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Archiviertes Projekt - Infrastructure Consultant/ DevOps Engineer (m/w) ID:37396

März 2018

August 2018

D-Großraum Essen

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Infrastructure Consultant/ DevOps Engineer (m/w)

Laufzeit: asap - 31.08.2018
Volumen: 864 Stunden onsite , 216 Stunden remote
Projektort: Essen

For the development of a digital product in our headquarters in Essen, we are looking for a Site Reliability / DevOps Engineer.

Must Have:
- Experience setting up CI + CD for multiple projects with various tools covering build, package, test, deploy, verify, rollback
- Understanding of pipeline-as-code, both greenfield (from scratch) and improving existing pipelines for CI/ CD
- Skills must include: Git, Linux, AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, JVM (deploy / tune / monitor / manage), Maven, SBT
- Can differentiate IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS from development, performance and operational perspectives (also able to factor in projected-costs of infrastructure where relevant to decisions)

Should Have:
Understanding of:
- SSL/ TLS/ Certificates for securing browser communications / inter-application communication / user authentication.
Experience of:
- SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)
- HA (High Availability)
- Resilience
- DR (Disaster Recovery)
- Load Testing + Optimisation
- Capacity Planning
- Scaling at various levels (horizontal vs vertical and levels e.g. containers / services / nodes/ data-centres)
- Auto-Scaling
Hands-on implementation of:
- Including log forwarding / processing / extracting / dashboards
- Splunk / ELK
- Working with developers to ensure they output appropriate logs in consistent format(s)
- And collection / aggregation thereof via e.g. Prometheus
- Based on metrics / log patterns / other criteria
- Able to identify what is worthy of an alert and also ensure that no excess alerts are raised
- Appreciates the benefits of a managed or self-patching OS versus the operational overhead of "traditional" Operating Systems
- Can proactively help teams achieve 12 factor apps
- A background which ideally includes some SysOps or Linux System Administration in productive environments

Nice to have:
- Skills ideally include some understanding of modern Java + Scala development, but we are not looking for a developer
- Ability to provide concise, technically-correct answers/solutions
Understanding of
- SSH Jump Nodes
- Cloud-based virtual network security (e.g. NSG rules)
- Proxies (Reverse + Forward, also for injection of credentials and for simplified routing and/or SSL offload)
- Can clearly educate others on how best to develop + operate any solution
- Acknowledges the important of real security (Note: Likely impossible to verify from a CV unless they have a high calibre qualification such as CEH or CISSP)
- Appreciates the advantages of pure / real Scrum versus general agile approaches plus an understanding of Kanban

Hohe analytische und konzeptionelle Kompetenz
Hohe Kommunikationsfähigkeiten
Starke Kundenorientierung

All CVs must be in English

Bewerbung und Kontakt:
Sollten wir Ihr Interesse geweckt haben, dann freuen wir uns auf die Übersendung Ihres aussagekräftigen Word Profils unter der Angabe Ihres Stundensatzes und Verfügbarkeit.

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