with C++ ,QT, QTCreator , GLStudio, OpenGl-freeglut.
• Embedded Software: programming experience in C++/UNIX embedded systems, client-server applications and GUIs . Experience in programming drivers for military and maritime security embedded systems (infrared cameras, sensors, radars and mobile platforms), in C/C++. Multi-threading environment and synchronization (threads, events, semaphores, monitors).
• Test Automation: experience developing automated software test cases , and complex mock classes to analyze and verify requirements for aircraft and military systems, mainly in C++ and Python. Perform in Google Test Framework.

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