Backend Developer für Schweden (Malmö) gesucht

April 2018

Juni 2018

21111 Malmö, Schweden

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Für unseren Kunden aus der Energiebranche suchen wir momentan nach einer Besetzung für folgendes Projekt:

Onsite: 550 Std.
Offsite: 0 Std.
Auslastung: 100%
Sprache: Englisch, Deutsch
Ort: Malmö, Schweden

The energy industry is experiencing a trend of increasing amount of distributed (renewable) energy generations. Unlike centralized conventional energy generation facilities which link to the (ultra) high voltage grid network, most of the distributed (renewable) energy generations directly connect to the local – medium to low voltage energy system. In response to the increasing number of local energy generation assets, we would like to develop a local balancing software solution based on intelligence of local optimization for municipality, distribution system operators and business customers. The local balancing software will enable the following:
- Transparency on the level of self-sufficiency provided by the local energy generation assets
- Increased degree of autarky (/self-sufficient) via forecast of the local energy generation & consumption and therefore,
- Reduce the intake of energy from the central network/overlying grid and the corresponding cost
- Smart and remote steering of the local energy generation assets

Project scoping is in evolution and requirements are shaped in close alignment between grid business, engineers, Front-end, Back-end and other affected stakeholders and the central IT architecture team.

Project environment and applied tools:
- Working mode: Scrum, Code Review, Clean Code, Onsite
- Technology areas: .NET CORE, Angular 2, REST, Azure, Git, C#, SQL, NoSQL, Python

- Highly motivated
- Can-do attitude and working mode
- Strong communication skills in English
- Contribute to joint team spirit

Sound expertise and many years of experience in
- All aspects of the Software (SW) Engineering Lifecycle using Agile methodologies
- Framework and Application Development
- Ensure that the Software developed has unit tests and API documentation
- Software Development tools to include are Jenkins, GITlab, Docker and IntelliJ
- Develop Software in Scala, Java, javaScript, SQL and various frameworks of strong preference
- Develop applications that interact with Database Servers, Real time streams, Mongo/noSQL frameworks
- Business IT integration including SAP

Wenn Sie Zeit und Interesse haben uns zu unterstützen, senden Sie uns bitte Ihr Profil im Word-Format. Eine Weiterveröffentlichung auf Portalen wie Xing, Gulp oder Hays ist nicht gewünscht. Vielen Dank.

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