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Juni 2012

April 2013

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For one of our clients we are looking for Technical Project Manager NFC.

Main tasks:
Coordinate and orchestrate various Department initiatives needed to implement the mobile wallet as part of the Financial Services portfolio in Germany.

These activities need to be aligned with those from the clients Digital and its Global Roadmap.

An external vendor will provide different services during the implementation of this program. The vendor activities will also need to be tracked and coordinated.

Task description:

The client vision is to introduce the mobile wallet as the future central point for all financial services.

The enabling technology used is NFC- Near Field Communication - wireless technology that enables simple and secure communication between compatible devices.

The parties need to be coordinated and aligned to enable a timely delivery of all technical as well as business requirements.

Tasks of the Technical Project Manager:

- Gather IT-requirements in remaining work streams i.e. Business, Customer Service, etc.
- Trigger process and drive implementation of IT-requirements within the client.
- Coordinate existing IT-activities internally with the client.
- Align technical activities and deliverables from all 3 parties.
Orchestrate communication between IT and Business project

Desired skills:
· Experience with NFC
· Project Management experience
· Telecom Experience

Location: Munich
Start: Mai/Juni 2012
Duration:10 monate +

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