Zephyr Expert – (FreeRTOS, Firmware) – Munich

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  • Januar 2023
  • Januar 2024
  • D-Großraum München
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  • Remote
  • 04.01.2023

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Zephyr Expert – (FreeRTOS, Firmware) – Munich

My client, a widely recognised electronics company with offices located across the globe, are looking for a candidate with a deep understanding of the Zephyr on the platform level and strong knowledge in FreeRTOS.

The client, based in Munich, can offer a healthy capacity of remote work should they find the right candidate.

Roles and responsibilities:

Responsible for the development and implementation of software for professional industrial IoT for battery powered professional IoT asset tracking and condition monitoring devices, with responsibility to plan, improve and manage software applications from bottom up from HW drivers to application-specific middleware and communication stacks.

Required skills:

Expert knowledge in Zephyr (board bring ups, subsystems and device drivers) and FreeRTOS. Experience in low level, bare-metal coding on low power Arm-Cortex devices; development of components such as peripheral device drivers, bootloader development and communication stack integration. Familiar with standard embedded debugging techniques, hands on board bring up, electrical and air sniffing tools and for low level verification of developed code. Experience in formal development processes and an understanding of professional industrial product requirements and solutions, and excellent conceptual, coding and planning skills with joy to work with other professionals within and outside the engineering sector.

Detailed description

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Responsible for the development and implementation of software for professional industrial IoT devices in the asset tracking and condition monitoring area bottom up from HW drivers to application-specific middleware and communication stacks.
• Planning, improving and managing software applications from inception use – from allocating resources to complete programming projects, and designing detailed plans to ensure and test the firmware functionality.
• Preparing and creating instructional technical documentation for firmware code and operation. Interacting with customers and team members to support the applications and prototype installations.
• From hands on design of mock-up and early PoC samples across Field Testing and mass production design and validation.

Required Skillset:

• Passion for bare-metal coding, consumer devices and IoT.
• Ability to translate product requirements into design specifications.
• Experience in embedded system design, implementation, integration, review and testing.
• Hands-on experience with hardware board bring up and low-level driver development.
• In-Depth knowledge of ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller and higher including its (ultra) low power operation modes, especially STM32 series microcontrollers.
• Experience in developing firmware for peripheral I2C/SPI, UART etc.,
• Proven experience and knowledge in working principles of Wi-Fi Modules (ESP8266), BLE (4.2/5.0) (BlueNRG, nRF52). Modules and associated firmware and communication protocol.
• Experience in developing firmware & bootloader using Embedded C and development of unit/integration/system test code for firmware validation.
• Experience in debugging firmware using JTAG/SWD Debuggers and GDB.
• Familiarity with IAR IDE will be helpful.
• Familiarity Firmware-Over-The-Air Update (FOTA) procedure and its associated challenges.
• Experience in and good understanding of working principles of orientation and location sensors such as Accelerometer, Pressure Sensor, Gyroscope, Magnetometer and GPS.
• Working knowledge of Sub-GHz communication and any one the related protocol is a big advantage.
• Hands on experience in developing automation scripts and support tools using Python 3 is preferred.
• Utilize electrical test equipment including Oscilloscopes, Digital Meters and power supplies.
• Working knowledge and good understanding of Git (GitLab) source control system including setting up and maintaining continuous integration pipeline jobs.
• Experience working with Agile/scrum process and methodologies.
• Experience in using tools such as Jira for issue tracking and Confluence for collaboration and documentation.
• Working knowledge of automated testing is preferred.
• Familiarity with embedded operating systems, SDKs and Maker Platform (e.g. Zephyr, FreeRTOS, nRF SDK, ESP-IDF, Arduino, Raspberry Pi).
• Continuous Integration.


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